Friday, August 22, 2014

just wanted those few who wanted to know how im doing! As well as can be expected. I make so many mistakes writing i decided to wait til i can do better.
Thingd are slow by me... i think tomorrow will be better but its the same...sometimes its worst.. but Cecil says im getting better every day.. I think sometimes its a rugde to make me feel better. i will get back to you soon love ya! Ginny

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I went to visit Mr H. today and i must say he has the biggest little garden there is. I took a look at that garden house and it made me sick,, to think you guys have spent more time in  the habit than i did, I cant even think of doing half that much , but my heart is there. One day soon , i'll be joining you in that healthy habit of gardening. Mr H. it took some time for me to find you again, but im grateful i did and will keep your blog handy, so remember i'm watching. Hope i can do something this year, i'm getting better but still have to conquer many things. Love ya! Ginny

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hi all, Ive been quite busy since  i last wrote.. Ive had my computer and my kinde fixed by daughtr and her son (my grandson) even got some new programs i have to learn to operate.I havent messed with the camera yet! i guess it will take a while
 I think ive had three grands since i last spoke to you, those women are popping out those babies like white on rice , they are beutiful babies one boy and two girls. They are all healthy and strong ...thats what is important. Now ive got 8 great grands wow! you wouldnt think i would live to see the day. But i did!  Love ya! Ginny

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hi everybody, i think i'm on a  roll (smile,) three days and im still going strong (ha ha ha). well that means that day four i'm entitled to rest (maybe).I still cant see out of my left eye i have to hold my head crazy ways to get things lined up but i see the TV nicely.. no problems there (yet) . Today i am going to just take it easy and let Cecil rule the roost.. hes so happy that i cant tell him what to do , that he is really bossing everybody around  if he could use the computer he would even be bossing you.Well if you noticed this letter is longer than the one before. I get tired quickly, Time to get off , love ya! Ginny

Monday, March 31, 2014

Well guess who this is? (smile) two days in a row WOW! is this me? Only time will tell and all the other stuff. My first daughter came for 4-5 days and between her youngest  and her got me running again even on my kindle. I cant write much the old left eye isnt good...I'll be hollaring at ya! love ya! Ginny

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hi all, here is another day and i'm contentent  to be "i'll" I get 3 meals a day and plenty of rest > smile,<  I'm still sitting in my chair  resting and gathering up all around me.. one kid is home and im trying to get her off the kindle on to the computer,but things arent acting right , they never do when you have help. The kindle doesnt want to give me my used to ... I've got everything so messed up .. I forget and that doesnt help...more later.. if you feel like me ...Love ya! Ginny