Sunday, January 31, 2010

As usual I've got the post backward again :o(

I was trying to give you a blow by blow description of the "Turkey Preparation" and as usual I got all mixed up again :o(.. Just do the best you can!..You'd think I'd have it all together by now...But "I'm not smarter than a fifth grader" :o)

"Eight Quarts of Turkey Stock"

For those of you who are counting, I couldn't get one more quart in the canner..although it holds 7 quarts...I think one of the bottles was shaped a smidgen off..anyway, I decided to freeze the two quarts, instead of waiting for the process to complete and start over again...knowing I was going to use it soon..
I don't think I did bad..I got a little over a quart of Turkey salad and we had it twice already as lunch...
Today I baked a leg and a wing and we both were as full as could be...I also made some cauliflower soup out of one of the "frozen" quarts.. (told you I'd be using it soon) and it's delicious too...I even made "Kathleen's Rolls", we had a good Sunday dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy (used a little of the stock for that too :o).
All in all, I think I did a good job with that Turkey..And Cecil was happy to do the dishes :o)...I think this year I'm going to make a lot of soup and can them for a quick fix...Soup seems to "heal" me when I'm about to catch a cold or just feel worn out....

Still a lot of meat on the Bones...

After boiling the back and other parts of the turkey..and adding the spices for the Turkey stock...there was still a lot of lean meat that's when I decided to make some "Turkey Salad" "waste not want not" I tell you I'm on a roll :o)...what you see in this picture are the remnents of the boil ..the little bowl is for the cat that hangs around...if we feed it, it keeps the field mice away..(fair trade).

"Getting the Turkey Organized"

Cecil and I can't eat a whole Turkey at once, so I have to "cut it up to size" ;o)
I already separated the legs into two parts...I'll eat the thigh and Cecil the long leg..then the wing he likes one part I like the there we are with just the legs and wings that's four meals ..Then the two breasts I make into "tenders" and fry them up...there's enough of those for 4 meals..The rest of the Turkey I put into a pot with onions, carrots,and other seasonings and cook them up to get the Turkey stock!...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Well, looks like I'll be using those jars before I knew it!! I had a Turkey in the freezer to use for the Holiday's, but company came too late...anyway, the weather is supposed to be terrible for the next 2 or 3 days , snow 6-7 inches, sleet and generally BAD! ...we don't venture out in that kind of weather..Good time to defrost that Turkey , make some stock, or whatever ideas I can come up with...just wonderful to have jars standing by :o)...I might try making some Turkey sausage ..Turkey soup :o)..I'm just teasing you all now...but it sounds good to me! :o)...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Surprising Blessing!

Remember sometime ago I was complaining that I never found canning jars at any of the Goodwill stores! Well,a couple of weeks ago..I ventured into one and to my surprise there they were :o) I couldn't believe my eyes, finding them is a rarity.
I looked at Cecil and the look on his face was a little (she doesn't need to get involved with that now)..I took a couple of steps away..then decided that he would be the first one to open a jar of peaches and eat most of them ...So I took a couple of steps backwards and picked up the whole 14 of them and thanked God for leading me into the store on a whim! ..I paid $4.and change for them and I would have to pay about $12.or more in the Fall, if they weren't all gone by then..seems everything is going up, and I'm too fugal to pass up a good deal...I take it as a sign that God knows I will need them and will give me enough energy to use them.Nothing like a wise woman to take care of her larder :o)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another cake..The chocolate bomb :o)

Today at the last minute I decided I wanted to make another cake :o)...I haven't been out of the house since last's cold and I'm content to just "stay in and enjoy myself at home" doing whatever I pleased, cooking seems to be the thrill for now..I was going to make more rugalah but decided I didn't want to push myself..I have trouble sleeping at night when the leg decides it wants to be awake and act up giving me pain..after I fall asleep it's okay..but waking up during the night is another reminds me!!
I'm happy that Cecil is willing to do the dishes,I make such a mess:o( but he knows if he cleans the kitchen, the faster I'll cook something else :o)
Before we became ill in July, we were able to pick and put away one bag of Cranberry beans (here in NC they call them October beans)..Cecil and I like them before they are dried and turn brown...I found that package the other day and decided to cook them today with a small hunk of Country Ham,onion, a Jalapeno pepper, and add rice to the pot to cook in that juice. Talk about something being was Gooood!! you know it was because we only had the one pound pack:o(...we are hoping that we will have the energy to plant more;;or find them at the Farmers Markets...

Monday, January 25, 2010

What's new for today! Chicken and Dumplings

I tried to post this last night for about three hours...the computer really showed it's butt! I had to get down on my knees and pull out several plugs to turn the computer off...needless to say I called it's invention everything but a child of God!
It made me have almost a sleepless night...I decided not to turn it on this morning until I was in a real forgiven mood...which didn't occur until late afternoon (now).
So far it's acting like it should...(I'm almost afraid to say that)...I hate going into debt for a new computer...maybe I can find someone with more knowledge than I have to get the computer in better shape...
Cecil is very happy with the Chicken Dumplings (it was a childhood comfort food).If he were a rich man, I would be shopping today :o)...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My what a Pretty Cake :o)

I should take another slice to make sure it's really good, Cecil says it's good, but I don't trust him :o) I should have cooked my Caramel more so it would be thicker..and darn's good for later on ice cream :o)

Almost Gone :o(

Whadda you want from us , it was a small cake, and it was a rainy, dreary day outside and warm and comfy inside and we had to do something ...

Results of Pastrami recipe

Well, after tasting a few slices (more than a few :o)...I have to say that this recipe gets an "A" for taste , it's absolutely delicious,but as for the cooking method, I didn't like the idea from the beginning, but I figured I didn't know it all and maybe I'd better do it their way...(mistake, I need to trust my own in judgement) I thought it was too much meat for the two of us , so I put one piece in the freezer for another time...(all had been soaked over night in the brine)..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today was a busy Saturday for me!

I worked on the blog late into the night and still had a few to say they couldn't get through!!:o(...I will send out a few emails with the corrected blog URL at the bottom...
To ease my frustration, I decided to make a CARAMEL Cake today...I've made every kind but that and today was the day...I'll start on it as soon as I get my Pastrami recipe out of the way :o)...I have to boil the brine and wait for it to cool and then add the beef to the brine over the morning I'll put the meat on for at least 4 hours may take longer..but I'll be happy if the recipe is a good one...

Three pretty cakes in a row :o)

It's pretty good when you can do two things at once :o)...I had my day planned out so that I could get the most done with as little time as possible..I didn't have to cook..I made sausage yesterday with peppers, onions, and tomato gravy :o) was good too! I don't mind
leftovers when it's something that gives me some free time..I had planned to show you the goodies..but I ate too fast :o(

Well, if I say so myself ..the cakes came out pretty good...two of the pans are about 25 YEARS OLD..I should have three of them, but I was too cheap :o(...and they soon went off the market...(or I haven't seen them since) they cook the cakes even and they brown nicely...then the 3rd one was a nice heavy one and I like using it for a three layer with the other two...when they cool I'll make the the meantime .. I'll prop my feet up and snooze in the "Chair Bed" :o)...Little Avery is being christen today...wish we could have been there , but the trip would be a little much for the both of us...Soon we will be able to do more...

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Blog URL has been changed :o(

Somehow my Blog URL has been changed...How it happened ..I don't know...probably some dumb thing I did without knowing, while trying to take some stuff off my computer to give it some slack...hey! Sometimes I'm not smarter than a 5th grader :o( anyway ...I'll put it here on the blog...and I have to change my email address...sorry if it caused some problems for you...but remember a good woman is always worth a little effort :o)
Guess I have to also change the address on the bottom of my email too...
until next time..Take a look at the pretty big pots of flowers from part of the trip last year...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I think I'm in the clear with the blog now!

Hope all have been able to find me!...I worked on the blog yesterday and it seems some have reached me and I'm able to log on...No pictures again I'm having trouble with my camera Ratz!! when one thing breaks,seems all try to take a turn..I made chicken tenders today..and it seems to be a welcome meal around here :o)
Especially since I serve the melted Jalapeno jelly with it, Cecil is having a ball
with it...Me too!!:o)...the weight is slowly coming back to us both :o('s so to ease my depression, I'll try and make a caramel cake over the weekend :o)...and I've got a delicious recipe for "Homemade Pastrami" that's on the menu too...I've got all my spices ready...and my meat...If I made it today, there would be none left the weekend...I'll keep you all posted ...Have to make sure there's Rye Bread in the freezer ...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trouble with my blog !!!

I've been having a problem with my blog..the url was deleted..I have now un-deleted it
hopefully you will be able to connect with me again...if not I'll have to try something else...Thanks Deborah for the "heads up" I thought I had fixed the problem.
No pictures today...I made rolls that came out real good and we ate them up except 3, out of a dozen :o)...I made some "smothered potatoes with pork cubes" (my own makeup dish :o)...After serving the bowls, I wasn't in the mood to run for the camera, while the rolls were hot! time I'll have it near :o)..
I'm still working on my blog, so please be patient...Me

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What to do on a Winter's Dreary Rainy Day!

Bake a cake and make dinner early so you can sneak a slice :o)...or sneak a couple of slices and eat them...and then make dinner :o)... if you do the first can have another slice later in the evening after dinner :o) I've been told there is more than one way to skin a cat! ...or sneak a piece of cake..or do like my kids used to would engage me with conversation while one would sneak a piece of chicken from the pile I had frying..and then the other would do the same...I kept wondering why my pile of cooked chicken never got higher..:o(
Dinner will be eaten...we are on a Pork Chop kick here at my house :o) they are so good here lately, guess I haven't been making them lately so it's "catch up time" .. Cecil is asking for them..Being it's Sunday , I'll make's a lazy day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dinner Prep.

I like to think ahead about what I'll fix for dinner,especially when "leftovers" aren't in the plans :o),Cecil doesn't mind them at all,but sometimes I grow weary of them..growing up, my mother usually prepared one meal at a time,unless it was a Sunday meal too last for Monday...(and it was usually prepared Saturday night, and cooked Sunday..I loved when she made the cornbread for stuffing on Saturday nights and it would magically be ready when I returned (a hot slice with butter)from getting the Sunday papers with my friends...a group of us walked (about a mile) to Broadway (Brooklyn) to the Newsstand for the papers was really a fun time..we often got Charlotte's (Italian pastry) on the way..
I don't like Asparacus in the can (it's too mushy), but I got these for a "lazy" day.
I've marinated some chops, with wine and my special seasoning :o)...we had some last night and they were so good, that an instant replay was elected :o)...A little couscous ought to be on time...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dinner Completed

After eating this meal I have to say it was worth all the preparations,
three steps to make the couscous,a couple more to marinate and fry the chops, and two more too season and microwave the asparagus..Cecil and I enjoyed the second day of having Pork Emeril says "Pork Fat Rules" :o)...

Another day to use the canner :o)

Did you ever find yourself doing one thing that leads into two more things needing to be done? For years I've been making Jalapeno Jelly< which I love, and found some good uses for it, (usually I would be giving Jars away) idea I got from my youngest daughter..(she used it on Barbeque, I tried it and it's sooo good :o)...I started using it all the time..I had one jar left in the fridge (about 6 months)..
When we were ill, my oldest bought a lot of chicken breasts, and put them in the freezer (trying to help our diets)..Cecil had tired of chicken breasts and switched to wings,legs and thighs. So, not to waste the C. breasts in the freezer, I decided to make some chicken tenders and spread some Jalapeno Jelly on them...Well Cecil and I ate them like there was no tomorrow :o)...and used up the last jar of Jalapeno Jelly...and for the VERY FIRST TIME...Cecil requested me to make more of that Jelly :o) I almost couldn't believe my ears...and as you see, I wasted no time...
I'm such a good wife :o)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another busy day!

Today was another busy day for me...I didn't plan to venture out..I was tired and it was a bitter cold day here in NC ...I think the temp was about 12 degrees...So I decided a perfect day for a pot of butter beans and corn...and to get the chicken bones out of the freezer and get them on the stove for Homemade Chicken Stock! They made the house smell good and helped to warmed it up also...I ended up with four quarts, They will come in pretty handy for a lot of recipes..

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today I was a busy bee again!

I got a few things done on the computer...most important the printer exchanged from the HP to the Lexmark ( the Lexmark runs as slow as molasses)...but at least it's working..It better work, I had to spend $80.bucks for the ink yesterday, it's ink is also hard to find like the H.P.. both companies want you to dispense with the old printers and buy newer ones...that's why the ink is hard to find for the older printers...
I'm still having problems losing my work on the will shut down completely and I lose whatever I had ..words, pictures, etc...Don't know what the cause of that is...
I made some rolls today! I went to "Kathleen's Country Kitchen" and the pan bread looked so good, I decided to try her took me forever to locate them with the computer not as fast as usual..(but at least it's working better than before..
I made lamb chops on my inside grill, but had to end up putting them under the broiler ..they were so thick, and we don't like them that raw!
I added my own spin to the bread, and they were delicious...we ate a half pan :o) the rest will be for breakfast with some bacon,and I don't know what else until the spirit hits me tomorrow :o)...
Plus Ladydi was busy making bread on her blog yesterday too! and that was making me hungry for homemade bread,biscuits or rolls :o)

One of the delicious meals on the Arizona -California trip

I ate so many nice meals out while on the trip from Arizona to California and vice versa, I can hardly remember where I was...
I'm showing pictures at random , this was one of the meals I had (or somebody in the party)...must have been worth it for me to start snapping the picture..:o) maybe I was hoping it was mine :o)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking random pictures riding in Arizona

I took a lot of "random shots" because I didn't want to forget some of the sites I was seeing..I don't have them in order , but hey! enjoy them just the same...(eggs are good for dinner too :o)...I'm such a smart A#$# (alec :o) got-cha)hehehe.

Today is the first day Or I should say last night was the first night I didn't cough my head off...I think, I hope , I pray ...that that cold is outta here! it has kept me confined to a degree and miserable along with it...the new chairs (should I say new beds?) were really a blessing...Cecil and I both kept them warm with our bodies..while we watched TV...and snacked on things we weren't supposed to have :o).
I've been having a good time watching the cooking shows for some good menu's...I find a lot of them do and use a lot of things that I've used for years..and I've seen some cook some delicious meals...I think I'm going to gain back everything I lost ...My skin is beginning to look tighter :o( Maybe a little work in the garden will help when it's warmer ...poor Cecil ..he can't bend down anymore it's too dangerous.His Dr. warned him..he might pop that replacement right out and then he would be in trouble.

Busy as a Bee today! and still not finished

Today was a busy day for me...It started with the delivery of my External Drive! Whew! It Was easy enough to install...just plugging it in...Then the exchange (manually) began...I did a little at a time...and then I began to see what my Son had said previously...I had a lot of S#$% on it...I noticed as I removed photo's, recipes, etc..the computer started moving more quickly...:o)...I wrote things down so I would know what I removed to the external drive..(which is available to me at any time I go to that drive, neat-O :o)...
There are some things (parts of programs or the working mechanisms of the computer, that I don't day I'll get a computer geek (expert) to help me out).
So far, I think that could have been one of my problems...we shall see..I have more to get rid of :o(...or I should say store :o)

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm showing pictures at random...hard to remember everywhere I went...and the computer doesn't help's a beautiful site , even if I may have shown it to you before :o)...
I've been looking for this picture to put next to the mountains I showed earlier, but the computer started acting matter...
We are getting a new Apple store in Greensboro in Feb. 2010...It's exciting..

There's always more than one way to skin a cat

You just have to find the right solution...I wasn't able to really delete a comment on the comment page , now at least I can reject comments before they are posted...
I feel better now about the situation..The computer acting up is now less annoying...I let it warm up a long time before I start blogging...and feeling better is a good help too!
and now back to our running program:o) The picture is from the trip to or from would think it's out in the woods (or mountains) where civilization is limited...but hold on..they have stores and shopping malls that would be the envy of any big city....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Avery having fun with her Dad

I don't know which baby is having the most fun :o)...Avery reminds me so much of her Dad when he was a baby's like having him a baby twice..that's a blessing. I didn't get this until after I posted yesterday..but it's all good.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year Begins with children and joys

I can't wait to see Avery again, it looks to me that she is a bundle of joy..giggling and making those baby sounds...(boy! I miss that time in her life since she lives so far..:o) At least the phone helps ...Everything is so new today in the things you can do , that weren't available in my day...It was not safe to bring her to visit...I've had this cough and cold for three weeks, and it doesn't seem to want to let up..

I'm sure it's part of that new HINI , my Dr. was sick and for a week and I have a neighbor that has the same symtoms as I have..coughing more at night ..I had the Flu shot, but was refused the HINI shot ..(over 61) and now it's available , but I don't want it...I'm not well enough to fight much.

A New Year begins with Christmas

I'm happy to say that "We are still here":o) My call wasn't as close as Cecil's but the two of us are still recuperating..and are thankful for the many blessings we have received...especially those chairs (our second beds) we sit in them from morning til noon :o) just time to go to the bathroom and back ...I have all my meals in it :o) then from evening til bedtime...We just change places to sleep "again" :o)...
We were feeling a bit lonely...until we received a of our children and part of their family was coming to visit for Christmas..They were going to surprise me, but the weather stepped in ...Thank God for the freezer...I didn't have to "run to the store"...I had started cooking already , just to make a party for me and Cecil to enjoy...thank goodness I had made a cake. Soon my home was filled with laughter and children giggling and having fun..Cecilia 5 (C.C.) and Camile 4 are growing up so fast, they are two pretty little girls..they are spoiled, but not the spoiled rotten kind...I don't like those kind of kids. They are smart too, and speak like they are big girls...Christmas is always more fun when there are children around.