Sunday, January 29, 2012

I had no intentions of doing as much today (Saturday) as I ended up doing!..I went to take a look at the Rutabaga turnips to see if I had any thing worth harvesting..Well, it seems as if I did :o)...So I picked those that were the largest and decided to leave some that were trying to grow onto the big ones..(here I go experimenting again :o)  who knows how well they will do if left alone..Cecil  found a turnip that was left from last year and it went into the pot too :o)                                            
There weren't many green tops, but with some homemade cornbread , I'd make that dinner.   

Then I decided to take a look at the "P" Garden to see how the Collards were fairing! they should have been harvested a week or two ago, but I just wasn't able to get tothem.They were begging to be harvested so I

decided to get in gear and get them up before i lost them..

I think they did pretty good growing over here witht he Pears, Peachs and other flower plants we have on this i thing the "P" garden is a good spot for them  water and sun wise. This gives us more land to grow food's just "Almost an Acre" and we are using it wisely.. Don't think I forgot about chickens either. I'm going to see if I can find a farmer who would be willing to part with some of his "Free Range" ones. That's better than wishing in one hand and  *#$***in the other.  I'm glad that we do something with what we have, especially everytime I open a canning jar or go to the freezer :o)..We are more ways than too! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

UnHappy about Weave Colors :o(

I'm very unhappy about how the colors of this towel is looking :o(...I think the "tabby"
color (white) takes away the "Burgundy" and the "Blue" color there is just too much white :o(... I'm going to have to try something else to make the colors show up more vivid
maybe I don't need the "tabby" I'm going to leave it alone fro the rest of the night..I'm going to try something else tomorrow maybe no tabby?
Feel free to jump in here with some advice!
I'm not seeing much of my pattern either..( I keep getting off track as to where I'm at :o(
I need a better system, but I'm learning much with this one :o)  Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always Tomorrow :o)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Candied Ginger Anyone ? :o)

Last night I was able to cook down the Ginger until it was in a syrupy condition and I didn't want it sticking all over my dehydrator so I wrapped a pan in tin foil and spread them out on it...and put the oven on 
my lowest "warm" and let it stay on until 4:30  am this morning ..what a beautiful job the oven did :o)  some of them stuck, but not where I couldn't just pull them off..and tasting it was soooo good :o) nice and chewy and with that ginger bite..I'm loving it. Thanks Leigh  for that simple recipe.

Yesterday you saw how much I started with and after it cooks down and dries in the oven's surprising how much less or bulk there is..:o) but it's well worth it.. After taking them off the baking sheet I put them into a baggie with sugar and shook it to get sugar on the sticky parts of th ginger ..then put them into this plastic container I had on hand..They are going to be a good snack food :o) ...the syrup that was left from cooking I put in a jar I had honey was too thick for pancakes, so I'll use it as my sweetener when I make a cup of hot ginger which is getting to be a regular thing around here :o).
I couldn't tell the difference in the purple ginger ( I didn't even look for it :o)...If you haven't done this ..try it will be pleased :o)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taking a break from Weaving

 After all the hard work getting the Loom ready for weaving, my back said it was time to take a short break ..Sometimes you have to listen to your body when the parts speak to you (and loudly). So what's a girl to do..
Make some Candied Ginger :o)  I went to the Special New Market We found and got about 2 pounds of Ginger to make some Candied Ginger and also have some on hand to make Ginger Tea :o) I love that stuff with Honey..Do you know I've been having a cup every day with honey and my B/S has been terrific :o) Ladydi, I even cut down on the sody :o).
It also seems the longer you live the more you learn...I think I'll be going to a smart world and I'm being prepared now for all the new things I'm learning :o).. Did you know there was also Purple Ginger? Do a close up and see the only one I had..and have ever seen.
I got this recipe from Leigh at and today was a good day for me to get it started..I did some scraping and washing ( I didn't take a chance on whose hands had crap on them right onto the ginger )...I did a bit of scraping and cutting out's a long cooking time so I put them into my old iron pot ( there is nothing that cooks better than these old standby pots) We keep them oiled and at the ready :o)
Since it takes a while I'll have to wait until the next post about how I made out.

As you can see the pot on the right is the sugar , water with the Ginger has cooked down to a syrup. I'm draining the syrup off the ginger ..I'll put the Ginger in the oven on very low 175 dry it..then I'll roll it in some sugar :o) 

Monday, January 23, 2012

All Is right with the Loom (today:o)

Front view of the loom , warp all tied up :o)
All is well that ends well, or should I say all my ends are well :o)  (just being a smart A**
It took me all of yesterday and most of the evening get it this way. Plus finishing up this morning after starting off with Laundry..Don't sometimes you hate doing laundry :o(
Even with more than enough mentionables, it has to be done. Thank goodness for the machines of today..I don't know what I would do if I had to boil water and wash outside in those iron wonder
people had B.O in those days.
Back of loom all neatly tied in..this is what it's supposed to look like , and the new method wasn't too bad , just had to double up on the sleying the reed..( Robin, that means putting the yarn ends into the slots (in the front of the loom) then tying it to the front beam ( Robin, where you see it tied :o).
This view shows the back beam ,,(yarn ends all going through the heddles onto the Back beam) Monday and all so far is well :o) and I'm feeling better and the loom looks good.:o)

I just had to stop, show and thank Laura Fry
for her suggestion on getting started without
using the toilet paper or rags .. Here is the 
 results of paying attention..:o) I'm smiling from ear to ear  ...I hate using rags and toilet takes so long to get it where you can start to weave even, and wastes so much of your beginning weave.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Deborah Chandler I'm tipping my hat :o)

Just so you all know (or guessed) I've been busy as a bee with this project! First  I decided to read what I call "The Weaving Bible" (especially for beginners).. I tried both methods of sleying from the back and the front and each time I messed up something awful :o(....Reading a little further in the chapter..I came upon her "Hybrid Method" well, being Stubborn as a mule ( I think I said that before)..I decided to try it ..what could I lose..( I've already lost my mind with this project, so maybe some sanity in due). So I began again to "Sley the Reed"(300 epi).Then progress to tieing the ends onto the back beam..(that was no easy feat, my unit came out of the socket, and I had to yell for Cecil to come quick..(I swear there is always something)..after that I had to move the heddles out of the way..take the Reed out and tie it up in back of the castle  ...Now just explaining it sounds like it was a one two three job...not on you best day!!..I worked into the night and first thing this morning..all day and I'm not half done switching the ends from the reed to the Heddles, then from the Heddles back to the Reed...GEEZZ! but I will say this..I've had more control doing it this way than ever before...: I've disconnected the Reed and have put it into the back of the castle tied down on the  sticks

This picture shows the Heddles moved out 
of the way to pass the Reed through. I will now take the ends out of the Reed and put them through the Heddles from the back..I still go around to the front and recheck myself in the count and tie up the ends so I don't pull them out accidentally...Whew! it's not an easy one two three's an  hour one two and three for two three four days..
The last picture shows the Heddles almost half done..Break time!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm working over here (breaking out in a sweat is more like it :o(

This is the big mess I got myself into :o(  for those of you who know better, don't open your mouth!  Just let me work through this and remember to cut the darn ends off next time..and remember how to put the sticks in to prevent this mess..serves me right for being in a hurry.. I feel sorry for me..

The little clothes line is what you do when there isn't anyone else to "hold it"   :o(  So If your in a mess that's not worst than this one..stop complaining and feel sorry for me! :o)
Running around both sides like a chicken! working both ends, bet I learn better next time..and that's only a third of them :o( anybody wanna  buy's real cheap :o) I'll even throw in a bag of potato skins :o)

UPDATE:  This is what you do when things don't go right , and you can't make them  
right..After fooling with it all day (even with a slight fever)..I finally decided to "give it up"..into the trash it least that's only a third of it :o(  Tomorrow ..(Praying to God there will be a tomorrow) I will start anew with the first third...then I will use the sticks and hope I do it right. I thought to myself, with all the trouble I'm having I could have bought a few towels, then I thought again about the Linen towels I saw that were $38. each :o(  Well, I better get my butt back in gear if I want to make them for less..I'm as stubbarn as a mule, just takes me longer to get it :o)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today is a Dreary Rainy Wednesday :o)

Yet there is much to smile about here at our house :o)  Yesterday we took First Cousin to a place we found that is a "Food Paradise" any and everything to eat under the Sun.
I don't have to order smoked tongue from a distance's right here at home..
Just by someome overhearing Cecil speak of it , is what led  them to give him directions
to the "Food Paradise"  place. You all remember me telling you my Persimmon tree only delivered five persimmons this year! Well that was the first thing I saw and purchased :o) as you can also see, I've eaten two already..I thought about peeling a couple and putting them into the foodsaver bags, and just defrosting when i wanted to eat them...I'll have to do that soon, because I can't stand the temptation of gobbling them up.

Then there are the bundles of Fresh Spinach,
that I thought I'd blanch and save..uh! once I shrink some I wanted to eat some and I ate a bundle all by myself..then fixed Cecil a bundle..I could see there was no sence in doing a blanching deal I cooked them all they were so fresh and delicious and the biggest leaves I've seen in a while. So I don't do well growing Spinach ,someone else did :o) and the price was so so resonable for the amount $1.09 bunch. I don't have to worry about any greens for the next two days..Spinach is part of the menu :o) First Cousin was excited too and she got three bundles she eats them up fast too...:o)

We picked up a lot of fruit , Pears, Peaches, 
and I couldn't resist the Avacado's  Also there were a few bottles of Aloe Vera I was just dying to try, I've heard so much about Aloe being good for the body in so many
ways..Two flavors should give me some idea if I like it or not.. 


The Baby Boc Choy was just too tempting to leave it all there, so I brought some home  :o)....somehow, I will squeeze it in the menu.
Especailly on a day like today..I'm tired from shopping..and it's a good day to watch TV and nibble...B/S watch yourself :o)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Living and Learning

I've been fretting about getting a "Weaving Bench" for some time,..first of all the "Stool" that I used was too uncomfortable (and narrow :o( for a person of my plumpness :o) I tried using a pillow but that too was of no use ..I moved , it moved :o(
I saw benches from $100-$450..and frankly that's out of my pocket for a bench, There's a lot more I could do with that type of money than sit my fat butt on.
Finally one day while reading articles on the Internet, I ran across one that a woman used her "Shower Chair" and it fit the bill.. I have a "Shower Chair" maybe I'll try it out.
Well, I tried it out and it works :o) What a's wide enough ..strong was adjustable and is only two inches less that the weaving benches. Hey! I could put a pillow for the two inches or use the fat on my butt :o) Do a close up and you can see the narrow stool in the background..look at the difference, look how nice and wide the shower chair is and the back rest too...Seems the longer you live the more you learn! Just think how smart we would all be if we got here knowing all the stuff it took a lifetime to learn...maybe it's to get us ready for the "new Next Life" :o)..
I'm also glad I didn't get rid of my warping
board..I use my Tri loom thingy to hang it on
and I can sit in the chair while I warp up
to get ready for the next project. Stay tuned..there's more to be happening :o) In the meantime send some prayers over to "Mama-bugs" way for her pending double knee surgery...I'm sure she will appreciate it...We all need some intercession of prayer..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remnents of the Fall Garden

Well, I have to say that the Boc Choy remnant's are quite pitiful! BUT,adding it to a plate of mashed potatoes and a side dish of meat and maybe a gravy..ought to satisfy any poor soul. I will clean it up and make it into a meal and be thankful one day when I want a taste of Boc choy that I have it..At least I don't have to wash jars today :o) it's about enough for one of my food saver bags :o)

These Red Cabbages should have been taken up a couple of weeks ago..but with the Holidays and so many other matters I didn't get to them , but the slugs did and had a field day with them :o( No matter, I cut those little frozen heads up  and put the leaves into some cold water with salt and then I'll treat them like they were fresh green leaves, they should thaw out by then a little anyway.....I'll shrink them, bag them up and wait until I'm in the cabbage mood and cook them up. Not much of a harvest, but a Harvest! and I'm grateful (didn't feel like working with them anyway, I want to weave :o) does that sound like the fox and sour grapes :o) I still have some Rutabaga's that need to be Harvested...Later!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Remember the Sweet Potato Adventures@ $.29 lb

This is one of the bags that was in the fridge! I noticed that it was "puffed up" and this bag had the air "vacuumed" out of it and sealed...Now, remember your school days in science when you learned about the "Perri dishes" that even in the fridge "breakdown" and virus will grow!...Well, What I think (and know) is that the gases that the potato gives off is probably what causes that bag to swell up.  I opened the bag from the fridge..there was no smell ( no smell in natural gas either)..there was no mold, but they did look as if there was liquid I put them into a strainer to rinse them with cold water Then dry them off with a paper towel before
cooking them in the deep fryer..I didn't like the amount of oil they seemed to hold,so I put them under the broiler to finish cooking. That eliminated some of the oil..not as much as I would have time I'll try just oiling them and cooking  them in the oven.
After the cooking they weren't bad at all. I sprinkled a little salt over them to bring out the sweetness of the potato.
The bags in the freezer also had "puffed up",I won't worry about that..I'll just do as I always do with the ones I buy at the store..Only thing they cost me more..and these were a sale I enjoy each time I open a bag :o).
By the way here is a picture of the "New Year's Feast Leftovers"...Black Beans and Rice, Candied Sweet potatoes,Broccoli leaves and florets, corn bread and "Trotters" some of you know as "Pig feet"..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Twist on Brocolli leaves and the Florets

Brocolli stalks
     "Happy Healthy New Year " 2012

This picture of Brocolli leaves is one that i have shown before..I went to the Side garden to which greens were ready to be taken out ..and I was surprised at how much the Brocolli had grown ..the "little florets" had doubled in size...I wanted to take a picture of them , but the walk on the side hill for me  is sometimes just a little too steep! ... I decided then and there to take the leaves and the "little florets" and prepare them for dinner...I figured why throw away the leaves when they were so good before when I tested tasted them...So I picked them...and took up a couple of  the cabbages that weren't heading up (to me they were in just about the same family :o)...cut up all the leaves..fried up some country ham put the brocolli leaves in on top of the country ham then added the "little florets" on top , closed the lid.Turned them over after they steamed up a bit (the little florets seemed to melt up in them) .. You talk about something that tasted good ! whew, wee child it's a seventh heaven to a green lover :o) and You know I made some corn bread :o) and some Black Beans and rice..I don't have to cook today...good old leftovers ( I don't usually like leftovers, but greens, that's a different story).
If you have been throwing away the leaves ( you won't find them for sale in the store) You will have to see a farmer or grow them yourselve, but don't throw them away..they are delicious and not to be wasted...maybe some of you already know that...I'm just learning :o)