Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Here it is another wednesday and Im still in the bottom of the pail !  I kept thinking that one day i will wake up and be like i was before. You don't reliaze how your body is functioning until you lose the function. Every time you do something you dont think about it, but you would be surprised...your body is like a computer, does things like its nothing, it is nothing to a well developed body, its not until you lose it that you realize how important it is. Just walking..even talking ...little things that dont count for beans your shelling ..count up when you dont do them right. I cant get my mail*&&^&&* < thats cussing . I did something that changed my mail and have to wait until ny kids come and fix it. who told me to get that expensive computer? Uhg! thats what i get for wishing out loud and the kids hear me.  Love ya! Ginny

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hi everybody ,  anybody , somehow I deleted my pass words  for my mail accounts ! I dont know what i can do about it ,,, I cant get any mail either. gosh being sick is a pain. Ginny

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Here it is September 18th and im still not doing any better! according to  Cecil im doing fine! Well, i guess i am if i compare myself to everyone else who has had a stroke. I feel like i shoud  be like i was in the beginning ,,,fast and furious but instead in slow and ( i dont know what goes with furious!) But i still have you on my mind so much that its hard to think of you any way except gardening. I have been using my kindle book trying to get going but i see that it too takes time. My finger gets stuck at least 10 times a day and the other hand is stiff, going to the Dr. is for the birds he doesnt give you much information! I think the old school Dr.s were better. They took pride in what they were doing, but today is all about the mighty dollar. Well thanks for listing to an old lady grumbling. I love ya!. Ginny

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I was lucky today ! I had the help of my daughter to help me with the Kindle Fire book :o)  I bought it last year when everyone was so generous and thoughtful with their money :o) I saved  every penny :o) and then bought what i wanted. I feel like i new woman ( i still cant remenber how to put pictures on) :o) soon i'll think of the way i did it. I'm getting better each day.I'll be writing more often .Love ya!. Ginny

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I think I found the secret :o) i'll be ansewing you back ( maybe). sometimes you can't win for losing. i leave the comment alone sometimes and then when it hits me i go on again, and discover something new..I got the : new bugger: and its different than the old. I'll get there just have to keep on pushing .. besides dont want granny to get hold of too many of you :o) i just love poking fun at granny she pokes right back and  i love it. in fact i read some of all your old comments and love you too. I missed gardening so much , Cecil planted a few items and got wonderful results , i,ll show pictures when i can ,,love you all , Ginny

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Here I am again :o) oh for petes sake! I cant find everything I need or to say I just forgot! I forgot how i sent the pictures! I wanted to send you a picture of me how i have been looking here of late ,old but not too old ( so Cecil says) I think the guy kind of likes me :o),it kind of sucks to have a stroke! you forget how things are supposed to work and then they dont work like you think.Most of my days are spent in the chairbed watching tv.I tell you the kids have bought me some nice things but the chairbeds have been the most enjoyed. Just think, getting up in the morning,and washing your face , combing your hair,putting your teeth in,taking your insulin,and then your socks, and sliding to the chairbed, sitting down being served a nice cold cola,medicine and then breakfast (whatever you want) Cecil has been a good husband (because i have been a good wife :o)...Well, stay tuned if you want to hear more,love ya all! Ginny

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi all, its nice to know that some of you besides my family have been praying for me. I am feeling better and better each day. sometimes i feel terrible all day but then again its nice to be able to publish something...I still dont remember how to put pictures in but one day it will come. its funny but sometimes i remeber things im not supposed to (or rather perfer not to :o) Any way im d0ing fine. love ya. Ginny

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Im glad I decided to look today I would have missed so many pictures and sayings from all my good looking people ( you too granny :o) I hate to say im doing well , because thats when I make so many stupid mistakes. Cecil has been cooking me 3 meals a day and i have to admit they taste pretty good. :o) Ill be happy to cook againm didn;t know i could cook so well. I better go before i get too tired. still don;t know how to put the pictures up .I have forgotton so ya , Ginny

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello Bloggers :o) I SEE you have beem pretty while ihave been trying to get over this darn sickness. it seems like i cant get well like i used to be ...Cecil says its because we are older he;s older than me and im just a little older than granny ;o) ILL WRITE AGAIN TOMORROW. LOVE YA. GINNY

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well I guess I'm on the mend it seems i see more than iM supposed to :O) I wil have eye surgery soon..aint that a kick in the head me, with eye surgery.ugh! if its not one thing its two, Maybe I'll see better,,,then Granny won't look like shes getting younger than me. Praise the lord looking younger than Granny now thats a real kick :o) Now I have to study this to see what i do next. Love Ya all, Ginny

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well I guess Im about to wake up :o) ive been sleeping most of the time! Its begining to look like Spring!addording to Cecil, He goes to the store every day ( i think he's tryibg to get away from me :o) I still look at the cards you sent and they still make me happy.:o) to be loved by such a fine group ' you will never know how much you are missed,Granny thanks for letting me know I hit a home run :O) the frustration was doint its job,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hi you all what have you been up too? Just thougt o would write and see what youve been up to or what you plan to be up to. Im trying to practice my writing skills and doing a poor job of it. It sees like the fingers dont want to behave. :o) I dont want to be forgotten in this short time. love you all.,, Ginny..

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hi again ;o) thank you for responding it made me fee; so special. Ir taakes a lot out of me to write ..... the fingers dont want to behave correctly. the act like they have a mind of their own. (and they act like it too) ;o) I have plans just to get well. it will be a year about the 10th of feb.and the Dr. wants to cut a muscle in my eye Im a mess trying to see something ...turning my head side to side,,it feels so acward . Like Cecil always says "it could have been worse". well until ifeel like writing again, love you all ..'Ginny

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hi everone just thought i would like to say hello, and bid you good fortune planting this season. I would love to be joinintg you but ;;; its cold as the dickcns here and i don't see me picking up a shovel or attemping to try gardening this year either. Ive written a few letters this year but didn;t receive any replies as yet.. I probabky didnt do sonething right. so until next time ,,,, I see that somebody has moved :o)