Friday, June 19, 2009

"Happy Birthday to Daisy Today"

Here is a special wish for a Special Lady "Daisy" who gives a laugh with each visit to her blog..whenever I need a laugh or to find something to tickle my funnybone, I visit Daisy's Blog..."Smiling with Daisy"...look on my sidebar and pay her a visit...
She keeps things going with all the whimsy things she will enjoy your visit to her blog..I promise....Me!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ginny's First Crop of Green Tomato's to Fry :o)

What a way to begin my day :o)...Fresh Green tomatoes from the garden first thing this morning ...and all for me...Cecil didn't want any...(didn't bother me none:o)
It's funny how much they make once they are sliced thin.and fried..they were delicious and they gave me a good warm feeling inside to know "I farmed these" :o)
You can't tell us we are not good farmers ...Okay ...Good Gardeners will be acceptable ...

2nd Crop of String Beans in three days

What a blessing ..the beans are doing so nicely..this second crop looks even better than the first..I don't know if I'll be putting them into jars, This only looks like about two quarts... the pot is too big for such a small amount..
..We are planning to plant more greens to make up for the ones lost :o) This "Almost an Acre" Farm sure keeps one busy...first thing in the morning is the picking, before the Sun heats things up...and then I have to put them away before I think about doing any other knit or weave...just a busy little bee am I :o)...

Can someone name or identify this plant?

Can anyone name this Plant? It started growing in the garden last year..and we decided to let it grow until we knew what it was..(probably a gift from the birds).
The plant is like one in my Old neighbors yard that they brought from Tenesse..they since have moved away..
It looks like something I saw on "Folkways" but I cna't remember any details..would appreciate some clue of it...Thanks...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicken for Sunday Dinner :o)

We could tell this was going to be one of those lazy Summer Sunday's when all you wanted to do was lazy around and nibble most of the day...We began by having breakfast on the Patio in our Pajama's..with the neighbors new fence one could see us on the right and the fence on the left we were already used too.:o)Maybe the fence is a blessing for us after all...It is giving us more privacy from that side of our yard..all the other neighbors can't view us..
With all the leftover string beans, potatoes and corn in a one pot ...meat was all that would be desired..(we devoured the corn beef for lunch).
We didn't want fried chicken ,stewed chicken or baked chicken...So next was making a Rotisserie chicken that all I had to do was let the machine turn it :o)...maybe I'm becoming a modern Millie :o) So out of storage my old Rotisserie came...I made a gravy out of the juices that dripped into the pan...put a few biscuits in the oven..
It was smelling so good ummmm...we jumped into it right away, we couldn't wait...:o)...wish you could blog taste it :o)... that's what we call around here "good eatin" :o) Cecil was moaning joyfully with each bite...and I gave him the chorus :o)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We are back at our "Almost an Acre" farm :o)

This Morning Cecil greeted me with the first Harvest of the Green Beans :o), they are beautifully thin..we are going to have part of them with some white potatoes cooked in the same pot with some Country Ham seasoning! that's a good mix..and I made a small piece of Corn beef, for dinner the rest I put into the's wonderful getting food straight from the land with no middle man :o)...We are good little farmers on our "Almost an Acre" :o) and we know what it's like to lose a crop :o( especially our beloved worry, we definitely will plant more.

At least the Cactus thrived without our attention...I should have taken a picture the other day when it had more blooms...Cecil has to get the long shears out of the shed when he goes down the hill again..I'm not about to pull the weeds out of the cactus without it...last time I fought the stickers for about a week :o( Cactus is like a pretty woman, pretty but dangerous.

We got home in time to watch the growth of my Heirloom tomatoes...We had to jump into watering the garden and fast!! the Sun had cooked the greens until they were not salvageable...Cecil is going to dig them up...and make room for the Broccoli Rabe that I ordered and got before we went away ...So all is not lost...we both love the Broccoli Rabe and it's as expensive as all get out in the store...nothing like having them in your home garden...
My Basil and Stevia need harvesting...I've got to get to them soon..They did pretty nice in a small pot...maybe next year I can have a row in the (promised expanded garden) for them.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dead Camera Batteries

My camera batteries died while I was away...I took new batteries and forgot to bring the charger...needless to say I was a little angry with myself because all the pictures I wanted to take "I missed" yuck! I've been promised a CD of the events and maybe later I'll be able to show you more...just know I had a good time with family and all went well...
I got the chance to meet Barbara who owns the knit shop "Sophie's Five Yarn Shop" (in honor of her mother, I think I got that right) the shop was to die for, so many beautiful yarns to fit every pocketbook and imagination...and projects galore...So if your ever in Louisville Kentucky stop in..
I also met the "Sunday Sock" lady Lynn Taylor..Everyone I met was sincerely yarn addicts :o)...even met a Master Knitter...wish I could take one of his classes...

View of Hibiscus Beauty inside

Just in case you missed me! I'm back :o)...I went to a Grandson's Graduation in Kentucky and had a wonderful time with my family...there were a couple missing ...we all know how it is these days with Jobs etc...the gathering was wonderful...and the best part I wasn't allowed in the kitchen :o) didn't bother me none!....Cecil and I had a rough week with all the ups and downs (mostly downs) and we needed all the rest that was given...besides it was nice to see all my "Little Women" busting their butts in the kitchen for a change :o)..
Cecil and I fretted about how our garden was doing at the meantime we were
enjoying all the flowers at our daughters home...I won't give too many details,just have to say..she gives me a run for the race (private joke).
This is "Camille"...another Great Grand and my first time meeting her...she is a living doll! Another flower that walks amongst us...Do a close up for a better view!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello new GE..I hope it serves me better than the last fridge I had...the inside will take a little adjustment on my part ..I'll have to change things around a bit...but that too I can and will manage..other than that they almost look the same outside...

The guys were here early this morning and as you can see the fence is almost doesn't look as bad as I thought it it looks nice and clean..but that's just for now..I don't think they will ever power wash it or paint it...There is only one person in this development that painted their fence and only two that I know of that put in the vinyl ones...(they look the best)...
Goodbye Maytag, :o)

Slats being lined up on fence...these guys work quick...seems it will be done in no time...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today started off pretty good until!!

I'm satisfied that the A/C is repaired it's supposed to be a real hot one here in NC ...93 I think...anyway..Thank God for small favors ..
Then a lot of activity began next door...lots of people walking around to the back..then it dawned on us ...a Fence ugh!
We had to watch close to make sure it went on their property and not ours...sometimes people lose sight of which side of the line is there's...
We have had that happen ....
UPDATE:See that jacket and cap on a chair like a man sitting, and an old pair of boots on the ground ..that's Cecil's Scarecrow :o) it seems to be working, no deer have been here since he put it together...:o)

Neighbors putting up a fence..

I have mixed emotions about this fence going up...some of it positive and some negative...
It makes me feel like I'm living within a box not of my making..
The saying is "Fences make good neighbors"..that may be true in this case..these neighbors have a dog that has dug holes and destroyed shrub.. a fence will keep him out of mine instead of a long leash that he could easily break loose from.
Perhaps that will cut down on his barking at us in our own yard...we are territorial too...
I don't like that it cuts off such a nice view of least we will be able to still see part of the tall beautiful trees in the woods...and the birds will still be able to come "home" to eat and bathe...