Friday, February 26, 2010

Baking two and baking more!

Today was good and busy for me and Cecil...we had a project...he went to the store for items I needed....He washed the dishes from each project ..I like to cook new things and he likes to eat :o)
First thing on the menu was the "Buttermilk Pie", it was a few steps to make it..and of course I took my time...
This is the first finished pie before it was baked! I was very pleased with it's appearance and was surprised at how full the shell became with the ingredients..:o)
Here are the two pies after they were is darker than the other Maybe I should have put the two on the same level, one was put in a few minutes after the other..I hope they both taste the same, once they were cooled we broke right into it and I have to say we certainly enjoyed the "Buttermilk Pie" thanks to Kathleen visit her at

Last week I made some Ultimate Ginger cookies, they were so good with a glass of milk, we ate them up lickity split...
Since the weather man keeps speaking of more snow come Tuesday I figured I better make home a happy place for those few days.. I'll be content to just sit and nibble while I watch TV :o)....
this second batch came out so much better than the first, I declare I'm getting good at making cookies :o)...Cecil is being so sweet ..(he wants my cookies :o) If you notice these are much lighter than the first batch..and look more like ginger , I used an older bottle of molasses and I think that's why..
I was pleased with the pies taste, only thing my crust was for the birds, when you get used to buying crust you lose the little skill you had...I'm going to keep making my own until it gets as easy as pie (forgive the pun)...

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi Y'all, just stopped by to tell you what I think :o)...I was browsing again in one of the stores and I think that thick block of wood I found had something to do with "Cheese  serving" there were a number of items used to cut the cheese on special boards and maybe, just maybe that's what the block I found was part of one...I'm not a rocket scientist :o)...but it sure fits the bill...If you come up with a better idea let me know...I'm still going to use it as my Gravlax presser :o)...Ginny

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ultimate Ginger Cookies :o)

As you can see a few (four) of the cookies were snatched from the drying rack ..and eaten by the cookie monsters (Cecil and Ginny :o) cookie just wasn't enough!..They are good to the last bite...At first I thought I was going to lose them, the dough was kind of spread apart and had to be balled up tight in the hand and pressed a little on the sheet..I was so surprised when they spread out twice the size...and were so delicious..I wasn't going to make them until tomorrow when two more inches of snow was promised...but as I read I got excited and decided to make them.
I'm glad I did, it's a good recipe for when the kids come home...Besides that I never know when the computer is going to act up and I can't get online...Soon and very soon , somethings got to break...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Somebody is watching out for me!

Remember when I started making the Gravlax and needed a heavy object to make sure it stayed pressed down, I first used a rock but it was too tall and I had to use something else!..Cecil kept promising me a brick but that never happened :o I've been nibbling away at my Gravlax and soon, very soon I'll need to start the process all over again..So again I was prompted to visit Goodwill (I love (shopping) shifting through stuff and finding a treasure from someones junk :o)....and lo and behold...there was this block of wood...don't know what it was used for..but it was exactly what I needed that would fit the dish I use for makingthe Gravlax with enough weight to press it down :o)...I paid only a dollar for it...what a bargain for such a treasure :o)....I'm smiling all the way home for a block of wood, a small thing that makes me happy :o)...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christening the new Pot with "Virginia's Medley"

Well, I wished I had used the whole pound of spaghetti so I'd have more leftovers ..:o(....the pot cooks pretty good and it's not too bad to clean..
Maybe we hadn't had this dish in a long time...I kept thinking about a  Jambalaya ...I had a lot of items already at home...I decided to just go for it...glad I was good...lots of onions,mushrooms, mixed veggies etc. and I added some chopped shrimp and kielbasa sausage...I add my special Habanero pepper mixed with give it the special kick for this dish...Now to find someplace to keep the pot :o(

My New Pot :o)

Isn't this a lovely pot :o), I want to be
able to make a Jambalaya or something like that..I thought this one was big enough...I could have taken a larger one,  I didn't realize that until  I returned  home., and set it on the stove..however this will do fine for me and Cecil, for company I just have to fill it up more....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"A Picture is worth a thousand words" :o)

What your looking at are slices of Rye bread covered with cream cheese and thinly slice Gravlax (which I will refer to as Lox) Sometimes I like a sweet raw onion on top , but this morning I didn't want it that way or did I want a cup of tea...I wanted a nice cold soda, and I was in complete bliss :o) Nothing like enjoying something you have made on your own,especially something in the stores that's so expensive ...If you look closely at the tail, maybe you can see it's cut on the slant and very thin...(that's the way your suppose to do it) I didn't cut the tail away..I just flip it over the rest to keep it moist without adding clear plastic..
Delicious :o)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This is the third day...time to unveil the results

I've removed all the seasoning from the Salmon and the smell tells me it's going to be tasty..:o)...I have to give it a rinse to get all the Dill, seeds etc. from the body...and wipe it dry...I'm excited about this one...The recipe called for White Peppercorns and Cecil was good about driving me here and there and found none anywhere...I decided White Peppercorns was nothing but white pepper...and after the recipe was marinating for three days, what do I find in my seasoning guessed it ...a pint of White Peppercorns Duh!
Anyway, the job is done...

Gravlox Big Success! Thanks Ina Garten :o)

Now after being really looks good and a fast little taste :o) ..I'm grinning from ear to ear...Notice how nice and clean it looks :o)

I Deserve this Chocolate Cake :o)

This is the nicest chocolate cake ever :o)

This is what it looks like inside, and it's a good tasting cake :o)
I have Baked Chicken leftovers tomorrow from today..Think I'll add some Sweet Potatoes with it...I've cooked all day...resting tomorrow..(I think) ;o)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"The makings of Gravlax"

Just a few more pounds to gain and I'll be back at the weight I lost being ill :o(
I tell you it piles on quicker after you lose than if you just kept eating :o)
At this stage I'm not going to fret...just eat in moderation what I like..and I like Gravlax...(on a bagel.cracker or rye bread spread with cream cheese, a slice of onion, and topped with Lox (gravlax) :o)...makes me happy just thinking about it :o).
There is a lot of seasoning in between the two slices of of the fish, that's what makes it sweat and pour it's sweat back on it and then so or two more days and I'll be able to feast on it for weeks :o)...Cecil doesn't care for it :o) I'm so sorry! hehehe (don't have to worry about eating that one fast :o)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A couple of Thank You's"

First a thank you to Ladydi...I wrote Chicken salad on the post last night when I really meant Turkey salad :o( and she picked it wonder she works in an office.:o)I was frustrated with the computer acting up and trying to save the photo at the same time...(that's the best excuse ..the truth)...
Second, thanks to Deborah for that Turkey pot pie sounded easy and yummy, I think I'll make that next time...
Thanks to Daisy, who showed that picture yesterday of the Banana Nut Bread...and had me baking it for breakfast :o)..I ran out of sugar (something that rarely happens here..I only use it for baking and didn't realize I had run out ...I only had 1/4 I used honey...and there wasn't any difference I could was sweet enough and delicious this morning with cream cheese on it and a cup of tea... Guess I'll have some of that Chicken (Turkey :o) salad and some cauliflower soup for lunch...

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Turkey Salad" corrected post :o)

The picture with the Turkey Salad was almost lost! but I fought the good fight with the computer and I think I won :o) when I click save and then publish..then I'll know I'm safe :o)...I tried hard to save it...