Monday, March 31, 2014

Well guess who this is? (smile) two days in a row WOW! is this me? Only time will tell and all the other stuff. My first daughter came for 4-5 days and between her youngest  and her got me running again even on my kindle. I cant write much the old left eye isnt good...I'll be hollaring at ya! love ya! Ginny

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hi all, here is another day and i'm contentent  to be "i'll" I get 3 meals a day and plenty of rest > smile,<  I'm still sitting in my chair  resting and gathering up all around me.. one kid is home and im trying to get her off the kindle on to the computer,but things arent acting right , they never do when you have help. The kindle doesnt want to give me my used to ... I've got everything so messed up .. I forget and that doesnt help...more later.. if you feel like me ...Love ya! Ginny

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hi yall, hows everybody doing !  I guess you all are doing well. I see a lot if gardening   going on so i guess you all are doing fine..I fried 4 chicken legs tonight , boy was i tired..Cecil thought it was the greatest thing. I bet he is tired of cooking but dont want to say it. I could fed him s,,,and he would say its delicious cause hes tired of cooking 3 meals a day for me.It will soon be over and im sure he will be happy.Im still trying to get well sooner  than expected Im tired of being sick. I know your tired of hearing it  well , keep up the good work and dont forget to post it ..Ill get around to it as soon as i can,Love ya! Ginny

Monday, March 3, 2014

Well here i am again. i dont want to forget what the baby has  taught me  (smile). So i figured i better write something. I guess i told you all how i hate this sickness,but according to Cecil "it could be worse". I hate to say im   getting better, but i'm not getting worst. Soon i'll be writing letters that will take longer to read. ( i hope) Well this ends this letter, more the next time. let me just tell you that t.v. sucks,,,They promise you one thing and give you "mess" on the other. thats all  , i love ya! all Ginny