Friday, February 29, 2008

Starting this Day with socks

This sock was long time starting....I wanted the cuff longer than the usual shorter ones , because my leg is quite endowed (that means it's a little fat) :o) and I want my socks to be warm further up my leg.....I was afraid of running out of yarn so I decided to make the toe in a complimentary color that I had in leftover yarn...just to make sure I had enough.....further on you will see the results....makes a nice Christmas gift....(glad my daughter makes her own , this way I keep these...:o) I'm glad to be finally finished with them.

Sock it to me, Twice

Working on socks at times is quite relaxing , and sometimes your in a hurry to get finished with them you can get to the next pair....and the next....working on a pair seems to give inspiration for the next pairss......

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Start of a Triloom Shawl

There was also much talk about Triloom weaving yesterday, it's about time I take my Triloom off the wall and get going with more is the beginning of a shawl that has commercial and handspun yarn in's amazing how the Triloom "dresses" it'self...before you know it your done and it takes as much work to "full" it and then block it....but seeing the finished project is worth the effort......and to have someone enjoy wearing it and have others admire it , that's a joy!

< beginning stage, fringe is added on this one as I worked

almost done> has to be taken off the loom ....fulled.....blocked....and ready to be worn and admired.....

Monthly Guild Meeting

Yesterday morning started as a dreary day one you'd like to curl up in a chair to knit and nod.....soon I found my way to the guild meeting ....there were four new members and I had the pleasure of conversing with two of them....our conversation was mainly about that has a farm, "Little Meadows Farm, Providence, that was soon to acquire one....and me, the one who who just enjoyed thinking talking about one with them!
There is no way I could handle a farm at this stage of my life.....but I'm going to buy me a Pig!
It may be a cement pig to some , but he will be my "Little Pork Chop" :o) that ought to satisfy my desire, every time I walk by it , I'll be glad I don't have to clean his poop! :o(

Friday, February 22, 2008

Finding Old Things

From time to time (really most of the time) I save things the grandchildren give me on different is shot of a "Pin Cusion" that was given to me at least 2o+ years ago by one of the grands.....If they remember ....I think they will be surprised to see it again....Grandma saves most everything they don't think is important...there will be more surprises to come later for some of them.....

Virtual Country Breakfast with Jilly :o)

Today in NC the weather is dreary , cold with overcast skies.....that's better than snow and cold in the Northeast where I'm happy not to be ! It's the kind of day to stay in my P'J's knit and fall asleep in the chair ....but first Breakfast with my friend Jilly who has learned to eat grits :o) with much prompting!

This morning the grits were perfect also the cured ham was soaked for a couple of hours to delete a lot of salt content.. a nice fried double yolk egg ( you can't get everywhere, we do in a small country store :o) I just love living in NC....I planted two pear trees three years ago and I make my own pear preserves from don't that sound like Country :o) I wish I were young enough to have that farm, ( until I think about snakes, I change my mind real quick :o( Put a couple of nice buttermilk biscuits on the side ( I buy the frozen Mrs B's , 20/pk. they taste as good as any I would make (almost) unless I feel like making my "Angel Biscuits" I could sell that recipe. Jilly you can have a glass of cold milk and I'll have that Diet Pepsi :o) and DH will do the dishes :o)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today is Spaghetti Day

I tried to put everything in order , but being new at blogging ....some were last that should
have been all went into the pot with spices you didn't see.....
Oregano, nutmeg,Canjun spices, Italian seasoning, ETC. :o) couple of secrets :o)

tomato's added to pot of saulte onions etc.....

Parmesan cheese , mild chedder,and american cheese added

I'm happy to have frozen tomato's from the garden going into this pot of spaghetti....last years crop of tomato's of ours was poor , but a friend had them abundantly and shared....

Green Peppers,Garlic buds,Onions chopped,half Habenero pepper,

All Done

Italian Sausage (mild) ground Chuck, onions , paste mushrooms

Mohair and Wool dyed with Prickly Pear

Here is some Wool and Mohair Blend , dyed with the Prickly Pear , I didn't have to use a mordant with it....and I can't remember if I added some just for good measure......I have some still "brewing" in a container on the Patio ( which is slowly becoming a mini Dye studio :o) The color is like a Strawberry Parfait :o) and looks just as delicious< I don't know what it will become , but I'm sure it will make a nice project happy!

Natural Dyeing with Cactus Prickly Pears

Here is a shot of the Prickly Pear from my Cactus , I was surprised after Surfing Cyberspace and learn I would be able to do so much with it...
I even have a recipe for "Cactus Jelly" Hubby is a little scepitcal but once I make it ...I'm sure he will give it a try ..after all I introduced him to Spahgetti :o) and now he loves it.....

Natural Dyeing with Black Walnut Hulls

I can't wait for Spring, but I need to finish up some UFO's , seems there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything the mind thinks of ....Here is a shot of some Wool that I dyed with the Hulls of the Black Walnut.....very interesting project for me.....I only had to add vinegar as a mordant in the proand I cooked it outside on my grill that has a burner on the side.....
This picture shows the Wool after it was may be able
to notice that there is one darker than the one on the Bobbin.
I took the first one out of the Dyepot sooner than the others.....being impatient (or nosey and couldn't wait).
I tried to Spin as thin as I could which would just about give me a worted or DK "Perfect" I thought :o) At least I'll be able to make some thing out of it ..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Loaf of Bread

Sunday was a dreary kind of day......with little energy to venture out .....decided to make some bread......with some idea's I had .....adding some spices, just to test the taste difference.....
I added one tablespoon each of Jalepeno peppers and onion flakes........I totally forgot the Garlic! until it was too late.....using the Bread Machine doesn't allow you choices late in the game, nor does hand mixing sometimes :o( Next time I'm going to add double the amount of Jalepeno Peppers , I think the onions were enough....and add Garlic.

Towards the end you get the aroma of the bread when it's nearing being complete ....wish I hadn't forgot that garlic.. As you can see it turned out pretty good...I don't think you can see
specks of Jalepeno....unless you can zoom in......the onion flakes didn't show up at all , but you could smell them......
I would have added some homemade Jelly on the slices , but I had enough butter on them both...:o(
That was my breakfast this would be nice if I said I had a cold glass of milk with it.....but why lie! I had a nice cold glass of Diet Pepsi !! and it was soooooo good :o) ( Don't tell my Dr).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day! Good News Flash

I posted this earlier , but had to do some major repairs on my blog so it's being repeated , but the news is worth repeating .....
I received a call that one of my daughters Quilts "The Guardian" is being shown on the big TV Screen in Times SQuare New York City today.....who knew we were raising such a gem.....Valerie is also being featured in February's issue of "Quilter's World"

Needless to say that she takes after my side of the family :o) Her Dad usually gets that in, but since this is my blog I get to say whatever I like and first :o)

< Here is a shot of the "Blessed Tree" there's a story in that one later....
All dressed in Snow, she has seen worst days :o)
Thank goodness the Maple didn't lose her buds, with a little more warm weather she will be as good as new....

Snow Falling

I couldn't believe my eyes when I peeked outside last night and found that it was snowing ..really coming down fast and sticking

I worked hard to get this Maple Tree shot to show the buds on it that told me Spring was near , but the Sun wouldn't allow it.Now that the snow has covere it...maybe that's why...guess I wasn't a Paul Revere! shouting "Spring is coming Spring is coming" ...oh well!