Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Video: Marine Stuns Crowd at Tea Party | The FOX Nation

Hot Video: Marine Stuns Crowd at Tea Party | The FOX Nation


When I listened to this Video this morning took me back to my childhood  (of many years ago)
And I thought to myself goodness! How things have changed...In my day we started every thing with a prayer to God so that whatever!  Would be successful...Now there are conflicts as to where we want to mention God in our prayers ..Either  in school,or meetings, on the Mighty Dollar, and probably more than I can think of alone.
What happened to us? Or should I say What happened to me! I think the stress of life takes it toll on all of us..Some of us can't trust  a "handshake" anymore to seal a deal..We need lawyers with extensive learning to unwind the meaning of words ..To seal the Deal in the what it's supposed to be.
The Bank! used to be an honest place to deposit a dime...You were encouraged to be thrifty..If you took out a loan were given time to pay it..I can remember having a little book with slots where you would put in a dime each week (if you had it) and at the month you would add it to your Christmas account! which you would receive back in time to buy gifts for your loved ones at Christmas time...
I remember also when the milkman delivered Fresh milk in Bottles! Now its paper with wax. I know the .trees are so sick of us with are sorry ways we call progress..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello on this Hot as Hades Day in NC

It is so hot today in NC. the best thing for old folks like me is to keep my hams in the cool house...(thank you God for a/c)..
Just because I'm inside doesn't mean I can't do something constructive (besides clean :o)..I decided to give "my girl"   (Me) hahaha a break in this heat ..
I decided it was a good time to sit down at the "Canning Closet" (feels good saying that one, and it was         work)...anyway...I went through a few doz. jars, some were Antiques with  the bale's and I   wanted to make sure they would give a tight seal..I have plans for them in my next canning venture ..I want to put some nice string beans and potatoes in them and also some soup for those days when I'm tired, sick, our just plain busy and don't want to make a big meal...I make what I call "Angel Biscuits" (they really are more like rolls..but I can't claim that title.. :o) I let them rise..then freeze then... I can add them to the meal straight  from the freezer to the oven and Cecil and I are happy. I found a couple of jars that I had forgotten I had..and almost lost them...when I was ill the kids called themselves "cleaning up" and I had to raise a little hell ..."D*** it don't throw my jars out, I'm not dead yet!" They didn't mess with me :o)..This one is 102 years old...Finally something else older than me :o)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

There is nothing to show you today....I'm resting :o)

Today because of the threat of the high temperature here in NC...I decided to just take it easy...(even skip the d*** laundry, I still have a clean pair :o)
I went from the TV to the computer , just in case something was happening.
I think my co-bloggers are taking it easy too! besides I have nothing I want to can, freeze or dry (at the  moment) I promised to "Clean house" today, but that got tossed out the's just too hot, (even under the a/c to get myself all petered out!..Sometimes you have to make yourself be still...
Until next time....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Every Day a new task,today "Dry Apples"

All set to peel and slice...Go! The little gadget worked pretty good once i got the hang of it...I bought it year before Cecil and I got sick...and it's been waiting patiently for me every since...I wanted to get it going before I forgot how useful tools can be for the job of peeling..the old hands don't bend like they use to, and it saves me a lot of time and effort...First peel on machine and put into water ( this time I added lemon juice).Rinsed in clear water.and then I sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar..and put them on the trays for the Dehydrator to dry for  a couple of hours..I could have taken a picture of the prettiest tray..but by this time I had gotten tired. I can eat them for snacks..or 
rehydrate and make a pie or cobbler...What's in store for 
tomorrow! I don't know
maybe it will be time to do laundry :o)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Drying Tomatoes

I'm very pleased with the way the tomatoes dried..they were pretty when I sliced them and stayed that way during the drying process!
I think I'm going to run out of freezer space I thought I'd better try drying so that when it's Soup time..I can grab a handful to put with my "Stock" :o) I've already dryed some "Scallions" :o) (I'm just showing off here!  I read somewhere that dried tomatoes are $10 a pound! If thats a fact...I'll be doing some drying daily..I use a lot of tomatoes...
The banana's didn't do too well at all! :o(...first of all I thought they were too soft to begin with...but hard hearted hannah (me) had to try it anyway! time I'll know better! so I didn't completely lose out! I think a more firmer ripe one will work out fine...We love to nibble on something sweet..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chicken Stock completed

This has  been one busy time with this project..but it has been well worth the effort.. All the jars are the same color contents but the three on the side look darker  (they are in shadow)
I was able to get 10 quarts and about 1 1/2 cups of stock from10 lbs of chicken backs! Not bad ! The extra effort in acquiring the flavor for future meals and or  recipes :o) It really makes a big difference in taste...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

While waiting for the Stock to brew!

Funny thing , but when you smell chicken stock cooking, it makes you think of pasta :o) either for soup, or comfort dishes..I didn't feel like making a sauce ( like for
spaghetti, maybe I've seen enough from canning it this week :o)...oh to be so blessed!:o)  I decided to make some homemade noodles..hadn't done that in a while.. I purchased some noodles ( a large bag) from Sam's Club..but the taste wasn't like home made.. I made two dishes from it .. Cecil and I didn't like them...and it wasn't what I made either..
Nice to be home and make your own...even just to know how!
I have one child who loves pasta! wonder will this photo will make her think about visiting in this summer :o)
This pot will be gone by the end of the day...Cecil loved it and this was his second dish..I ate two also :o)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tomorrow will be another busy day Canning!

I've just cleaned 10 lbs of chicken backs..
cut up stalks
of carrots,peppercorns and onions ..tomorrow I'll start them out early to simmer and release their flavors.. then strain the bulk out..then the  stock goes into jars ! :o) and hooray! I've been blessed with a place to put them :o)'s a bit of work doing this process but once you taste your own recipes with your own stock (knowing what's in it) you spoil yourself ...and there is nothing artificial about it...Everything tastes so delicious...I'll take the bulk and get the pieces of meat inbetween the bones of it...and I'll make a nice "Chicken Salad" with the meat...I think I'm being Frugal :o)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cecil The Snake Killer!

Last night we had a little excitement going on in our yard! Cecil noticed a black snake crawling from under the neighbors fence ..He was able to run and get his shovel to kill it before I knew it was here!..I didn't want to see it! I didn't want to dream of it all night...he ended up throwing it in the woods..
It was still a baby I was about 2 1/2 feet long..and about  1 1/2 " wide.(from the safe distance I was looking)..We don't have to worry about that one this year..Another neighbor up the street saw one at his front door yesterday, by the time he got his shovel it was gone..he came down to see if the snake was the same he saw! It wasn't!
His (he claimed) was bigger:o)..I think he was mighty scared ! and it could have looked bigger to him then..To be on the safe side..I'm watching each step before I walk out or around...You didn't think I'd show you  a picture did you?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did y'all think I was resting? Far from it!

I told y'all a couple of days ago (or was it last week?) anyway , I told you I'd find room for my increasing canning jobs ...or my name wasn't Ginny! well, my name is Ginny :o)...and I'm proud of myself for all the moving and twisting I've been clean out a closet jammed with all my Crafting gear...(10years worth :o( where did it all come from?...anyway all the crafting gear went into my Studio...and I only have a top shelf to clear  (I don't know where I'll put it..I'm thinking for now I'll leave it where it is..I don't want to reach that high for a jar any way...(Does that sound like the fox with the sour grapes :o)

I need to buy one shelf for that empty spot.and that gives me more space for canned items :o).all the empty jars are kept at the bottom, There is even enough room to make another shelf if I so desire..:o)..I'm on a roll....This shelf was cleared today and the jars on on it...I still have more room, I'll try to get the other shelf in this week...
In the first picture you can see all the quilting rolls can't just throw that away...This was a big job! that I've been thinking of tackling..I'm close to being finished getting it out...and Now to get the studio in order...when I first moved into it...I had plenty of room...what happened!..Old ladies don't like to throw away anything :o)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I think I'm some tomato :o)

They say "birds of a feather flock together" well I've been hanging around these beautiful tomatoes so I should be a fruit! or maybe I better say something else..don't want to be a fruit cake :o(..

These are on on window sill 
and as fast as they ripen I put these in the freezer for soups okra and tomato's etc. (so far I've got 3 quarts of them.each day there is a  different yield,I'm in no hurry.
Here are my plum tomato's for my tomato sauce..
You wouldn't believe how hard they were to find..Seemed everyone was growing something else except these...I think they were a beautiful lot..
Sorry to say they weren't local...the box was packed in Florida...
They look pretty good to me :o) I'm all smiles ...I got 10 quarts out of 25 pounds...maybe I could have bought 10 jars of sauce..but they wouldn't be like these :o) I added a little salt, basil, and lemon to them before adding to the jars and processing.
Seems I had a bang up Holiday :o)  They will be great when the weather keeps us in this fall..:.o)