Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lazy Day in NC

Today is a dreary day , it looks like it wants to rain..and the winds keep trying to be "howling" but they are just a little pain in the neck for now...
I need to do laundry, but who ever feels like doing laundry...I just want to sit around today and be lazy! I've got my Corn beef cooking and that takes several hours the way we like it, and it's well worth the wait...have to check the freezer to see if I have some Rye Bread (that's my New York influence:o)
Watching PBS the fishing program came on...and the kid in me (wanting every thing they see) said "Ginny make some fried fish for lunch". I asked Cecil what he thought and his reply was "It sounds good to me" < that's the typical answer I get when his greedy gut kicks in too! :o)
I'm so glad I have a grill with a side burner....I like frying my fish outside, this way the odor doesn't linger in the house for days, Although I'm not such a prude when I want fish and it's raining out,I'll cook it inside and boil some vinegar and water< that does a good job taking the fish odor out of the house (or camouflaging it real good).

Frying Fish on Outside Grill

Wish I could remember how to show the fish frying with the Video part of the Camera, I did it once and don't know how the heck I did it to do it again...Whenever my Grands come visit they will show me how to do it...But all that light colored stuff is actually the smoke from the fish frying! It's making me salivate watching it fry.

Tasty Little Morsels :o)

Surprise , Surprise, I thought I was cleaning "Croaker" and thought to myself these fish look and feel like "Spots' (another one of my favorite fish)...Well, after the frying and tasting...they were "Spots". Somehow, they had gotten separated from the "group" and I mistook them for "Croakers" anyway, what ever the name..the taste was the game! they were delicious and we didn't even waste the heads,I didn't show them frying in the last pot...but there's a lot of tasty meat in the head and I always eat the brains that's why I'm so smart hehehe :o) that's what I was told as a kid when Mom made "fish head stew" (anybody know what that is?)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Meal Fit for a King of the Castle

Only thing this is my plate, hehehe Cecil had already jumped into his and it wasn't fit to be "snapped"....He loves Cole Slaw, and I made this to his liking, I added some raisins for that extra chew!...and don't say anything about potato's , I could shop till I dropped when I feed him French fries :o), and I would if we could afford it and I had the stamina to shop longer these days, (one bad part about getting older, you get tired to quick! Long shopping days are over ...ugh!) The fried Chicken wings, I like the long part and he likes the short part that looks like a thigh! , so I cut them and we eat them up real quick....Dinner was especially tasty tonight, guess it wasn't quick on the fly from ginning cotton :o)....Guess Ladydi will be happy Cecil is eating good again :o)
Think I'll make some Corned Beef tomorrow, I have one kid that might just fly in for that meal :o).....

Treating Cecil with Kindness :o)

Cecil has been so patient while I was "Ginning" the Cotton, I thought I'd give him a reward, so at night I'd ask "What do you want for Breakfast" This morning it was Bacon and homemade waffles...with a glass of milk ..(after we sat around for an hour having a cup of coffee watching the news)
It's going to be another slow Saturday unless I decide to do laundry (that may be the excitement of the day) we both have reached the stage ,"if it's not done today there is always tomorrow, and if I'm not here, someone else will have to do it":o)
I was going to "snap" a picture, but in haste of serving it hot, the "snap" had to be put on hold (sorry Ladydi:o)
Last nights supper was another photo I "intended" to snap,Lamb chops, boiled Sweet potato,broccoli and cauliflower with butter and Parisian cheese...I found a nice way to make it, first i steam it in a square pan with a round grate(for lack of right word) then I empty the water when the veggies are soft to the fork, I sprinkle cheese and salt over it and kind of "toss" them around to get the butter and oil on them, and that's it..Cecil loves it and always remarks how he never thought he would eat Cauliflower and Broccoli.I want to tell him "I'm a better cook than you Mama!, but I leave it alone hehehe....( I copied a lot of her recipes :o)
Thus far there isn't anything else new here today...unless you want to see the cotton again, scroll down :o) hehehe I'm silly this morning , maybe it's the syrup!I only have it if my blood sugar is at a good level and today I was lucky...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cotton Seeds from Project

Besides a few cotton bolls and twigs, this is all the waste from the Cotton project thus far....there are 2 1/4 pounds of seeds which really isn't waste, I think there are enough seeds to plant a couple of acres of Cotton :o)..maybe my
"Almost an Acre Farm" will house some of them :o)...I wouldn't mind sharing them if anyone is interested.

A Bag Full of Cotton

This was a long process separating the cotton from the seed but the results have been rewarding...Here is a full bag that will keep until the next step...Carding it and making rolags of it to Spin..I'm so glad that inventions have taken place since the old days Like Eli Whitney inventing the "Cotton Gin"< instead of me being a constant "Cotton Ginny"! :o( I just had to try this process at least just once! I thought of how hard it must have been for people doing this chore by hand, and worst picking the cotton by hand and getting their hands ripped open by the sharp boll ends, worst than the Rose thorns...I'm sure it was a job nobody wanted,and not all shared the profits of it...I feel myself getting into another story, so I will end this one here!!!

"My Cup Runneth Over"

I tell you! this has been one long trip! although it was fascinating to me, and I enjoyed the process, it was one hell of a job getting it done. Sometimes I felt that there was going to be no end to it! I was reminded of the Three loaves of bread and five fish (I may have that backwards) it seemed athe cotton kept on multiplying ugh! I've been told "Patience is a Virtue". I've decided I'm a "Virtuous woman" no one can deny that one after completing this task!....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Explaining the procedure I've used

This picture is showing the process the first item on the left is the Cotton Boll
the next item is showing the cotton removed from the boll (there was a little more, but I wanted to have room to show), inside one of the short strip of cotton are 5 seeds that you can feel but not see plainly.. first I separate the seeds
then on the bottom row, you see one seed that I was pulling the cotton away from,
Then you see how much cotton was attached to that seed...sometimes there is more
Then on the right of it you finally see the Seed :o) tiny little bugger, almost looks like an orange seed.
And that my friends is the lesson learned for the day! Some of you already knew it, but for those like's a fascinating experience...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This much done :o)

I've been all week working with this project and I still have a little more to do before I can begin the next process (carding and making rolags) so I can spin it into something...I'm going to take my time with it...and think about what I want to make out of it..I hope it has enlighten some to one of the gifts we have inherited on this Earth, we just have to take the time to discover it ..and some of us who already know should show those who don't without thinking they are some "Smarty Pants" or "know it all"...just think about it...Somebody showed you..unless your light was turned on for paying attention...

My Cleaning Method

Watching (I should say listening to) the TV I would clean the cotton of the debris first and put it into the basket....then I would remove the debris from the blue pan and put the cleaner cotton back into the pan...where I had a little baggie, I would then pull the cotton from the seed and place that fluffed piece into the basket and the seed in the little was a good little routine,and it amazed me how white , fluffy and clean the cotton became...almost like a dish of ice cream :o)

Is it Snow? or a Fluffy Cloud?

This is what it looks like close up ...after I've removed the debris and pulled the cotton away from the seed...

Cleaning stage done

So far this is as much as I've cleaned and pulled away from the's now ready to be carded before being put into rolags so I can Spin it....It's a long process, but each stage has been facinating to me...I'm delighted to be experiencing this

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here's a Pretty Box from Kathleen "Eggs in my Pocket"

We both have been waiting for it's delivery...I think it got here pretty quick, we both have been anxious for it's arrival! The Giver and the Receiver :o)
I've been watching for the mailman every day since I knew it was coming! The day has finally it is..Now to open it up like it's Christmas morning !

First thing I see is a large Envelope!

I gotta open it up with care, (cause it looks like it was put in with care)
It's all so exciting, and making my blood pressure rise :o) can you hear my heart going thump! thump! thump! < I'm so dramatic :o) I'm excited!!!

The Goodies Inside the Envelope

Look at all the little treasures Kathleen sent me! There is a hand embroidered Dish Cloth (I'm not messing that up washing dishes) there's also a little Hand embroidered coaster ( I'm not messing that up either) I'll probably hang it up to be seen :o)and some messages with heartwarming sentiments.....Boy! it makes you feel real warm and fuzzy inside :o)

Cotton Straight from the Fields :o)

This is the first experience I've had with Cotton straight from the field, I've seen it riding in the car, I even bought a sprig from "Garden Ridge" so when my friends from the North visited, I could show them how it grew and what original Cotton looked like....they are all like me, never been that close to cotton , unless it was in a package from the store to take off makeup :o)

Close up of Cotton with seeds

Kathleen said I'd have a job "cleaning" it, but the benefit is I'd also have some seeds to plant my own Cotton next year...I'd like to try it and see how it does :o)
I'm a farmer!:o)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here is the new Decision

After going to Wal-mart's I decided to go to Joann's hoping for a better selection. Well I wasn't satisfied with the Beads that I saw at either place, but I did see some blue tassels that had the right Hues of blues that matched the fabric pretty good and gave it a rich look ....So this was my decision hope you can see the shades of blue in fabric and tassels...

Ta Dah! All Done

This is the second picture that I took of this view and I don't know how I could have made it any lighter in that corner for you to see! anyway you get the picture :o) and in looking closer you can actually see more of the curtains design than I had previously tried to show you...and you can get a slight glimpse of the Corn Plant Bloom that's on it's way out...but what a joy when we walked into the house and smelled it's aroma...a built in scent :o)
Did you ever hear that a Plant that Blooms and sweetens the air in the home brings forth good luck? I'd say the luck was changing this head strong mind from beads to cotton tassels :o)....Even Cecil thinks they look nice...and he only notices things if I move the bed :o) Men!

Back Door

I really could have lessened the width of this one, but decided I may want to use the valences in another room and it was best to keep the width for use at another window..or whatever bright idea I might get :o) ( I'm such a smarty pants :o)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Selecting Valences from some old Patterns

Yesterday was a busy day for this one!.Cecil and I went out early to take care of some business ...and we finished early ..and decided to try out a new store in the area for Valences for my curtains.....things have changed so much...I almost shopped til I dropped..but the stiff prices kept me upright :o)
I couldn't believe the cost of some of the Valences..and to get two would be the shooting of my budget, plus I felt guilty to purchase something I could whip up with out a into my Pattern Stash from way back (I was even skinny then :o). Plus The guy on TMZ always says at the end "I'm a lawyer" well, "I'm a Grandma", and Grandma's mostly save everything :o) I made my selection and worked all evening to complete my task..First my so called best machine messed up ,(it needs to be overhauled) So I was able to use another (I've been blessed) and got thru that one..I had to keep the book at my side ,I had forgotten how to use it :o(

Sampling the old Trim

I like the way the trim would look .....what your looking at is one that i pinned the trim on to see how it would look..but in the back of my mind I still see those beads ....I like the beads and it would really be a change....and we all need a "Change" :o) I just have to decide how much I want to spend on that change.Sometimes a change is costly....but the results are very satisfying...I'm the bookkeeper so I don't have to hide the cost :o)...

Both Valences waiting

At least I have both Valences ready for my decision.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Last Pictures of Corn Plant and Blooms

What a blessing to see the Corn Plant in full bloom! I've been watching to give you a good report, Wednesday it was in full Bloom the little flowers didn't appear to open any, but there was an aroma from them ..the aroma was in between a Gardenia and a Jasmine...very sweet smelling....(I thought it was me :o) really filled the room with the scent... I saved this picture to add to today's post, want to inform and enlighten you , without boring you to tears....

This one shows it's on it's way out! :o(

You will notice the Bloom at the top is beginning to turn brown!, Cecil remembers that happening to the one he had 20 years ago! ,this is the first time I've seen the bloom..I'll take his word for it , that's what generally happens to most blooms anyway...

Monday, December 8, 2008

UpDate on "Corn Plant"

I noticed a slight difference in the "Bloom" on the "Corn Plant", and thought I'd better take another picture of it so you could see the change also ...didn't want to miss some elaborate bloom that appeared without sufficient coverage :o) If you click a close up, you might see it better...I'll keep you posted! :o)

"My Old Iron Pot"

I've been saving a Hunk of Beef to make an old fashioned Roast, you know, the one with all the veggies cooked with it, in a "One Pot Meal" I suddenly thought about my "Old Iron Pot" that I had stashed in the bottom back of a cabinet, well, I bent my little fat self down and retrieved it for a "Sunday's Roast". It's been down there for so long I almost forgot I saved it, (knowing I would never throw a pot away :o). Since it's just Cecil and I and the Kids are so far away I'm reluctant to cook some meals that we have to eat for days, doesn't bother Cecil , but I grow weary after the second helping!
Today is a perfect day for making this dish , it's kind of Nippy outside, and smelling a roast cooking (this one on top of the stove, perfect for an iron pot), give a sense of comfort and makes you remember to thank God for all the blessings you have received...

Roast Beef with Veggies

This is the results of cooking with an "Old Fashioned Iron Pot" ;o) First I browned my roast on both sides, and ends (no flour, just "Emeril's seasoning"and a sprinkle of garlic, (no salt< I think salt toughen it if added in the beginning),Then I sit (set?) the meat aside while I make a "poor man's gravy" from the remnants of browning the beef, with onions, a 1/2 tsp of Habanero pepper minced with garlic. When the gravy is the consistency I want I add the Beef and 1/4 cup Garlic cloves, quartered red potatoes (white or yellow will do nicely also) Carrots cut diagonally looks nice,couple of stalks of celery cut large, one large onion quartered,can of mushroom if you don't have fresh, add salt at this point...Let simmer for a couple or three hours until the meat is so tender it will melt in your mouth. A couple of biscuits on the side and you have a meal that will carry you for two days :o)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gingerbreads Homemade Carrot Cake

Isn't this a dish to sit before a King and his Queen :o) Felt like baking another cake since the "Sock it to Me" took wings and flew away real quick :o)
This one contains fresh grated Carrots, raisins, egg, and Walnuts ( I ran out of Pecans)...The Icing is made with cream cheese, confectionery sugar, butter,and walnuts < Truly a "Fat City Cake" I'm a sinner , catch me I'm falling :o)
It sure looks kind of pretty....that's the dangerous kind :o)

Sliced for tasting :o)

The taste of the cake gave the looks justice, it is delicious and I'd gain a pound for every bite :o) .....If you hear me say "I need to lose some weight" Slap me I would deserve it ...with a glass of milk or a cup of tea, I'd deserve every slap you gave me....

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Will Wonders never Cease!

Cecil and I have a new "Baby" and we never knew it was pregnant :o).....
Here goes for a nice story...Years ago Cecil had a "Corn Plant" on his job that was about 9 years old and it bloomed! I never saw the bloom...and when the Job folded he gave the plant to our Son...who gave it away when he moved..Here is a close up of the bloom, just in case that's something new to you too! They Bloom.
Now 9 years later (we moved here in 1999) The first plant we bought was a "Corn Plant" it wasn't any more than 3 feet tall if that much...It has grown up to the Ceiling and is almost bending over, and needs to be potted in a larger pot...I have to move it, and soon! It will call for Major re-decorating :o)
You can see that the ceiling gets higher in the middle of the room, I have a few idea's ....just have to give them time to "materialize" in my brain, and not cost a fortune, you know, one of those "do it yourself" thingies :o). In time I'll think of something....I always do!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Plum tuckered Out!

Today was that time of the month for "Paying Bills" and "Food Shopping" < We try to get an early start, and sometimes I prefer to do it later in the month...but this month there will be crowds and I don't like being in the middle of them...
I made my list of things I needed , and bought more than what was on my list :o(
Sometimes you forget you didn't put this or that on the list and figure you may as well get it now than later....I like to have a heavy breakfast before I shop, if I don't I buy too much! Well that toast and coffee didn't stop the roll :o( There were a few items out of stock, which only meant I had to go to a second store..first Sam's Club , then Wal-mart's (same people, really_....anyway....I'm sure to have forgotten something....(I always do), I did get a couple boxes of Cake mix :o)
That's about it for what's happening at Gingerbread's house for today! I need some hot chocolate (told you I'd forget something.) ugh!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recipe for "Sock it to me Cake"

One Box Duncan Hines Golden Butter Cake Mix
(I've made it with other brands and they work fine)
One Cup Sour Cream
1/3 cup Crisco Oil ( I use canola, any oil will do)
1/4 cup Sugar
1/4 cup Water
4 eggs
(cake rises better when the whites are beaten separate and folded in the mix)

Reserve 2 tablespoons of cake mix, to mix with
2 teaspoons cinnamon and 1 cup chopped pecans (or chopped walnuts)
2 tablespoons of brown sugar (or plain sugar)

grease one large bundt pan

Pour a portion of mix into pan, add nut mix, add rest of cake mix...then give a litte stir around the pan to "design" the nuts within..

Bake in 350 oven 1 hour (give a dry skewer test, to make sure it's done)

Glaze: (optional)
Mix 2 tablespoons milk with 1 cup confectionery sugar
Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Where did the Time Go?

I'm still piddling in the Studio, trying to put things in order until I get it "just the way I want it"...Idea's are flowing...but I still don't know if I want to put the shelves up! They are stacked in a corner waiting for my decision. I'm still finding things I want to keep and throwing away those things that don't mean that much for me to keep. Still finding treasure worth keeping.
Ye Gads! I can't believe how the time has slipped by! This sign used to hang in my old Sewing room in the basement home in NJ about the 1970's now that would make it about 37 years old!! Good grief!
You ever hear the saying "Once a Man, twice a babe"?, Does that apply to females as well?....The sign reads "Ginny's Playroom" , have I grown up enough to now call my "Playroom" my "Studio" ,hmm, that's something to give some thought....When I was younger, I did a lot of sewing strictly "Vogue" I did pretty good and wished I had saved some of the "skinny" stuff I used to make..I would just like to look at them to remember :o)...I've gone from Sewing,Quilting,needlepoint,knitting, ,spinning,Dyeing, Weaving...only to double back on all of them, plus some I've forgotten to mention.Pray tell me What's next!!?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Sock it Too Me Cake"

Yesterday was a busy time for me! For three days in a row I had some energy! I think I love my Dr. :o)
The Studio was so cozy that I began to straighten it up!< I worked just about all day moving stuff around....I didn't have to lift anything , it slid on the floor pretty good, I mean boxes of yarn and boxes of fabric, ye gads! I have a lot of stuff and swear I need every yard and skein :o(....Finally cleaned off my cutting table , it was holding stuff I was too lazy to put away...I felt good to have done something for a change...realized we needed a dessert, and I hadn't made a cake in a long I made the Sock it to me cake and it was so good we ate it like it was going out of style...Thought I'd better take a picture before I had no proof I made it yesterday :o)It's delicious, made with sour cream and pecans in it, Cecil didn't want the Glaze to cut down on the sugar..I agreed.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Spoiled Cecil

I showed Cecil my last two posts and he remarked " You didn't tell them how hard you were working your husband"< he's got a lot of nerve...he is supposed to help his "sickly" wife :o)....Aren't men the pits...when I was able and doing every thing,I mean everything.. even working the garden and the flowers in NJ...there was never any thing said...he worked from 7 to 7 and I did what a good wife would do! Now that I can't do it all anymore (and I don't try to) he has his lips poked out if I don't thank him for every little thing he does, Men I really do think they are from "Mars".

Cozy Studio

By putting Curtains up in the Studio, it took some of the draft and chill out from the large windows and made it very to get back to working in it :o)...
Isn't it funny when you do one thing it calls for two ...then three about four :o) all you need is money! but for now I'm happy to be feeling somewhat better,At least I was able to get the curtains up even if I'm late....I didn't make these curtains...I was able to salvage them from one of my kids who wanted a change, I caught them before they went to "Goodwill", I'm Goodwill :o)...The Yellow curtains compliment the yellow it a nice "glow" in the room.
Have you ever heard your Mother say " I can live off what you waste"? my Mother used to say that to me all the being a Mother I finally know what she meant (those wasteful kids).

Antique Curtains in Guest Room

I got a request to show the "Curtains" that I made many years ago that still look good...when you take them down in the Spring, you forget how lovely they are...then by the time Fall rolls around get a renewed since of pride in your work.
If you take a click for a Close up view , you might be able to see the details in the design and if you can see the top of the curtains, you can see where I added a ruffle trim so I wouldn't have to use a Cornice like I did years ago..there is always a way to re-design, even your own handiwork. I won't add a cornice to this room, the window is too wide for me to bother....but I can do it in the other rooms if I so desire... You can also see the Begonia that is slowly fading away, I don't think she will last until Spring, but we are trying to save her. The lighting is just not enough ....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Happy Thanksgiving Day"

Yesterdays breakfast was so good, we repeated it this morning..same thing :o) and just as good..
I've received a few calls from the children and grands...I expect more during the day!
In the meantime, Cecil and I aren't having Turkey or Chicken! we had enough Chicken while my son was here visiting and a Turkey would be just too much for the two of us!
Instead I'm spending my Thanksgiving giving "Thanks"...I'm thanking God that I had sense enough to save some Curtains that I made! I hate to say how many years ago...seems I can't remember but I do remember paying $17.00 a yard for them and spent quite a bit,buying almost the whole bolt... for the fabric...Now I wish I had bought more..they are still "Beautiful" and expensive brand new (they say "Antique") Last year I threw out the "Swags" they had had their best days...I plan on making more but one step at a time...glad I got my Serger back! I'm taking a break for the blog. Then I'll get the kitchen curtains up...Think I'll bake some chops, collards I have from the garden in the freezer,sweet potatoes and cornbread...and whatever else we snack on later...maybe some of those giant shrimp my son bought :o)
It's not the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I'm still "Giving Thanks" that I'm having dinner, and a place to have it at "Amen"
Enjoy your day "Giving Thanks".
Don't forget to Post a picture of your Turkey! I want to make believe "I'm coming for dinner" :o)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Hearty Breakfast

It's kind of hard to think "what's for breakfast"
after so many days of special treats on the menu, but we must get back into a regular routine...I thought about things I used to Pancakes, hardly make them fresh since I discovered "frozen" ones, they work as well in the microwave...and less work for me, guess I'm getting too modern :o) I decided to drag out the old "waffle maker", Cecil was surprised I knew exactly where it was (is he kidding!).I even remembered how to use it and made up the batter lickety split...put some bacon in the iron skillet for a change instead of the worked pretty good...couple of those nice eb eggs (you can tell the difference in them)...and some Apple Butter and we were good to go! I wanted to make a morning trip to pick up my Serger that the motor was shot, (cost me an arm and a leg to repair, but less than a new one).I could complain about certain things they did that cost me... but I couldn't swear it didn't need it done. Oh well!, I've learned that if someone thinks they are getting over ..they end up losing more than they think they gained....usually 10 fold.....
Got my report from the Dr. my blood work was very good, (I went down) She gave me some antibiotics and specified not to do any strenous work until it was all gone(is she kidding me! I'm too tired ) I'n not an exercise kind of person anyway! I'm usually very active...but here of late.. the mind is still sharp, but the body got older :o)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Are All Alone Again

This morning seem to "Fly", it was time to roll out of bed , get dressed, fix a nice breakfast for my Son to travel on....So , you all know the routine, Country Ham, grits, scrambled eggs (just egg whites for my son) kids pick up different eating habits once they leave home...I tried to get him to taste my "Apple Butter" and he kept saying "No Mom, I don't care for any" then thinking he was hurting my feelings after asking him a couple of times,he decided to take a 1/4 tsp taste...which ended up being a 1/4 cup full, he liked it very much :o) Cecil and I got a good laugh at that one!
Once at the Airport I was becoming depressed..hard sometimes saying goodbye, especially when your children live busy lives and can't visit often....
So today I resigned myself to just do some reading while I get the Guest bed linen done....this way I'm ready for the next surprise visitor....Or the next surprise that was waiting at home with a note on the door from USPS

Smoked Chubs Galore! :o)

This Surprise package was sent by a Childhood friend that knows how much I love Smoked Fish....I tell you I've had more pleasant surprises in the last week than I have had in a couple of years (I don't remember as many anyway , however,I am an old lady :o)
I had a bit of trouble getting this one...while on the phone trying to reach the USPS
I saw the mailman pass...put mail in the box and kept going...I yelled to Cecil "Mailman" < usually so he can collect the bills promptly :o(
He decided to meet him on his way back...good thing he did , the mailman (not our regular one) still had this package in the truck! I would have been some kind of angry for this package not to get to me in time...I hate to tell you how expensive it was for the 7 pounds of smoked fish it contained...the fish themselves are expensive....and I've got plenty that I have to hurry and eat :o)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sushi for Lunch :o)

Today it's kind of dreary in NC and the Studio is kind of cold, so I don't feel up to doing any work on the loom.....
Cecil and my son went to serve at the Ministry this morning and I was wondering what I should fix them for lunch.....Well, surprise, Son did it again! In they walked with a Sushi lunch, boy! did that make me happy! it was as good as the breakfast and Lunch Sushi He and his wife took me to in Las Vagas! I'm going to miss these Surprise treats when he leaves tomorrow :o(
Don't ask me to explain what each item is , I only know "Catapillar" and that will be enough when I go with Cecil..My Son was surprised to find the place here in Greensboro as good as Las Vagas, we have good stuff here too!.
.Cecil says it's not far and easy for us to get too...what a blessing...I'm saving up for the next treat ..I'm on a budget :o( I'll have to get back into my regular routine when my son leaves.


I have to make an update on something I said in the post with the french fries....
"I said my only son:" that is not true! ....I also have to add my "Favorite Son-in-Law" (my only son in law at present :o)....I wouldn't trade him in for all the tea in china....A mother in law couldn't ask for a better son in law! We love him.....Sometimes, he acts just like Cecil ...Smart and Stupid :o) just like most men < (I couldn't resist that one)hehehe! He is a good guy and my daughter is happy with him! That's enough for us and that's enough of this mushy stuff!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

French Fries in my Iron Pot

This is one of my favorite iron pans, I've made French fries in it for years, when my children were young....(and me too :o) is well seasoned and gives such a good flavor....the fries tasted as good as they look....

My Son cooked the Steel Head Trout for breakfast this morning and I made the grits and eggs, It really looked pretty and I forgot to get the camera and get a shot of it....too late when I thought of it , At least I didn't forget to snap the "all gone Mussels" (they were so fresh my son and I ate them up in one sitting this afternoon...
After breakfast we went shopping to Lowe's, whenever my son visits he tries to fix little things for us ...and one job that I've been wanting done seems like forever was putting the light over the table in the Center...This was one of those houses to us was just thrown up and you don't notice those things until you live in them for awhile and then it takes forever to get them fixed...Now the other half of the table won't be dark! Thank you "My Son"< (when he does good,Cecil's Son when he gets on my nerves) You know , they are just like their fathers then.....

Perfect dish of Shrimp

Most viewers say I make them hungry looking at my blog, well, here is a nice sight to make you hungry..I can brag how good they were...they were much larger than what I usually buy, My Son spared no expense treating us to these...I cooked plenty (some were left and eaten today (Saturdays pickings)...I even put a couple of meals of them in the freezer for us after he goes home :o)

This is my plate....usually I eat more shrimp than what's on my plate, but these were pretty large and I got full of them before I knew it....what a nice treat for us.

This is Cecil's plate....he wanted to make sure the leftover Whiting wasn't forgotten (so he claims, I think he wanted to make sure he got it :o) He doesn't eat too much shrimp because he gets the gout.
Usually I eat slower so I have to use my head to make sure I get plenty, because he is a faster eater.

Friday, November 21, 2008

This should be Post #2 for today

You all know I always get the darn post A-- backwards bear with me and make believe your reading this after the "Surprise Surprise" (after all you know I'm an older woman :o)
After the Surprise of seeing my son last night , I slept pretty good....and woke up to another surprise Snow Snow Snow....

The snow didn't stop us for going out to breakfast at "Cracker Barrel" then stopping at "Cosco" to see what they had....well, good luck for me again, My favorite Son :o)My only Son , treated us to Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Mussels and Fresh Salmon. We asked him if he didn't want to come and live with us :o) then I thought about extra laundry, and decided to let his wife keep him :o) We are enjoying having him.
What a blessing for us! We love fresh fish especially in NC they are hard to find they mostly have what they call "Slab" (frozen whiting) sometimes they are good and sometimes they taste "Old"....which gets you out of the habit of buying them....I think it's great that our Son took the time to drive five hours just so we could have some fresh fish!...He was on a business trip and was able to take a detour to us...I tell you...What a blessing! He was afraid to buy too much , knowing how Mommy fills the freezer..Ump! for fresh fish I'll throw out stuff :o)

Surprise Surprise :o)

Fresh Fish, Fish and more Fish Galore....umm umm good!

Last night was Weaving night ...I went even though I was a little tired and disgusted with the project...I tried working it, but my heart wasn't in it....and when the selvage yarn broke , that was the straw that broke my back! I promptly took it off the loom which consumed most of my time, by then I was ready to take the body home and rest.....I started to stop at Walmarts and get some of those sweet potatoes on sale for $.25 a lb....but something kept telling me to go on home!
When I arrived a saw a car in my driveway! never looked at the license...just thought it was a neighbor visiting with Cecil while I was in class Or maybe I caught him with a younger skinny girl in my house...I was ready for the kill!!
Surprise Surprise who was it! My Son :o) I kind of felt like it was time for him to come see about his old parents ...I almost had tears, but I'm too stubborn to let them see tears :o(....not only was he a surprise, but he bought a big one for us..Seafood and more Seafood...Whiting which I promptly fried up first, they were fresh and frying them inside (with a pot of water and vinegar boiling to kill the smell< another lesson for you).....You couldn't tell it...I learned years ago not to say "there is no room in the freezer" , I think I told you all that story before.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yesterday and today was kind of blah! for me ....fighting this cold which I swear is part of the flu bug :o( I haven't done anything worth mentioning...too tired and out of it to even work on the loom....Tomorrow I see the Dr ...for a checkup..maybe she will give me something to perk me up.
In the meantime I've visited my friends blogs "Smiling with Daisy" who always seems to keep me alive by giving me a laugh or two that carries me through the day..
Today I had a good lesson in making Cane Syrup, I think you all would enjoy visiting
Shows how much work there is in making Syrup from Sugar Cane..(Deborah grew her own Sugar Cane) I had fun viewing the happenings.....
Both sites can be visited from my side bar.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sowed Greens still Growing

I tell you these greens just won't quit!, Every time Cecil wants to turn the ground over, they seem to produce more and more greens (like magic they seem to read his thoughts)...and not wanting to waste them (the freezer is holding enough) we cook them and I'm making cornbread like it's meat!....Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to eat ...and try to keep it balance is meat, starch, and a veggie.< heck! that's a nice "Hero" sandwich too! :o) and I don't have to cook :o).Lets face it, we would soon tire of that substance...So far today I have the veggie , the "just won't quit greens, now what kind of meat? ugh! today I'm empty for menu idea's...We had homemade sausage,grits, eggs and of course homemade Apple butter :o)....So I've got a few hours to decide what to make for dinner besides the greens..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Nice Bowl of Homemade Chicken Veggie Soup

Yesterday after picking Persimmons we both were a little chilled so On a nice cool and brisk day nothing takes the place of a nice hot bowl of homemade soup.
I use whatever I have in the house or freezer and throw in a bag of tomatoes from my garden and let them cook down to nothing about umm umm good! I think Campbell soup heard me say that :o) It's so surprising to me how many things I can add, all from my freezer and a lot of home grown things, a handful of string beans, a bag of tomatoes.a Jalapeno pepper , a couple of potatoes, okra (Or cactus for substitute,in the Spanish store it's called Pennil < spelling is wrong) A couple spoons of pearl barley, some garlic, some alphabet noodles and some fresh celery....My fridge is a pain in the freezes things and turning it down means's the worst I've ever had in my life...I take my celery and wrap it in paper towels first, then wrap them with a cloth towel, and that keeps it a long time...what I used for the soup was at least two months old ... a little ice was on it , but it thawed out good for the soup and was like it was fresh cut. < just a little money saving tip.

Slices of Homemade Bread

In my haste to make some Homemade Bread with the Homemade Soup, I forgot to add the sugar for the yeast to feed on, and I couldn't stop the bread machine because it had gone too far in the process Ugh!, I fretted the whole time it was cooking....and what a surprise when it was was half the size I expected, but the consistancy was great and so was the taste, but I did detect that the taste was off a bit..but it toasted well this morning and was delicious with coffee. Some days that's enough ....