Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spinning Flax Sunday with the Spin-Off Triad Guild

A lot of preparation went into presenting this class for the Triad Spinners....Pat Sisson took the class at the John Campbell School....and was able to present it to the Guild .....She did a wonderful job of teaching....there were a few of us that had not seen a "distaff" close enough to know how and what it was supposed to do ( I being one of them). Pat did a wonderful demonstration of the process ....and while we practiced Spinning the Flax she spun us a story about a King and his Flax farm.....I wanted it to be a Continued Story...wished she would have added another chapter...We all enjoyed's been awhile since I've had a story read to me.....Must get to the Library and get one of those tapes to read me a story while I spin! The item you see on Pat's right side tied with a ribbon is a "Makeshift Distaff" .....

More Spinners

Here is another shot of more Spinners I think today's turnout was pretty good.....lots of interest shown in Spinning Flax.....
There's Tina searching in her big beautiful bag looking for something....and her face is hidden in this shot..........

Here's "Tina"

Had to take a special Shot of a Special person...this is "Tina" who started me on my way to "Spinning".And that has given me a whole lot of trouble,like the cat I'm crying and enjoying it.....Hehehe
Spinning has opened a whole new adventure for me....and I'm really enjoying the trip......Tina owns the "Spinners ridge" shop at Yarns etc. on Elm Street in Greensboro....Fun place to shop.

More Spinners

Here are a few more of the Spinners taking the Spinning Flax class...Everyone had fun while learning.....

More Comeback Kids My Iris....

Each year I make a promise to add darker Iris and more Iris and it seems that these come back and grow up so quickly ....I just don't have the time.....
Cecil has some rags hanging over his tomato plants in hopes that the wind making them move will frighten the deer into not coming any closer...Well, that might work....I claimed two plants and put them into pots on the Patio....I don't think the Deer will like walking that close to the door on concrete.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pretty Yellow Begonias

I'm always complaining that I'm a Johnny come lately when there is a sale......or a free give away.....well, maybe something is breaking for me ....I went into Wal-Marts and they had some pretty Begonia's for half price! I quickly grabbed a couple for my baskets.....this time of weakness turns into grabbing flowers.
Especially those on sale....Sale price was $3.47 really two for the price of one......Don't you just love a bargain too!

Those Collards again

Here are just a handful of "Collard Tips" that I quickly stir fried with virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of salt....
I did that a week ago and it gave me so much energy I tried it again.....must be some magical strength in them we haven't discovered yet! I was able to work around the yard like a Superwoman :o) Hubby tried to keep up with me .......unless he was pulling my leg so I'd do a lot :o(
The tips are delicious that way....sort of eating them the same as bean sprouts with little cooking they are so tender.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Check out the older post to see how the Mint has grown

Just had to show how much the Mint has grown since last month when we all were waiting for Spring! I even took a close up so you could see it more clearly...I've had this mint in this pot for eight years..I once used to grow it in the ground but it's like Wisteria grows all over the in the pot ...she keeps to herself and comes back every year..taste good with every picher of lemonade :o) or a sprig in a cup of tea! everyone that visits looks for it....

Here's another welcome comeback Kid

I couldn't decide which picture looked the best so I decided that I would add two :o) IT's My Blog! I should be able to do what I want too :o)

Jacob's Coat Climbing Rose

The colors of this Rose is just beautiful and the name certainly applies....they have a little red, yellow, orange and sometimes the colors are darker or lighter in each rose......makes it just beautiful.....Reminds me I'm going to get some Ladybugs before the Aphids start up......

Three nice full boxes of Alyssum

I'm hoping these will take and give me the feeling of "Home" I had them in the old home in NJ and they were one of the things I missed....hooray!
I think I have fallen in love with the "Dollar Store".< correction "Family Dollar Store" As you rush out .....don't forget your wallet :o)Glad I got mine, I almost missed out , they had been picked over...

A Table Full of Gladdies

Take a look at the Blessings I got..
ventured into the Dollar Store and they had these bulbs and what a good price for so many......a dozen in each packs of veggies and flowers... 5packs/$1. <>
Last year wasn't too good for me to be doing any bending...and I missed doing more flowers...Looks like I've been given a second chance...I can't wait to get them into the ground , I'm dressed for it now , but it may be too damp for me or the ground too wet!
If you right click on the picture you can get a closer view in another window....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just one sock after the other

Another Beauty of a Sock " Shells"
What's a Mother to do when the children visit and then go home .Knit Socks like crazy ...espccially when the weather is dreary ...and your sad about them leaving , and you discover that the Deer have had a small feast on one of your newly planted Peach tree...sometimes life just sucks!

Then you think! what if I didn't have the visit at all! and that makes you feel better....and as for the Deer...maybe a Deer burger wouldn't taste so bad if I seasoned it up pretty good and gave it a fancy name

Gingerbreads Snappy La Creme de Deer! Don't laugh....I knew someone who made delicious "Deer Burgers".

Heel closeup of Shell Sock

Here is a closeup of the heel ...Hope you can zoom in and see the knit 3 ....
it makes a nice place to pick up heel's new to me! just thought I'd share.. Never fails always learn something from visitors and travel.....
With the price of gas better remember things you almost forgot.
The price of Gas would choke a poor horse!
The worst part is that you need to get from place to place...So whatever the cost pay! Especially if your too old to ride a bike or live in the city without a horse< that farm is sounding better and better ....

Deer Damaged Peach Tree

Thing around here are pretty dreary today! and finding that the Deer have nibbled on my Drawf Peach Tree is most depressing....This picture taken from can see the screen mesh......( I didn't want to go outside it was kind of damp and misty).

If you can see the damage on the left side of the limbs where there are hardly any leaves left, and there is one baby bud of a peach remaining! aw! , maybe next year. This year is for growth and survival..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sock Party with visiting daughter Valerie

You would have to see this sock in person.....I'm itching to have that pattern! The pattern "MY Sunday Socks" is designed by Lynn Taylor who lives in Kentucky...cute story about the socks name...She named them remembering the socks her mother used to put on her for Church on Sunday morning as a little girl.
Children do remember even the small details....

Another view of daughters sock

What fun it is when you have a daughter who starts to knit her own socks and then you can keep all the socks you knit now for yourself :o) Now she brings me pretty expensive yarns she thinks I would like ...I'm loving it :o)

Finally another finished pair of socks

The pattern is "Monkey" free pattern from "Knitty" and is designed by "Cookie". I used a varigated yarn from "Lorna's Laces".It's a very comfortable sock and is prettier in person.....pattern details show up very well

A Small Tasty Bouquet from "The Blessed Tree"

I thought this too lovely not to share...the blossoms are very small but large in it's beauty....has a very "faint" pleasant Oder. Just a pure work of Art from Mother Nature....thanks Mom! :o)

Sprig of Cherry Blossom

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Promised Story About the "Blessed Tree"

It's a dreary Saturday morning here in Greensboro ...we are expecting rain and the weather is one that you just sit around or knit around and think about old times or what to eat next :o)..I thought it a good day to tell you the story of the "Blessed Tree"......
When we viewed this house that was for sale.....I took one look at the "Sorry Tree" on the far left and said " That ugly half branched tree has got to go" < looked like lighting struck it or something happened and I was too vain having something that looked that ugly hanging around....I wanted a tree like the one that stood in the Church Yard at home ( I didn't know the name of it ....but that's what I wanted and by golly that's what I'm going to get as soon as the money was right...(you know how it is when you move into a new house, a penny looks good :o)....
Well I fussed and fumed about that "Sorry Tree" for the longest time all into the next year....(it was in September when we moved in).I thought moving in was a blessing enough ...I wasn't going to worry about that "Sorry Tree".

The Story unfolds

I couldn't get this picture any larger....that's why so much space....but you get the picture ...look closer at the tree on the extreme left (the scrawny looking one that's leaning :o( next to the neighbors house

Well , one Spring day I was returning from shopping..and as I stepped out of the car
there was a pink blossom at my feet..and I looked around to see where did it come from ..a neighbors looked like the blossoms that fell from the tree at home! After looking around I looked up!! Well, bless my soul...if that Sorry Tree hadn't become a Beauty to behold....right then and there I christened her "Blessed" and she is known as my "Blessed Tree" That's the truth, be a witness.

Behold A Gift from God ..."The Blessed Tree"

Vanity almost made me miss this blessing! How many times do we miss a blessing because of our own vanity or failure to see the possible beauty in God's creations.
Look how it has healed itself branches replacing the ones lost...Nature is a miracle in itself.I looked high and low for the correct name of this tree...I had the paper and put it away from myself
I'll look for it again....unless you already know :o) Ha! a typical woman ."leave them with a little mystery" :o) UPDATE.... Name of Tree "Cherry Blossom"

Friday, April 11, 2008

Complete Set of Denise Needles

Like New....hardly used $45. includes s&h USA. accept paypal,money order,personal check < item sent once checks cleared....UPDATE Denise set is gone 4-11-08..thanks for looking

Complete Master set Boyle Needles

Like New...hardly used at all $60. includes shipping in USA accepting paypal, money order,personal checks .item sent once checks cleared.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Today is a "Sock It To Me Cake Day"

Haven't made one of these in a long was a good day to make one!
All I've been making here of late has been Esther's "Orange Marmalade" from the Jan Karon's a delicious and easy cake to make and another "no fail" recipe.
I've been kind of busy the last few today is a day to stuff myself and read a bit of "Home to Holly Springs" and just take it easy.

A few people have wanted to make comments but found it to be a pain...if you want to say something email me...It's in the profile "about me".

Sock it too me twice!

This cake was light and fluffy and real tasty not good for a diabetic :o( but I ate it anyway, Don't tell my Dr. she might want a piece too :o
Today was dreary in NC and I needed to be cheered up < is that excuse good enough?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Gift too cute to forget

In my haste I forgot to post this yesterday, (too busy sampling what was inside :o)
anyway, the effort that was made to make and present them shouldn't go un-rewarded.another new word from Gingerbreads house :o)
The muffin inside was as delicious as the packaging looked....thank you again Pleasant Garden Elementary School

Friday, April 4, 2008

"Pleasant Garden Elementary School Heritage Day"

One of the ladies from my Spinning Guild asked for a Spinning Volunteer...I decided I'd help out...especially since I have "going on three years experience" :o) I'm almost to the point of knowing it all ...(don't get excited,it's a long way down the road)....I will say I know more now than when I first started...If not I'd be a little retarded don't you think!

Anyway the Children at Pleasant Garden Elementary School seemed to enjoy every word, and their eyes seemed to feast on everything I placed on two long tables for them to view, and touch with permission....They were well mannered children, and I must say the Teachers were in full control of their behavior...without a doubt, at all times and the Children moved as told "quickly". Made me feel that all is not lost, some are made to keep their pants up!
It was a "Pleasant day at Pleasant Garden Elementary School Heritage Day"

Demonstating Decorating a Cake

Wish I could have spent more time than the two minutes with this lady, she was already set up for her task and I needed to get my show on the road and unpack....
In that short spell she showed me a trick from the old days...using a doily on a chocolate cake then sprinkle with powered sugar...remove the doily and the design remained..Neat O! I'm going to use that one...

Two Charming Young Hostesses

These two young ladies were very very helpful in getting us situated in the room where the Weaving and Spinning Demonstration was to take place....
They treated the Demonstrators with that special thing we call "Southern Hospitality", Yes M'am polite as all get out...saw to it we had the lunch of our choices also...They helped to make our stay enjoyable.
Hostesses with the Mostesses < (new word:o)

Children lined up to do hands on with Carders

Everyone wanted to have a hand at trying the hand carders..they all said it was harder than it looked....Some tried to be "Strong" by carding fast , but to no avail they were just too young and too weak! (Hey! they made me look real good :o) I reminded them that children their age had that chore to do .....if they wanted a warm garment to wear in the winter....that soon gave them some food for thought.

Sandra Duvall's Weaving Demonstration

All the children were well mannered and attentive .They asked many questions of interest during the demonstrations...
We both enjoyed them and it was a pleasure teaching them....and their Teachers ..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is the product I start with to make My Cornbread

This is the product I use to make my corn can use whatever you like..but it won't be My Cornbread Recipe :o)...
I hope you have an Iron makes a difference....If you have any leftovers , don't forget to have some buttermilk on hand for goes good with coffee too...
When you make it don't forget to email me or make a comment as to how you enjoyed it.

My Cornbread Recipe

I've had a couple of request concerning the cornbread I posted on 3-24-08.Here at home it didn't last a full 24 hours.....We love cornbread and it's so easy to make....
The basic recipe is on the package, but I add what pleases me to it and it always turns out to be can subtract any thing I've added but it won't be the same :o)
I like the "House of Autry: cornmeal it's old fashioned stone self rising..

Starting with the Basic Recipe on back of package
1 1/2 cups of "Autry Corn meal"
1 double yolk egg ...(or two large eggs)
1 Tablespoon of oil
1 cup of milk (sometimes you need 1/2 cup more)

To this recipe I add whatever I like .....for the post dated
I used
1cup of chopped country ham (leftovers)
4to 5 cloves of garlic chopped with one medium onion and 1 1/2 pods of Jalepeno pepper.
I chop about a third of a can of whole kernal corn ..and leave the rest whole
Mix all ingredient and best if put into a Cast iron skillet ..put into a 350 oven and cook until middle stuck with a knife comes out clean.... 30 to 45 minutes

After a long wait...the Carders have finally arrived

It always seems like an eternity when your waiting for an item....seems you can't do anything until it arrives ....seems to mess up everything and all your find yourself doing something so you don't have to think about not having it and you end up doing stuff that you didn't have to would think after all these years I would have learned "Patience"< I wouldn't dare say that I'm spoiled! or demanding or any other attribute that isn't flattering :o).Now to learn to use the darn things and get the best benefit from them......

Carders with wool

Thanks to the internet there are many programs showing different ways of carding....I'm discovering that I have to do it "my way" ( until I learn better).:o)

Here's a "Strawberry Parfait" made out of wool :o)

This project started with some Prickly Pear from my Cactus Plant.what fun taking something you already have in your yard and doing so much with it...I've learned that I can also make some Jelly or jam from them....we shall September I think!

Wool dyed with Black Walnut Skins then carded into beautiful fluffy roving :o)

It's very exciting to do a project and get so much satisfaction from was a lot of work ..getting the wool dyed...hanging it up to dry outside and watching the wind whip it..I did find that after I washed it (being careful not to stir as to cause it to felt) I still find residue of the fine bits of shell...perhaps some cheese cloth would have eliminated that..
Also the fine particles will almost stain the clothing your wearing to work with..You learn to wear something you don't care about....The whole procedure was a learning project.