Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Nature comes to Ginny's house"

Cecil was having his coffee when he spied the Hawk fly on top of the bird feeder!.He called to me and I ran to get my camera to snap a picture..I was blessed not only did I get the picture of the hawk waiting to catch one of the birds at the feeder but was able to also capture a picture of Mother natures painting of the trees before the snow falls (if it does in NC... :o)these two shots took me all morning to get posted on the about slow!! and time Warner has the nerve to send me notice that they are increasing my monthly fee's.uh! To think I have to pay for this poor A%^& service is an affront to me..I've got to see who has a better deal...never mind Direct! all my neighbors that got that were highly disappointed...I would have stayed with A&T but they merged with Bell South and they were lousy with me....there must be a better way!...

I like this picture of the a close up to appreciate his colors...and look at the trees they are changing quite nicely , I think....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't go look at the Garden!!

Before I knew it I was walking down to the garden ..the Sun was out for a change and I wanted to see if there was a change...there was!! The Garden had grown up with more greens glistening in the sunshine and whispering gently "pick me, pick me"....and before I knew it .."I did"
Didn't I wake up this morning with a slight backache!, didn't I say I needed more rest!...I think I need my head examined, putting more work on myself...
The greens were cooking up and smelling so good , they put me into a cooking mood...I remembered some Ribs in the freezer and out they came....I made a small pot of Orzo and that was dinner...the ribs were delicious ...I made the sauce for them partly with my Jalapeno Jelly that I made last year..they are nice and spicy..(not too spicy, I added a little more Haberno and garlic to it..)...I don't think it's enough for another dinner...Cecil enjoyed them :o)....and so did I need in showing you the greens, they are all gone before I remembered to take a picture first...but the yield was just as much or more than the last picking..I think it's the NC weather that is the bomb...:o)

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm not having much excitement around here!

It seems my blog friends are doing some creative things...Melodye is showing some of the quilts she has made during the years and there's a story that seems to go with each one...the quilts are gorgeous and makes me want to "get the needle going"...but when I remember and realize the work that goes into one ...I sit back in the "Chair Bed" and say to myself..
"you need more rest Missy" and silently drift back into a daydream state :o)
This morning I had to push myself out the door for exercise class...and was happy to get back home... Cecil and I had a few errands to tend to
and they simply wore me out in the end...the day seemed to fly to bed early tonight.
I think it's because I'm getting older, plus the illness..that I need more hours of sleep..especially when I awaken in the middle of the night and it takes me a couple of hours to drift off again...
I remember when I would rise and be busy the whole day into the next day...especially if I was doing some remodeling or making an outfit that had to be ready for Church or any other occasion I would be attending..especially when I was a "skinny Minnie" a yard of fabric would make me an outfit...(wish I had saved a few of those high fashion items, I do still have many of the Vogue patterns, just couldn't part with them)...That gives me a good idea for a nice old fashioned post :o)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"The excitement for the day, "Deborah's Doings"

If you want some's not on my blog today...but if you go see "Deborah's Doings" (on my side bar) ought to light a fire under someone! She has moved into her new home in Foley and she has started a lot of renovations...I'm staying tuned so when God decides to give me a farm I'll know what to do with it...:o)....
I came from a family of builders and some of it rubbed off on me and Cecil learned he could do a lot of things around a house he never thought my youth I would tackle anything , just to change a space into my desire :o)...can't tackle a lot these days , but I've got a few idea's I'm thinking about...and 4 big and strong and handsome grandsons who love to eat my cooking..:o)...need I say more

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a little talk post for today

It feels weird to add a new post without a picture!! Especially when a picture is worth a thousand words :o) (I had to think of something wise to say here)...
Today in North Carolina it was cold,windy, rainy, and all the other words that go along with being a bad hair other words it was a miserable day to go out in....but I knew I need to do some exercise and I wouldn't do it at home...I swear those new "chair bed" really holds us prisoners....All we do is watch TV , nod, find snacks to eat (and I'm trying to lose weight?.
Sooo out the door I went ..into the cold chilly morning with the rain whipping my face gently :o)....I like that sentence...makes me feel like I could write a book...I'd have a lot to tell, and lose any and all the friends I ever had or have...because it would be a true book...and I would probably tell too much...First thing at Cardiac Rehab was a class on medication..
Sometimes something is said and it rings a bell or opens your eyes to facts you didn't know or getting out was a benefit for me this of my medications side affect is coughing...and I have it at times.
The exercise went fairly well, and it was good to get back home...I made a big pot of beef soup yesterday to be free today...didn't think of taking a picture of it...had it with some nice hot toasted garlic bread..(yeah! I want to lose weight if I could stop bending my elbow.).Right now I'm in danger of gaining everything back I lost...the appetite has increased and I am weak thinking about certain foods...Oh! do I need help...Nothing else for today.. tomorrow is a free other words no Dr appointment..maybe I'll fool around in the Studio...haven't "worked" in here for a spell....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sorry it took so long to post....there was nothing to tell

One bunch for me and one for Cecil....(which one is the biggest :o) not too bad for the second pickings ...the first was so good I couldn't wait ...So the next day I picked twice as much and we had ball with them...Cecil bought some cornbread (to save my energy, I'm getting spoiled) and we feasted!! We didn't see the little flowers on them yet, I think they are still too young yet. ..they were tender and sooo good...Wish I could plant a whole field of them next year...wish I had a real farm with chicken's roaming around....just think of the chicken poop fertilizing the ground :o)
I'd have greens growing out of my ear ....nothing else to tell except last week the exercise was too much for the leg and I had to skip Friday...but Monday (I was good, and so was my B/S the medication is working).

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Today was just "Sit on my butt day! "

Nothing cooking today ...except Cornbeef that I put on last night in a Crock Pot fashion for Sunday's meal...and baked later today...I just had one sandwich of it and some potatoes boiled in it's juice..they were good and we kind of cleaned out the fridge today of need to say there is always something in it to make a meal...

What a surprise I had today when I opened up my blog! I saw a new face on my "Follows list"..the way my computer has been acting up ..I at first thought my picture had moved...then I realized it was my youngest daughter who was a new "follower"...Welcome Vanessa, your smile looks like mine :o)