Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dreary , Cool and Rainy outside..Smelling good inside

Today is the perfect day and time to make up some Chicken Stock and Can it for those days when I don't feel well and need a quick dose of Natural Penicillin :o) and that's a nice bowl of homemade Chicken soup...or just to have soup with a sandwich ..when I'm too busy for a big meal...(those are the best excuses I can give for wanting to put all this work on myself..."I enjoy it" ;o)
Especially when the Chicken legs are on sale...everything works out ..Yesterday I
de-boned about 8 lbs of chicken and put it into the freezer...and I fried some outside on the cooker for our dinner...I marinated it in some wine for about an hour..I like marinating with "White Tail Chardonnay" it seems to take away the Wild (for lack of a better word) taste of meats...Talk about good< good isn't descriptive enough..."It was some kind of good " does that sound better :o)...well we ate it all up and plan to get more and eat it all up too :o)...While I'm inside doing my work , Cecil is outside doing his Farming duties :o) We are so country :o) and loving it.

Cecil tackles removing Gardenia Shrub

This year the Gardenia shrubs in the back began to look a little sickly to me...upon closer look I decided they had some kind of disease. There were some leaves trying to sprout out...but the inside of the shrub looked black and motley (best description I can give) gut said to get it out of there before the fungus or whatever it had wrong would spread...Of Course Cecil put up a fight and said it was might have been alive but the fruit it bore ...(if it would bare fruit) (blooms) the quality wouldn't be worth the effort of trying to save it...sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling...It looked like a disease that would spread all around the yard...and bad enough fighting deer that are chewing limbs from my new Apple tree :#@$% crapo!
This morning he got up to finish the job...the day is dreary , and a little cool, but just perfect to remove the mess it leaves...I feel better...and he won't admit it now , but I think he can see what I saw...MEN are from Mars :o)

Getting to the Root of the matter

The Gardenia Root was a bit of work removing...Cecil still has the strength to tackle the job and get it done...I'm so glad to be rid of that sore spot...

Monday, April 27, 2009

A View from the Top

There is a saying that good things come to those who wait (or something like that)..Well we have been waiting for some Sunshine and warm weather and this weekend was a 10...Cecil and I enjoyed the yard and was happy to see so many plants that took a lot of work peek their heads up and welcome Spring...
The Iris's were beautiful this year and it seems I made a mistake and called them Lilacs in another post...Hey! I'm entitled to make a mistake ...I'm older :o) and If I forget somethings right name..just call it anything :o) other people get away with it all the time...
There is a lot of clover covering the back yard more than grass, and I like it , much better than just's thicker and greener...I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of the yard with the Iris's looking so pretty..Do a close up and enjoy the view :o)

My Little Greenhouse :o)

Now you all know I have an "Almost an Acre" farm ;o) and have to use every inch of space I have to buy the equipment that my "Almost an Acre" can hold so this is my it a little late...the weather had already broken for the best a lot of the seeds were planted directly in the ground ..but at least I'm ready for next year..and I have a few plans for some other things I may want to do that it will be handy for...Cecil has just about barred me from the shed! (Don't want to go in it it's too far down the hill for me):o(
He better not put his junk in my Greenhouse either...
See the Hydrangea that I grew last year from a clipping :o)...I showed pictures of the parent plant last year when it was in Bloom..beautiful blue flowers on it..

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ginny Models LeHe Shawl

Today was a pretty busy one for me...Pain still gripping the right side..but it didn't stop me from enjoying the yard and doing a little trimming that some plants needed and I didn't trust Cecil to do it the way I wanted...You know men are good for a lot of things , but some things you can forget about it :o(...He hates taking pictures but there isn't anyone else around so he has to do it ..(like it or not) by the time I try to keep a pleasant grin on my face, all he has to do is look and takes him so #$%@ long I'm worn out and you can see the stress in my mouth. "MEN" :o(....maybe a smack would be in order..(he might go crazy and smack back:o(...anyway...You all can finally see how the shawl fits on least after the work in the yard I showered and washed my hair ...and put on clean socks :o) the dress is as old as me but a comfortable one with no bra :o) girls like freedom and I let them hang out :o)...I think I'll make a almost feels like a Saturday....

Back of Lehe Shawl Doubled

This shawl is not a complete wrap around ...just a little throw over the shoulders to give a little warmth...or to take away a chill from a heavy breeze...pretty light in weight too! I'm satisfied..Sorry Cecil didn't get a Middle Focus...but doing it again would try my patience today! and Stress only aggravates pain for me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Virtual Breakfast with Jilly

Did you ever teach someone something and they end up doing it better than you? ugh!
Well, that's what happened to me...Taught my friend Jilly about grits and she goes and invents a new way of fixing and serving them :o)...I never thought of adding an egg to grits and letting the hot grits Coddle the egg..I tried it this morning since I slept late and Cecil had already had a bowl of was delicious..and its now going on 2 pm and I'm not hungry yet (I did have a nice piece of cold pineapple that was a nice refresher...
I was able to eat on the Patio and the shadow from the top almost blocks the picture of the egg in the grits, but it was a pleasant way to start the day...with a nice cup of Tea ...a close up will show it better and the butter too :o).

Another shot of Shawl doubled

One thing about handmade items , you can do them the way you want them...after blocking the shawl..I wanted it to be more even when I folded it and reblocked the ends so they would be more even (if I have explained that) anyway, I took another picture of it folded and blocked...didn't want to get dressed to show it's size...I think it's worth a second look...This was taken after the pins were removed...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lehe Shawl Finshed

The shawl is finally finished and being blocked...there is one mistake but it's my shawl and just like me "Not Perfect"..(If you look hard enough it's the 5th pattern from the corner right side).I still say it's a beautiful shawl and wearing it will be a pleasure...I'm still thinking about that "Crown Prince" shawl and would love to make that one...wish I could substitute the "7 Nupps" but that's what probably makes the shawl so gorgeous :o)...have to think of someway of doing it without giving myself heartache...there must be a way!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunshine promised today

I was happy to sit in the sunshine today, for a couple of hours...The yard was so inviting ..everything is coming up the Lilac's are blooming..and I say every year I'm going to get some deep lavender to add to them...
I'm a little sick of bad weather and bad health...yesterday was the pits...starting having that IBS syndrome again and it kept me in the house and chair knitting...I made my own egg drop soup ..too lazy to make some noodles, so I ate crackers with it.
I'm almost finished with the shawl...just have to bind off and get it blocked...I've got a couple of spots that the pattern was off due to mistakes and the more I tried to fix it the more it messed up...oh well! I'm still not perfect, Yet!! Still it's a beautiful shawl...I'll get a picture up as soon as I can...
The newly planted tomatoes are doing well so far...I can't wait to have a sandwich of them with nothing but mayonnaise :o) makes me happy just thinking of it...and some green fried tomatoes Yummy! I notice my neighbors down in the Valley are digging what looks like might be a garden (too far away to see) I think people are getting wise to plant something to keep the ends together...not much to say today! Guess you all are glad to have my mouth rest :o)...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Salmon Souffe

While browsing through my old cookbooks I ran across this recipe Souffle and decided that it was about time I tried the recipe looked so delicious and I expect some company and need a couple of idea's for snacks , lunch ...whatever...I find people like to eat and like something different..I usually fix salmon cakes or cook with onions and egg over rice..both dishes are delicious...This one just looked so pretty and perfect for something special.
If you notice there is a nice little swirl around the mold making the dish look more appetizing...and would you believe it I had nothing in my kitchen to fit the bill...
So off I went in search of a mold...Well Cecil took me to 5 or 6 stores..Walmart,K-mart,AC Moore, Hobby Lobby , Garden Ridge and finally Michael's where I picked up a small 6" cheese cake pan < the best I could find for my purpose..

You will have to do a "Close up" in order to read the recipe...if you want it..Sorry, just couldn't do it any better for you...

What a Blessing

I've heard that good things come to those who wait! Now I'm adding "Seek and Ye shall Find" ...I'm such a smarty pants :o)
Can you believe my good luck, (how about a blessing bounty) Speaking with my friend Jilly , she remembered having the fish mold..I didn't until my daughter reminded me that she remembered me having one...must have been long ago...and gone far away..

Now History is repeating itself, I have another...this time I'll do more with it than have it collect dust :o)
Can you believe that I got all this at the "Goodwill" for less than $6. while I paid almost $13. for one to appease myself :o(
I'm so glad Cecil was in a good mood to drive me to Goodwill especially after the 4or 5 stores he took me to yesterday) after he picked up his fertilizer for the yard..he waited in the car while I shopped...imagine my surprise to find them all within three feet of each other...what a blessing!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting ready for a Harvest :o)

Here is a sight that is older than some of my viewers :o)..It's my precious Pressure Cooker that is more than 40 years old...I put away a lot of food with this pot when my children were growing up...and I guess they can remember hearing the pot "sing" ;o)....especially at Harvest time...and the trips to "English Town" in NJ.
Those were the good old days...we all loved English Town...a favorite Saturday trip..
in those days you could give the kids a few dollars and tell them to meet you at a certain spot at a certain time just to keep a check on them and they would always be there and on time...lateness was not tolerated! period! If they wanted to go again, I didn't have to use threats at all :o) best mannered kids in the neighborhood :o) because they were mine :o)....Now back to the pot!

I hadn't used the pot since coming to NC...(almost 10 years now)...I like having food available ...and hate running to the I stock the freezer ...sometimes it's a little overstocked if the kids don't come visit...
Anyway I decided that I was going to "Can" this year with the Pressure Cooker...just to give myself more room in the freezer and to avoid losing it with the power going out...I think I just really like doing it and seeing the labor pay off...makes me feel like I've really done something...(told you I needed to have a farm :o)
Anyway..I had the pot looked at and all it needed was a new ring and the the thing-a- ma-gig that adjusts the steam inside...Now I'm all set to the meantime I had forgotten how much water to put into the Pressure cooker...the water bath means covering the jars...I thought was 2 inch's from memory...but I couldn't be I went online...on the phone..."0" got tired of waiting on the phone and no specifics online...Being disgusted I went through my old books (I do mean old as the pot)...Well , after a couple of days worrying about it...I decided to "Read" one of them and whadda you know it was right there on page 2...I could kick myself..Sorry to have rattled on, but that's my privledge being old...and you should respect that.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Regardless of the rains and the dreary dreary days, and constantly fighting IBS...Spring is finally and definitely here!!
How do I know ..the trees tell me so..The "Blessed Tree" is in full bloom (almost)and is as pretty as she can be...when I look at her beauty I think about the time when I first met her...I wanted her out of my yard Period! not realizing she was one of the trees I most sort after..bare she hardly gave any resemblance of her beauty..
Until that faithful day she dropped some of her blooms at my feet! I couldn't believe it...She was definitely one of my most cherished wished for!! One of her branches was broken...but as you can see she has fully recovered and is as perfectly shaped as any tree would want to be...It took her a few years to recoup.. she has been worth the wait... she renews ones faith on this "Good Friday" and as Kathleen always says "Blessings" :o)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seems the time just drags

It's still rainy and dreary here in NC...I'll be glad to see Ms Sun shinning..
I've been trying to keep myself busy with a knitting project I've selected...
I still have the other pattern in my mind..(talk about being a die hard, guess that's me) ...I think I'm about one third into this is relaxing when I stay focused..Otherwise I have to "frog back" I don't mind...makes me a little smarter (if that's possible :o)...

It's a nice shawl..not as large as my white one..but good for a small wrap..that's what it appears to look like on the model...still a lot of work..but I think it's going to be right smart..and will catch your eye...the close up shows more detail, I think it's going to be real nice once it's stretched out and blocked to see the pattern...