Thursday, April 29, 2010

Today's Theme is Go GREEN ..Ginny's Greens :o)

Just had to take a look at the side garden and see how the greens have been developing since I've been stuck in with a  stomach virus for the last week or more!!
Man O Man what another surprise from Mother nature! The greens really took off! So much so I was able to share with a neighbor who was so kind to us on Thanksgiving!
I do love greens and so do my children and their children..I love bitter greens and had to Special order them from "Johnny's Catalog" (Broccoli Ra be) last year...We both had illness and couldn't do a thing about planting them...hopefully we can make up this far pretty good...I feel I should explain those flowers for those who know nothing about these greens...they are bitter...and the flowers I cook too! they help to make it more bitter and delicious to us..They are known as an Italian green, I give them a notch up cooked with my country ham and served with cornbread :o) I love that I have a row of them as long as the house :o)...Wonder where I'll put my collards hmm!Maybe in a flower bed in the front yard, heehaw! I'll tell people it's a Special imported plant from Africa!!I'm feeling like a little devil, got a little energy from a vitamin this morning :o)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Vote for Avery

Avery has entered a Photo contest for Parents Magazine

Please vote for Avery for the Reader's Choice Finalists. The photo with the most votes will go into a chance to be in the Parents Magazine cover Photo Shoot. So please pass the word around to all your friends to vote daily for Avery. Voting ends May 2, 2010. Below is the link to vote.
 If you take the time to vote for her , I  Thank you, and  appreciate it!...Ginny

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sample Shawl from Folk Shawls

I was trying to get a long shot so you could see how long this shawl is..but I couldn't focus it correctly...
I also tried to give you a close up, but it was white on white and obviously needed some color to show it up...I wasn't going to unpin it after all the trouble getting it nice and even...I'll give you another shot at another time :o) patient , I may even have on some lipstick :o)

Maybe some of you will be able to see some of the patterns ..there are five or six in this particular one..I'm thinking of making up my own pattern and do was comfortable knitting while watching TV...and not too many stitches to return to when I wasn't paying attention.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time to use up some Peaches from the Jars!

I should have taken a closer picture of this pie so you could see the edge design...I didn't do too bad with this one...I think with a little more practice they will look  much better...the Crust taste is really good it seems to be tasting better each time...

Just thought I'd also show how much growth
has taken place with the "Blessed Tree" She
now appears to have never had any damage
at all..Some of you will remember how she lost a limb to a storm..and I was going to remove it from the area , because I was too
Citified (coming from the City to the Country)  to know she would heal herself if I left it alone to do just that :o)   She has a few dead branches at the top and as soon as Cecil is able he will cut them off...She is such a beautiful tree, I just love her.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Say Hello to Little Miss Avery! In her Easter finery :o)

What a treat to see Avery growing into a beautiful little girl...I'd like to smooch those little cheeks :o)
Her mom has been good about sending us pictures of her every month...and it feels so good to watch her grow, I can see her father and mine in her little they say "Blood will tell"...

It's been a blessing for us to receive the pictures, traveling these days is just a little too much for us...we aren't complaining...we do plenty for two old people...:o(  Just would like to say, Cecil is older than me :o)
Sorry I'm blogging a little slow these days, don't feel up to doing much that takes a lot of energy... I am trying to finish up a Lace scarf that I started two weeks ago and just can't seem to get it finished, there always seems to be another row! :o)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Just taking a few minutes to wish you all a Happy Easter...The phone is keeping me busy today with well wishes...Will blog more later....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is finally here!!

Spring!! It's been a long time coming seems to much snow, rain , hail,sleet and generally just cold and dreary this Winter...and in NC of all places...

The trees always put on a good show in it's own time...I'll be glad when the green leaves come...the buds are beautiful, snow white and full as can be...but they stink to high heaven with all their beauty...until the leaves come I can't stand to be out there with them...they bother my allergies too..
At the first glimpse of Spring my thoughts go to the pleasures it will bring for awhile..We love cooking and eating outside...and cooking fish outside is one of the pleasures, Glad I didn't have to run to the store to get some Whiting..(one of our favorite fish, that my son brought to us on one of his surprise visits :o)...As you can see we wasted no time in putting some in a pan on such a warm and sunny day..

  All the smells stay outside.. there is some
thing about the fresh air and cooking outside
that gives a whole new taste to food...We
always enjoy fish cooked that way...and I
don't have to worry about boiling some
vinegar and water inside to kill the oder, inside