Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Recess

There will be a short recess of my blog time while I get my heart pipes cleaned (about a week )   :o)...I'll tell you all about it later...
I have to get myself ready for the busy Spring Planting I expect to do . Be good until then or naughty so you'll have something exciting to tell me about .Ginny

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ground Hog Day Doings

This season has been warmer than expected which makes one want to be outside getting the gardens in shape...and that's what we have been dong :o)...Last year we were so busy planting and harvesting we hadn't had much time for "sprucing up" So now I'll be busy trying to supervise Cecil in between my other chores..time to get the  beds organized and ready to be refilled with bark and or get the other spots dug up etc., Just in case this is really Spring..some of the trees look as if they are budding already...I guess NC is a different world..

I don't know where Bark disappears to , but it sure gets lost somewhere..seems it has to be replinished everytime you look around..I can't be at the computer and supervise too..
Have to beat that rain that's I'll have to do what the energy level says to do at this time...So much to do..
The Blueberry Bed was moved before the fall, it was too close to the tree and more in the way..I'm going to use that bed for's close to the garden and we want the Bees to visit ...and hopefully they will if we have something to offer them :o)