Saturday, May 31, 2008

Canna's ,Canna's All in a Row

These were a gift from a friend that were just planted this Spring and we can't wait to see them in Bloom..we are praying they are the ones that have such a pretty Red bloom, that we have wanted...I have other Reds in the Garden , but they were a disappointment with their blossoms....kind of stingy looking blooms ;o(

This one is open enough to see the yellow center

Trying to get a perfect shot of the Flower is about near impossible unless I climb up on a ladder I took two..:o)
Magnolia trees are a real beauty in bloom....when they start they almost look like a Christmas tree with lights on it....

"Maggie the Magnolia"

Here's another surprise for me today...I kept seeing the buds filling up and it seems it just blooms in one perfectly white the color is..with tint of yellow in the center...I tried taking two pictures in the hopes it would show up

One Cactus Bloom

I was excited to see the one bloom on the Cactus today, there will be more of them,but last week I went close to remove some weeds in between and had on long sleeves and gloves....but that didn't matter! do you know those suckers still popped into me...I think the Wind was the Culprit helping it out...anyway, I finally removed the two that was in my arm...I stay as far away as possible..I'll take another picture later...when there are more blooms and hands that have grown.The Prickly Pears come much later ..towards the end of the Summer

Day Lilly's strutting their stuff!

The Peonies have faded out and now the Day Lilly's are strutting their stuff!
It's wonderful to see your plans taking affect after so many years it took to get everything lined up ..and worked out...It's like having a promise for filled...
Those little Ageratum will pop up larger (hopefully)they are so nice looking and once in awhile they volunteer to pop up like a Perennial (only one or two of them will).

Pear Preserves on the tree for now

I kept trying to get a shot of the most loaded branch,this was the best I could get.
I can see my work is being cut out for me come August or September...Pear Preserves yummy! and from my own tree on my "Almost an Acre Farm" :o) can't get any better than that....God keep me strong!

A large Jar of Homemade Christmas Pickles for Deborah

Just thought I'd show the Christmas Pickles made from "large throw away cucumbers"
They take a little doing, but like anything else worth it's while. (Country Talk :o)
They are sweet and tart at the same time....I would suggest make enough..they won't last long unless you hide them :o) I took a picture of the pickling lime so that a person new to pickling ....would know what to look for to make it with the me privately if you would like the recipe.....

Close up of Christmas Pickles

this is to show how they look after a year! This was last years crop that has been in the refrigerator since they were made...(all that's left even the ones I've canned). I gave them out as gifts to family and friends ..I thank a friend Theodora Parker for the recipe.
You say "Why is she showing it now" well, if you don't buy the pickling Lime now, when it's time to make them....the store will be out of it...and finding the Red Hots is next to impossible...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My first weaving < really just practice of doing it

I'll be happy to get out this evening for my weaving class....I've made some progress, at least I'm learning what to call some items instead of labeling them a "thing-a-ma-jig" or "whatcha-ma-call-it" I get a little mixed up sometimes, but you can teach and old dog new tricks....even if they get them A-- Backwards :o)

Close up

For those that are old at weaving ..don't look for any mistakes.....those are my weaving signatures :o)

Don't know what all those little butterfly looking things are

I've noticed those little wing like items on my screen before...I'm sure it's something I'm not doing right...hope they aren't annoying for you......if someone knows your can write and tell me so....
I notice a lot don't comment < guess it'a a pain in the butt to do so...but emailing isn't so bad if you want to say something......

Peeking out of the window

I guess you all have wondered where I was and what I was doing.....Well, I've been in the house just mopping around with a tummy ache for the last day or two...I think the digestive system kind of gives out on you old plumbing :o( Me thinks some raw onions did me in....
I'm peeking out of the window to get a look at the Hydrangea growing..I hate to have to stay in because of not feeling well...I can't stay put they are calling !Guess I'm just too anxious to go out and welcome them back...even in my Jammies :o) ....That's one thing about being old , you can get away with doing stupid stuff :o) Most would say "Aw, she's an old lady and probably doesn't remember if she has her Jammies or clothes on.. I didn't notice before, but you can see a planter pot reflexion in the bottom middle window pane that's really inside sitting on the floor.Oh well! it's pretty too!

Beautiful Hydrangea getting ready to show her stuff

Had to take a separate picture of this that the other Hydrangea close to her doesn't take anything away from her....not that it could :o)
each flower has it's own merits (like people).

Loaded Hydrangea's

I can't get over how much these babies have grown...there are two Hydrangea and I don't know or remember what their names were...(bad mommy)...all I remember is that I bought one for $1. on sale at Wal-marts about seven years ago...The other was much later...and it's taken her some time to catch on...but as you can see ....she is going to be a beauty...and when she is in full bloom , look for a picture of her.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy 60th Anniversary Cecil and Ginny

I was supposed to relax today and Cecil and I were going to do something nice...
BUT ..our pretend farm put us to work first thing this cup runith over with Greens, Greens,and more Greens.....the garden and the side garden with the collards were calling Put me away! put me away! they were screaming.
Farmers have a tough life , but they eat good :o)

The Newly Weds 60 Years Ago

Here we are on our Wedding Day with no Pot to P-- in or a window to throw it out of :o( Only thing we had was "LOVE" and that could have been destroyed by a few people in our young lives.....I'd like to say more about that ....but it's better to be silent on some things, at some times.....
Cecil was my "Zorro" as cute as he could be...and if you look closely notice those lips on him! :o) whoo wee mama , did I enjoy smacking up on them. :o)
What about that hair on his head .I tell you he was a Doll Baby.
Let me tell you , there were no flies on me :o) I sent a rich guy packing , because my Mother liked him ( stupid :o(... I was all of 98 pounds soaking wet, Cecil loved to put me on his shoulder...To show how strong he was< and I ate it up :o)

This was taken about 40 or so years ago

Never thought I'd get so old not to rmember when this was taken , but as you can see the Bloom is still there...:o) (Best photo I could find)

About 5 years ago

You can see age taking it's toll but we are still moving on our own power. We haven't misused ourselves .....stopped smoking 20 years or so ago< Best thing we could have done for ourselves...

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Day After the Birthday

We were so busy with putting away the Greens from the Garden ...and more collards...we both worked all day on my Birthday, I told Cecil he owed me "Big Time".
I'm going to milk it for all it's worth :o)...
When we were younger , I'd shed a few tears to get what I wanted...Then I learned how to "keep my mouth shut" < but he seemed to enjoy that one I found another tactic! I started holding back favors :o) (get it :o) then when that wore out ...I just stopped everything and fussed! Now I have to do it myself!
So today I'm going to be treated like royalty and I'm taking it all in...

Peonies in the Morning Sun

I just couldn't resist showing my beautiful Peonies in the light of the Morning Sun, I took the kitchen curtains down and washed the Winter dirt off the windows and this view was my reward....Just a beautiful Blessing to share.

Breakfast Served to the Birthday Queen by the King of the Castle :o)

It's not every woman who is served a "Belated" Breakfast by the King :o) Most of the Kings don't know how to cook anything , but they will learn if the Queen is down!
after back surgery, Cecil learned how to turn on the Clothes Washer and Dryer, wipe up the floor...Use the dishwasher when he wears out....and can cook more than eggs :o)
The dish you see before you is Cornbeef hash with a fried egg on top and toast...(my Pepsi is on the side).

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Isn't the world lucky that I'm here :o) I was told that the Church Bells rang when I entered this world 78 years ago!.It was tolling for me...She's here! it said proclaiming my entrance...and then could have been giving a warning ..Look out! Bad Ginny B. is here and is mean as a Junk Yard Dog!< that's not true! I'm an Earth Angel! I bring Joy, and peace and I'm a good cook too!

I was greatly surprised this morning to find a "Happy Birthday" wish from the "Mitford Books Bulletin Board" That was such a pleasant and happy surprise.I'd like to say publicly "Thank You So Much". I guess you never know who is reading your blog. Well,in that case! does anyone have a reasonable Used Floor Loom they wouldn't mind parting with.

The Farmer and His Wife's Breakfast

Today already started for us with an upbeat of our "Pretend to be Farmers" Cecil was in his "Field" ( our small garden) picking his greens for the Wife to put away. and Wifey was in the house preparing a farmers breakfast....Country Ham, sunny side eggs,and a good helping of grits:o) You will notice on my plate some crispy fried fat from the ham (Cecil doesn't like it , and I'm glad I don't have to share it :o)
what's that saying ...."Jack Sprat would eat no fat and his wife would eat no lean, and in between the two of them they licked the plate clean" Cecil is Jack Sprat and Mikey :o) and I'm just the fat butt lady!:o)

Greens in the Garden Growing like "weeds"

That's the only way I can describe how fast these greens were growing....I wanted them to grow fast and I told them so ....I wanted to eat them raw they looked so good. Probably would have done me some good ...( or given this poor girl diarrhea :o(

Greens ready to be saved!

I tell you ...Cecil and I are well blessed.not everyone can walk outside and pick greens for themselves...and not everyone would want too! it's one of the pleasures we have out of life..and we are enjoying this old age!
Doesn't this look devine :o) Now you know this stuff puts hair on your chest if your a man and makes a woman stronger than "Wonderwoman" That's what Greens do for you!hehehe and OH Lord! a slice of homemade cornbread...strickly heaven!
This crop yielded six pounds (after processing). not bad for this "almost an acre farm" ;o)

Beloved Peonies Return

I could say that the Peonies is my favorite flower...but then I think about my Gardenia's .and then the Roses come to mind....., then I start comparing the beauty of some of the Hydrayea then I realize that I love them all..

Grow Potatoes Grow

I've been told that as long as the top is green the potatoes are growing underneath..and when the tops turn brown and die .then the potatoes are ready...I shall see...of course I'm trying to be the good Farmers wife...(Cecil and I are pretending we have a big farm and our little "almost acre" is a giant farm :o) Hey! what ever makes us happy!< We are intitled

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everything's coming up Roses for you and for me!

Today is a "Happy Mothers Day",the children have all called and most of their children have called..nice to be loved!
It was rainy and dreary here in Greensboro and I didn't want to go out in it just because it was "Mothers Day" < I'll take a raincheck....
Cecil was very romantic this morning ..he made a bouquet out of my roses and Peonies from the yard they looked better than any store bought I've ever seen :o) Hope he's
not looking for any reward" ;o( I've got a headache :o)

Edith's Orange Marmalade Cake from the "Mitford Series"

Reading the Mitford books by Jan Karon I tried this recipe and it's simply delicious, , I almost learned to make it by heart making so many of them since I've read the series....... a most enjoyable read....I felt like I was in the town ..I even made the "Liver Pudding" , but it wasn't as tasty as I thought it would be and got left in the wind...

How about a slice for you before it's all gone

This one taste as good as it looks :o) even if I'm not the worlds best decorator of cakes..maybe a course would be a good idea.....

Primrose's return another year.....

You can't really see the delicate shade of pink these are...Guess I have more to learn about operating this camera...they returned but the Ferns in back of them were lost....I had a set up in my old yard and I was trying to repeat it here....guess it just won't happen twice....I'll try again later when I can make more time.

Here's another Rose Baby!

This is the new Rose on the yard...I thought she was going to get much larger...but in closer examination ....she's not the species I thought she was......she is going to be put into another spot next year...I don't think I can get her replacement yet!

This is Lunch after busy planting

A nice Fat Juicy Kielbasa on Rye< Maybe not good for the Heart, but one deserves to be served a good taste after working so hard ( any excuse is better than none :o)
Only thing missing is some nice French Fries :o) Hmmmm Good

Seeds from Turnip Plant

Here's a shot of a turnip seed plant gone to seed ( we let it do that on purpose).We are hoping that we can grow some turnips from the seeds....just have to figure out the best way to same them...I say we should hang them up by the root and let them dry..Cecil says put them in a bag to let them I think , if I cover the seeds on the limb and hang it up like that..they are bound to dry and the seeds would fall into the bag instead of the ground! Two head thoughts better than one.

Struggling to Survive Collards

Poor little struggling collards :o) If Ginny B. would only let them grow a little more! every time they get a few buds on them ...I snap them off and stir fry the handful....they are so that the "Mixed Greens" are up and giving us our first meal of the season from them.....maybe the collards will have a chance now to survive :o)

You can almost see the little yellow blooms on the tomato plant...Cecil is preparing to "box" them in! So they can grow and lean where they will...It doesn't look real fancy! who cares! as long as it does the job. You have to use what you have for your mini farm :o)

Cecil Protecting Tomatoes from Deer (we hope)

Trying to keep the crop you planted takes more than sunshine and water! The Deer like to visit us here of late and Cecil is trying to do what he can to save the tomatoes....I like them when they are Green:o) "Green Fried Tomatoes", I'm salivating with just the thought of them! Hopefully I get them before the Deer...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sandra getting lessons together for each student

Sandra teaches Weaving at the Cultural Arts Center in Greensboro,NC..the class is very relaxed and your encouraged to learn at your own pace....(there are six weeks for this course) you will also have the opportunity to use the weaving room when you understand what your doing.......

Here I am seated at the Loom I've been assigned

I'm finding the Weaving Class a lot of fun....there is so much to learn and I'm finding it very enjoyable.....

Frank at the Loom working on his project

Heres a nice shot of Frank who finally stood up after keeping his nose to the weaving Loom.....He has a little more experience and knows what he's doing..Compared to a couple more of us......

Tammy at the Loom

I'm sorry I can't remember her name exactly....she spelled it out for us, but I missed it :o( anyway....she was working on a project that she already started for before this class...

Bird food project :o(

I watched a program that showed how to wrap newspaper around an empty toilet paper roll (Ann Clap)<>
Well , it was easy enough to do and I put my little seedlings into them and was feeling all smug as to what a smart girl I was ....but the dumb thing was the birds dinner ..served in a paper roll... they ate the tender little seedlings up.....unless I missed doing something right....oh well, it was worth trying ..I enjoyed it.....

Roses on the outside view

I took this picture and most of the roses were on top....oh Crapo! I thought I was getting better at this.oh well, I'm not perfect yet :o) I need a little more time.....

Roses looking at the inside view

The Roses are really showing off their beauty this first they didn't look as if they would produce anything worth viewing...but a little rain, lots of sunshine...and here they are ....

Those Collard Green Buds again!

Talk about something being tasty , delicious, and scrumptious :o) Try this breakfast on for size.....
Nice slices of Bacon cooked crispy in the oven...
Leftover boiled potatoes, seasoned with Onions, a pinch of Garlic and other seasonings (like a little Cajun). and best of all Stir fried Collard Green tips or buds whatever you call them.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Sausage done with my recipe MY WAY

My first batch of sausage was "tested this morning for breakfast....ate it up before I remembered to take a picture :o( It was very tasty but not as spicy as Cecil and I like it....We like to feel the bite of pepper after we have eaten a slice...:o) So I decided to make up another batch ,and do it my way...... especially while the sale was going on...and I had a day to do it.....So I went to it! Pork cut up in chunks and seasoning applied before grinding....I'm sure to get seasoning on most of the pork before grinding.

All ground up

Pork all ground up with rest of the seasoning recipe applied .....Now I will let it rest (and me too ) in the refriderator before sampling and putting in containers for the freezer.I don't usually have to add anything else to this recipe long as it's got enough salt and Hot pepper it will be fine.....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's Sausage Making Time

Usually I make my sausage in the Fall of the year.....but I couldn't resist the sale of the Fresh Pork Butt @ $.89 lb.
My last package of sausage from the freezer has been long gone!
Besides, Jilly from California sent me some sausage seasoning from Penzy's that I've been dying to make more of.
First batch was real good, and today I was a little lazy to put together my own recipe takes a lot to do ....I'll think about that tomorrow :o)

Getting Meat ready to make cubes to grind

I think this is one of the hardest steps . Getting all the meat cut into cubes or pieces small enough for the home grinder .....without wearing the grinder out ...getting it too hot and having to wait awhile to proceed.

Meat from the bone is good too

I try not to miss any little piece :o) that could be one more bite for me or Mikey :o) (Cecil is Mikey

packed, weighed and ready for the freezer

Sausage re-seasoned by each pound ,weighed packed and ready for the freezer.....
Wanted to see how much I got from a little less than a seven pound fresh butt......Except for a package I kept out for breakfast.....Hope i didn't say that already! I'm pooped!

All done and everything back in place

Sausage is all seasoned , weighed and put in sitting in the freezer....except one that's going to be tasted tomorrow for breakfast!
A little soon but it should give me an idea if I want to use this seasoning again or not be too lazy to do my own recipe......