Saturday, October 31, 2009

My First Persimmon Cupcakes..from my own Tree!

Thank God I was able to reap something that was sowed!!
Today was a good day to try a recipe for Persimmon cupcakes..I should have looked twice at baking soda against baking powder! anyway they werent too bad..the darker and higher ones are withbaking soda
If you can get a close up...the brown on the yellow frosting are walnuts :o) Talk about something tasting good :o) yummy! yummy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"A Pleasant Surprise :o)"

Taking a short walk to the garden just for the sake of a short walk...what did I see ..a nice patch of green ..and I had a moment of rejoicing...
Cecil had taken up the potatoes and just "sowed" a little bit of the seeds just to see if something would become of them..well,like they say nothing beats a failure but a try...and it's very encouraging to see we could grow Broccoli Robe here in NC...Hopefully we can have more space next year to have plenty...the little that I bought didn't do well I will have to pick and eat them as they grow...guess I can manage that :o)...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Cooking shows give good reminders"

Watching a cooking show ...I put my chops in a salt brine for 30 minutes
then putting three slices of Honey wheat bread in my unit, and chopping them a little coarse (for a nice crunch)...I toasted them and after they cooled I added some parsley, black pepper and some garlic..then breaded the chops and put into a 400* oven for about 45 minutes (they said 15,but that's not enough for me).
After cooking in the oven for 45 minutes they became nice and toasty brown :o) and they tasted as good as they looked....I'd forgotten how good thick chops could taste cooked this way...
I baked a couple of potatoes at the same time...and we had enough for two days of delicious eating :o) I'm so good...:o)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting my Posts A%*& Backwards

This post was to follow the one below..I don't know what's happening , but I'm having a lot of trouble posting here of late...takes a long time and then it gets lost before I can finish..anyway here is an old fashioned way of frying cabbage with pieces of okra, after you have fried some country ham slices, or smoked jowl..or slices of prosciutto <(Italian country ham :o) (think it's spelled right) ...and when you cook it in an old fashioned iron skillet it tastes even better..All my iron pots are all seasoned well, from years of use. I think the men in the family will want them...
I'm a little tired tonight...going to bed early so I can be fit to exercise tomorrow...I was able to get my medicine and my Blood Sugar level was much better this morning...So I was able to ate good :o)
Today I felt like cooking so tomorrow I'll show you more cooking I did today :o).. The computer has worn me out...

"The Student does well"

There is a dish in most families that is passed down ,generation to generation...this is one of those dishes :o)...
While my Grandson came to visit ..he requested "Chicken Pie" (really "Chicken and Dumplings") It's a simple dish to prepare and you can feed many with was a staple dish for many families that had 8 to 10 (or more) children....I got the recipe from my Mother in law...since it was one of Cecil's favorite dishes (comfort food). I learned to make it well and the kids always asked for it...and then the Grand kids started requesting it...Once in a while it seems my Grandsons want to learn how to make something I make...and they end up making it better than me :o)....One makes pancakes, and adds new twists to it, now everyone wants him to make it...Lets just say I taught them well...wish I could have tasted this ones "Chicken Pie" :o) it has to taste as good as it looks ...He is smart like me too!! :o)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Princess Avery

Here's the new Daddy holding Princess Avery, he knows how to burp her already .. There is a lot of space I noticed this evening ..on this post...I tried to remove it , but the blog was really bad today and I got lost with it several times.

Here is a close up of Princess Avery , now you knew I was going to bombard you with pictures after her visit...I know and you know how quickly they week she may be talking :o), Yes, she is already walking..and I'll give you that bridge "cheap" :o)

Princess Avery in her Chariot that turns into a carriage with wheels and will assist her until she walks how things have changed since her Daddy was a baby and her Grand Mother :o)

Here's Cecil holding his GG (great grand) and feeling a sense of pride that he lived long enough to see her...and she is giving him a once over too :o)Trying to create a post today has been one trying feat!! It seems the computer is not being son would say I have too much s*&% t on it ...he may be right...I'd like to take everything off and start fresh...but then I'd only put back the same s*&%t :o) I need every program I have for my computer to work the way I want it give me joy!..
I've been quite busy here of late ...and my sugar count is still rising...I'm waiting for a call about a particular medicine that conflicted with another while I was hospitalized and was taken off it ....and now I'm thinking that I might be needing it...
Didn't have a good exercise on Wednesday...had to be taken off the track and sat down...too dizzy ....we are all hooked up to sensors that let them know our conditions while we are there...(often before we do).
Princess Avery left on Monday with her parents and I'm glad I took pictures...funny can get attached to babies real quick..I miss her already and look at her picture on my camera more often than I thought I would ...Cecil and I really enjoyed having her here..and she was a very quiet baby..(unless the bedroom was good and sound proof :o)....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Pot of Oxtail Soup for a Rainy Dreary Day

A pot of Soup is always good in this house :o)especially made from Oxtail ..(not really an Ox, just plain old cow or bull :o)...but that's what they tell people so they think they are getting something strong or better..(I think)...I tried to stir it up so you could see all the ingredient's but it wouldn't stay ...anyway there is lots of veggies and I used some of my "homemade stock" and tomatoes from the freezer and that gave it plenty of "backbone" that's what I call a nourishing meal...with a couple of buttered biscuits who could ask for anything more o) and I like making a large pot so it can last for a couple of days when I'd like to be free to do something else....not that I have so much I want to do..still takes a lot of strength to do anything...the grands are coming for the weekend and I don't want to be tired so I can enjoy them....I've got my "Friday" meal all Saturday and Sunday will be by ear...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Blessings from a wise God :o)

Sometimes we think we should have everything when we plan it...and most often it's not the right time...
No need to tell you all how much I fretted that the garden was ruined by the deer or weather or neglect when we both were down...and God only knows what happened to the pears on the the tree (that was loaded) ..perhaps the deer came and ate them or maybe the Angels came and plucked them off to save for next year ( how do you like that thought :o)....I should be happy that they weren't there for me to put away! I didn't have the strength to do them Cecil couldn't help me in any way either..and God knows my kids cared less!! They only want to know that Pears are in the Supermarket when they want them.!!...With all the canning I did around them when they were young...they weren't bitten by the "canning bug"..
I have run off with the pen...when all I wanted to show and tell you how good God has been to it is September and the Persimmon Tree has given me a bumper first crop of Persimmons :o) I'm smiling from ear to ear...I love Persimmons and Harris Teeter is charging $2.99 each for them and they aren't as large and beautiful as mine :o)....God is good and knows just what you need and when his or her own time :o)
So we did have a farmer's touch after all...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beginning of a New Family

I'm glad Cecil and I were here after all the illness to welcome
Princess Avery into the family...
You all who have children know how you pray :
"God, Please let me live to see my Children grown and able to take care of themselves"....then when they pray
"God. Please bless me to see a grandchild born"....then later you pray "God would you bless me to see some of their Children"
I already prayed "If I were a rich man", and would it have hurt if I were? ...oh well, some blessings is better than None :o)

Singing "See the baby sleeping in the palm of Daddy's hand

I received some update pictures of Princess Avery and thought you all would like to see them...
These were taken at the Hospital when she was newly born...what a change today from days of old...we didn't get anything as nice...

For now she is in his palm...but later I can see him twisted around her little finger :o)....