Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Small Bouquet for the knitting space table

When the flowers are in bloom I like them to be near ....this spot is where I sit and knit...(Weaving has kind of put a halt on that for a time), I like to get a whiff of the Gardenia's they smell so Divine.. kind of relaxing ..their scent will over power the other flowers in the vase ..and I only needed one in this vase so close, can you see it? it's right in the center of another white Hydrangea. One is enough..sometimes the scent will give you a slight headache (if you have allergies).

Another Bouquet of Flower pictures to cherish

Waiting to see these flowers bloom seems it takes forever...then when they do bloom they only stay for a little while....then by the time the cold winter winds blow , you almost forget that they even existed...then pull out the pictures on a cold, rainy , dreary day..Drool and try to plan more flower babies for the coming Spring!

Pretty Bouquet one side

They are all so pretty and taking pictures is one way of keeping the memoy alive during the winter months when they are all gone.....but witch side is the best ?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Special Cukes?

Cecil is just about fit to be tied....these cukes were in a pack and the pack was marked "Special for Salad" (so he says,bet he didn't read it)) I didn't see the pack ,but I'm sure it will be the last time he plants them...When I told him I was putting them on the Blog, he said "Spread them out a bit so they look better" (Ain't that much spreading in the world) the time you peel it you might have a mouth full ....He won't bother with them, but I will and I'll add some mayonnaise (which he doesn't like to do, he adds vinegar) to them by the mouthful and have a good time with them..

Here's a nice Fat White Onion sweet as can be

Yesteday I made some Zuccini and it was so delicious ...we ate it up just tasting:o)
Cecil was overjoyed that it wasn't "hard" as he thought it might be...he has just been a "Squash Man" all his life until yesterday's tasting :o) hehehe I now cook better than his Mama did :o)! However she could make a mean (that means good) "Sweet Potato Pie" and gave the recipe to me and I passed to my children and one passed to her Son (who does a pretty good job of making it). I made extra money making sweet potato pies once for a company my daughter worked for but I couldn't keep up with the orders for the next year...(burned out my little two oven stove).
thought about going into business with it , but going into business is more than a notion...Been therem=, done that , Twice. Family and Friends and Credit are bad business partners....

Start of making Zuccini with Onions and mushrooms

These Zuccini's are Garden Fresh (sorry but not from my "Amost an Acre" farm....but from a friend who has more than an acre and no one to help him eat the Harvest :o) I feel sorry for him but Hooray for me ...I made some yesterday and Mikey ate them up so fast I'm making more today!

All Gone Zuccini it was delicious

I added some mushrooms (in the can) and of course my special seasoning Emerils Cajun spices is good for everything, and a fingertip of crushed Habenero pepper and garlic that I keep in a jar in the fridge to use as I please and it lasts for a good while.....Haberno pepper has a distint taste compared to the other peppers.

Poor Hot Gladiola's

These Gladiola's need to be given some support....but it's just to hot for me to venture out and the index for breathing is bad for this ole girl! I'm best to stay inside until it gets better...(Drat those darn cigarettes in my youth or "Stupido me"). At least I'm 20 years sober :o)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trials and Errors of a New Weaver

This is what I've been doing for the last couple of days! I've had just about everything happen so far that could happen...My Selvage cord broke in the middle of weaving, that took time to repair to keep going...I forgot what pattern I was doing :o) plain weave or I just kept on going....tried to learn to change colors to give my mind something else to think about while weaving....I'm laughing at myself with all the dumb mistakes...but I'm learning :o) I had to "Read the Blessed Book" and one thing that has puzzled me from the get go finally was made clear...Teacher explained it (so she thought :o) but when I read it in the book I felt like a jerk it was so clear...Oh Well,some things don't come easy for some.
At least give some credit for trying....

New Stool for Weaving

I've been busy weaving old stool fell apart and getting a new one was imperative..... Sometimes you make a decision that's right for you ....and then someone else thinks something else would be better for you...and why! is it always someone who isn't wearing your shoes? ...When I started this weaving , I hated the "Bench" that's usually used with it....I had an old "bar stool" (as it's called) and I found that it worked very well, my thighs weren't being pinched by the squareness (lack of another word to describe). but the stool worked better ....I am kind of "perched" on it and I'm comfortable for a long span of time. Anyway,Mr "know better than me" thought that the bench type would be better because it was wider (what's he trying to say about my bottom?)...I got the bench type yesterday and today it went back before it got cold out of the store and I exchanged it for the one that suited me best (plus it was cheaper).I kept the wrapping on it just in case, but I think it has a home :o)I like working on it....

First ripe tomato still safe :o)

Maybe we will be blessed and the deer won't know we are getting some ripe ones ....I love fried green tomatoes and Cecil has been very obliging :o) We haven't let them stay on the vine to ripen...I've been frying them licky split...Nothing like a crip fried green tomato Yummy....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beans Beans and More Beans on the Side

I tell you these are some good looking beans all lined up in a Row like soldiers :o)
I don't know why this side of the house is so fertile for veggies, but we are willing to go with the flow...After all , we only have "Almost an Acre" so we have to do the best we can ....If we were a little younger ....say even ten betcha I would talk Cecil into buying a farm :o) He would love it too! , but we are both smart enough to know we couldn't handle it at this age , and leaving it to the kids huh! forget about that! we have to be content and have fun with the pretend. I'm still going to get that "Cement Pig" and I'm going to name him "Charlie".

New Beans are Up

Remember last week I showed you the Harvest of those beautiful potatoes :o)..Well, such big farmers as we are ....Cecil cleaned up the spot and refertilized it with our new "recycled" paper :o> and seeded it with beans....watered them.....and look see what happened,....and in a week! I tell you we are some farmers with our "Almost an Acre" :o) It may be nothing to some ...but we are using what we have and thankful for it.. "Some have more and some have less,but I Thank You God my our little Mess" I'm on a roll today!:o)
I want to talk more about "Recycled Paper" don't you get fed up with all the junk mail you receive....tearing up trees to lull you into purchasing their product which usually isn't worth the paper it's written on! ..Well, I use my paper shredder and I was throwing it out..but reading another blog (Two Frogs Home) lady was using hers as mulch, I thought it was a good idea...."Waste not Want Not" my favorite motto...anyway she passed it to me and I'm passing it to you....

First Bloom

It seemed to take forever for this Special Hydrangea to Bloom for me ....I fell in love with it the first time I saw it Three years or so ago! and it has taken this long for it to "take hold" and establish itself in this spot....She is something like the Blue Mist (my special name :o)for it) Only her Bloom is much larger and I don't remember the exact color of her has taken so long for her to Mature here, and of course I have the name put away safely from me :o). (where the heck did I store them?). I will be sure to tell you when I find them...and I'll take another picture when she is in fuller bloom < I'll be so excited ....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just a little notation FYI

When we moved here I wanted to have "Window Boxes" and with the layout of the windows and the Vinyl siding it would have been impossible....but digging a hole and putting some solid treated beams in cement with a shelf was a better idea.....and as you can see..they haven't moved in eight years and haven't buckled from the weight of heavy cement boxes with heavy dirt in them for flowers and also the heavy cement "Poodles" also sitting on them (the poodles were in Honor of my "Dog Lady Be lame" who lived for 16 years...after her I wanted no's to sad to lose a pet that meant so much ..
Ginny & Lady 1965

Poor Mr Frog

Mr Frog is no longer hidden from view....Cecil thought the cats had gotten him ..but evidently he was knocked off his perch in the moving of the dead shrub. He is made of Ceramic so I doubt they would have done him any damage...:o) You can see a lot of Monkey Weed trying to take hold in the spot...but we aren't interested in having them stay there....

This is a Sad Day for one of the Shrub Elders

We are both sorry to see one of the Shrub Elders go! This was a new development and only a few houses had shrubs...a lot had Azalea's and people moved them....we had shrubs and left them for our own Landscape design......Cecil kept them nicely trimmed and they were a nice asset. We will have to replace it , and very soon.

Now there is a big Empty Hole

I tried to take a picture of the dead shrub before Cecil took it out....and the phone rang! by the time I got back to it....he had finished cutting it to take out the roots...Hope they aren't like Wisteria....those suckers are still growing under ground and pop up all over the place..NEVER AGAIN for Wisteria ugh!

Was I Blessed today?

If this is a "Real Distaff" Then I have been blessed to finally find something in the local Thrift..I'm having it confirmed by one of my "knowledgeable" friends Cyndy Donahue..Unless someone reading knows...I took a workshop and Pat Sasson gave a description of a real one also gave example of a homemade one that worked just as well. I'd like to spin some flax and can't wait to do so..That would be something nice to weave dishcloths for gifts. I'm such a sweety pie :o)

Blossoms all peeked above hedges

This is truly a pretty sight!Blossoms finally at the Height of their beauty....Where one is in full Bloom......another has to be removed and replaced! below it a Hedge died, it's been dying for the last few years and seemed nothing we did or anyone could tell us how to save it....Now it has to be removed and replaced....

Gotten this far with it.......

As you can see without me pointing it out...I've had a couple of warps missing...they just "popped" don't think the thread was too old, just think it wasn't strong enough to be used as Warp thread...See! < there's one thing I learned doing this by myself....and two I had to read the "Blessed Book" to know how to replace them....which I will do today while I'm doing Laundry (late doing everything this week)..There is no rush...I still don't have any Boat Shuttles or bobbins everything will take time to acquire...I'm happy to have my Loom to work on at home.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gettting it together

This might look like a measly little bit to most of you who know nothing about weaving...but to me it's been a "Take you Time" effort and after being out with Cecil shopping most of the day....I'm happy I was able to do this much..That's it for today....I'm tired and have gone too far to turn around now and make a mistake.Tomorrow is another day...hopefully I'll be able to continue....once I read more of the "Blessed Book" :o). I take it to bed with a bit, nod a bit and then do some weaving in my sleep :o)...that's how I found Out I was trying to sley backwards , Don't you feel like a fool once you realize the stupid mistake you can make :o) at least nobody knows it but me ...But once you learn to correct the mistake, you don't make it again and that how you learn....Can't wait to know how to do it without reading the book (ten times :o)

It's called Sleying the Reed ( I call it slaying the dragon)

Hope this mess is not too tangled :o( seemed to work taking it from the "Cross" without any difficulty I must have done something right....I've got to get Cecil to remove that blanket from under the loom's now getting in my way...but I need to have a rug under it so that it can be slid around ...until I decide how I'm going to straighten up this Studio.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Setting up to work on my Loom :o)

There's my chair in front of the loom...a table near by with a nice cold Pepsi to get me going..And the "Book" close at hand and open :o)
This has got to work .....The blue chair is for Cecil to visit ...a sweater in slung on the back of my chair board is tied to the side of the loom and my chair in front of it.....I'm working here! :o)

Today I'm going to "Warp that Loom"

First thing I'm going to do is find a suitable spot to put the warping board, Has to be someplace for me to sit my little fat self down to work on it :o) My back won't allow me to stand very long.remember this old girl has screws holding her up..
Don't want to put it on the wall....I might change my mind to put something else there...can't hang it on the door (not this time anyway)....don't want to put it on the table ....I'd have to do to much leaning...So try tying it onto the loom :o) .Ginny can always make a way to add something in a room :o) I've had years of practice.....and tie it to the loom Cecil did...with my supervision :o) ( I love being the Supervisor hehehe and he lets me...The warping board is tied wiggling....that's good.

The Big Mistake :o(

The best way to learn something is to make a mistake....and here is the biggest you could make :o( didn't measure a thing , just jumped into the water naked :o).
But I learned I didn't get anywhere I decided to "Read the damn book again":o(

Here we go Loopy De Loop

This looks about right....if not it sure looks better :o)

There's the Cross :o)

It looks right to me! Guess I'll soon find out if it isn't ..I expected the cross to be a little larger!!....Guess my board isn't made up to make it any larger..unless I learn as I go to make adjustments...glad I got this far ;o)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Potato Harvest

I am so disappointed with the "Video" I took of Cecil taking up the potatoes from the ground.....we were so happy and proud! taking up the Harvest ...I even took pictures of the handful of green beans that Cecil didn't see that had grown from the skimpy beans.....I added those to the one pot with the potatoes from our "Almost an Acre Farm" ( I didn't peel the skins off, just washed them real good and cooked them whole....Took a video of it in a bowl and it even showed the steam rising! Don't know what I did wrong ....but I'm unable to show it Ratz! Guess that's cause I'm bragging. That handful wouldn't feed the 10 kids we said we would have :o) and not even the three we did have :o( Oh Well, better days are coming..We learned that once the vines wither and turn yellow and fall it's time to take up the potatoes...and as you can see ...they are the most beautiful potatoes in the world :o)..and they taste good too!!

Collards have overgrown and really gone to seed

I can say that these Collards have really been enjoyed this season....I was able to get some beautiful leaves in the Spring (before anyone even thought of planting .and when the leaves started giving out...the buds formed and I was able to gather them up and cook them in a little Olive oil and salt< I enjoyed them so that Cecil ventured to try some too! and liked them...
I even saved some of the ones that grew into seeds for next years crop...but I'm not letting Cecil cut them all the way down....I think after they rest during the summer, they will start producing again when it's cooler....lets wait and see :o)

Cecil trimming down overgrown Collards

it's amazing how much these collards grew and produced ...especially since I insisted on putting them in that spot..... like they were some special kind of flower.....One lady suspected they were collards on her walk and said "Ms! what kind of flower is that?" I smailed and answered "The eating kind named Collards"! We both got a good laugh out of it....She liked the idea and said she was going to try it too.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Today is Flower Day! Enjoy them

Nice to be able to share the beauty of flowers...especially if one appreciates them.
Most women like flowers for many different! they are pretty,Two, they smell good..and three they are a sign of affection when given to them. I'm sure you can think of more...but I haven't had but one Pepsi this morning :o)

A Bouquet of Gardenia's for Ginny

Ahhhh isn't that sweet....and they smell good too!
Remember I told you I sent the rich guy packing! well, he sent me a roomful of flowers... Cecil took some time but gave me a whole yard of them Hmmmm, which one was the Rich guy :o)

Southern Bar-B-Que My Version

I didn't want to bake a fresh I decided to just put it in the pot and cook it like I do my "Corned Beef" < if it works for Beef it should work for Pork too!
Well , I well satisfied with the cooked on low from 8pm Saturday evening until 8am this morning....I added a few more of my spices and chopped that baby up and Mikey and me "Tasted" it up for breakfast :o) < Now that's what I call "Country Living" :o) Then to satisfy our little greedy guts , Cecil got a green tomato from the Garden and I fried it up real quick..Boy! we enjoyed that better than Sex :o).Sorry we have none to spare

Fried Green Tomato's Double Yummy!!

Fried Green tomato's.....first crop this year! they are small , but they are nice and round ....and grown to perfection! and tasted like "More" :o)
That isn't the Bar-B-Que with it...just a left over Italian Sausage to keep from throwing it out.....(Mikey forgot it was there :o)

Little Sister Hydrangea is growing fast

This Hydrangea was cut the same time as the one below..but it seems it took a little longer to get up a size...if I remember I did them both at the same time...Or maybe I didn't plant both at the same time.or maybe I liked the idea and did it again ..whatever...she is healthy and getting up there , the way I intended "To peek out above the box woods.

My Baby Hydrangea has grown up

I'm very proud of this one....I took a cutting from a Hydrangea in the back of the house and grew this one...first in a container with other flowers that I would always give a lot of attention she wouldn't be forgotten or missed a shot of water...the one I took the cutting from I only paid a Dollar for...I think I did good with that Dollar investment
Her little sister above was done the same way but she isn't as large , but she is getting there...soon her head will be peeking above the boxwoods..

Hydrangea Blue This one's for "Daisy"

Sorry! I still haven't found the name of this Hydrangea....I put it away safe, even from myself..makes me mad! that's one fault in getting old , besides walking slower
:o(.When I find it (in that safe place) I'll be sure to let you know it's name. (and it's not Rose :o).

Twin Gardenia's in Bloom

Gardenia's aroma seems to be everywhere in the yard today...It's hot and humid and they love it....They give off the sweet smell and I love it. I'm well Blessed, Again!
It took some time for them to get up a size...I did cut the front down a couple years ago and it seemed to take awhile before they started back growing with so many buds....I'm going to leave it be for now...Wish you could get a close up of them, they are loaded with buds waiting to bloom....just a blessing to see....

Sunday Morning Treat for the Senses

When the A/C went out the other day...I almost died with the heat..but where the heat was doing me in flowers used it to bloom like front smells like a bottle of Gardenia Perfume...They are suppose to bloom in August ....but with this heat...they have come early...sometimes I'm lucky for a second bloom in August when they are supposed to matter...I love it when they come! anytime.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Which is it?

Sometimes when you receive a blessing your happy and say Oh! Thank you God! Then it never fails or as others would say ....when it rains it pours....
Wouldn't you know yesterday with the heat rising ...the damn A/C acted up.....Craps!
always something thing out of my mouth is "The Devil is a B----". BUT!!! should I give him that credit??? Maybe the A/C went out so God could put me to a would I react to something in life that's a negative! Would I still be happy with the blessing I just received not even a day ago!Hmmmmmmmm Have I accepted the good days with the bad? Heck No!, I just want good days!:o)
The only thing that keeps me going is knowing "This Too Shall Pass". How about them words of wisdom :o) (more country talk).
I was really wiped out but I went to weaving class anyway....didn't work long , just couldn't get myself cooled off.
Every room was hot except my "Studio" , hubby put a cot in there for me to sleep..the heat was unbearable for me with hot flashes too! too bad I was too tired just to sleep and not work in the Studio. Hubby said I just wanted to sleep with the new loom. Yeah! right...

Frank shows off the plans made for his Rag Rug

A classmate shows that it takes more than just thinking you'd like to make takes planning and I think Frank has done a good job of making his plans for a Rag Rug work!
Note the fabric strips he chose to get an idea of where he wanted to place them...On another shot taken one that his daughter drafted out on the computer in color.< which is encouraging

Franks Ta! Da! Hooray! it's done

I watched as Frank worked on this rug and sometimes I thought he would go through the wall with what they call "Beating" the fabric in place..not to worry , he made up a contraption to keep him and the Loom from going back any further...Funny how we invent things and then others learn by them...It turned out to be a beautiful Rug worthy to lay (lie) on anybody's floor...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

God Bless the Child that Has, and God Bless the Child most of all that has his own

Isn't this a nice Loom :o) I think So! ..You know when you tell Children certain things and hope that some of it stays in the head instead of going in one ear and straight out of the other! Well, let me tell you this , "My Kids are the best kids in the world" :o) (that's a nice job of sucking up, don't you think :o)
In May I make out like a bandit....first there is "Mothers Day", then "My Birthday" and then "Our Anniversary" (60years this May).and I told the kids I would rather them put whatever they were going to give me towards helping with a Loom purchase..and used was good enough..The price of new ones are almost a down payment on a car or home these days.This one measures 46 inch weaving space (measured the reed) amd 54 inchs across. I think it's a nice size and it has the back hinge feature.

Left side view of Loom

You can see the blanket on the floor under the Loom...that's to keep the debre off the floor while I shine it up and make it pretty! :o) (this will probably the last time all this effort will be taken :o) to show it off.....

Side of Loom showing off the name :o)

May as well take some pictures of the side view

Those Collards Again

Guess you can see I stopped picking the new growth off the collards and the tops have gone to seed! Under the yellow seed growth are still some healthy looking leaves, and I'm going to let them continue growing, I've put away a bit in the freezer ..every little bag adds up....but by September I'll be adding more Collards ...So I'll be having a plenty :o) (more country talk :o)

Lilly oh Lilly where have you been!! Glad to have you back again!

I stay around the back of the house most of the time and only get to look at the front coming in or going out :o)....I'm such a busy old lady :o) A couple of years ago this area was beautiful much so my friend Jilly made a post card out of the picture...well I don't know what happened but behind those Lilly's were a row of Hosta's "Elegance" and they were beauties...and I had some Patrick's along the side where the collards were....but somehow they seemed to have died out...found that some rabbits made a home under one of them and the neighbors cats kept coming over and crapping in my flowers ....and the neighbor still lets them out..Not the cats fault...

Lilly's around the Bird Bath.....

I think it still looks a little skimpy...but I just don't know what else to put there that will come back...I'm thinking!!! Have to stop thinking rings and it's a telemarketer guy pestering me two days in a row....I think it's because I hung up on him! Jerk!!!These phone companies are a pain in the butt..when they had me they didn't treat me right and I went elsewhere and now they are pestering me to death to rejoin them...

More Flowers on the Cactus in Bloom

I don't think the cactus will have any more blooms at one I may as well show you them time there will probably be the Prickly Pears to show..and I bet I didn't get too close this time :o(....

Gardenia Buds ready to pop open

This bush is in the back next to a bedroom window, sometimes the scent of them drift through the window at night....I love Gardenia! but then again I love Peonies too and I love Roses...I think I love them all when they show off their blooms ..each has something to show a little different than the people!