Monday, August 31, 2009


Everyone kept telling me that as soon as I got the shunts put would be like turning on a light! Well, somebody didn't put the right bulbs in...I'm not turned on at all..I'm still tired!!! I can walk across the floor without gasping for air, but the energy factor isn't there!! I feel some better but C@#$ I need more than this to function..
Getting a crappy breakfast ( I have cottage cheese and peaches, Cecil has his flakes)
Lunch is usually peanut butter and sugar free jelly...Or anything that doesnt' take enery to prepare, broiled chicken (2days worth)..Thank God for "Meals on Wheels". Without them we would be starving or living with the kids...If you can make a donation to them..they are worthy!!
When I get strong enough I'm going to make a pot of Grits and YES! Country ham!! (that I'm not supposed to have...maybe that's what I need now to get my motor running..This Diet is the pits...I'm grumpy as hell!! Well, maybe I'll look back into my blog to just look at the good food and salavate...Ole mean, grumpy and aggrevated Ginny today..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

" Open Letter to Jilly"

Dearest Friend Jilly,
we have been together on cyberspace for many a year (I think since 1990)...and we both know when "you know who" gets on our nerves :o) and we both know where the bones are buried :o)
I just wanted to take the time and publicly thank you for your patience during my illness...of holding back telephone calls and writing long emails , knowing I was still to weak to respond to either...
Just knowing you were "There" has been a great feeling..When I'm feeling better we will talk about all those things that nobody knows but us :o) the meantime , get into something so you can tell me all about it :o)...I need a laugh like crazy...
That's my blog for today...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pretty tasty edible fruit basket

Wasn't it nice of a Special Sister in Law to send us such a lovely was tasty and everything was fresh..chocolate covered strawberry's were a big hit ...even though they contained sugar ..I just had one! (honest).

I took a few pictures of the Larger Hydrangea, and my sugar peas..but got sick before I posted them..seems I just a fraction of the goodies I thought I'd get.the deer probably ate my pears..and few peaches...this year was not a good crop gain..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Home again at Last!

Well finally my Heart had healed itself enough to have the shunts put in...I was awake for the whole procedure...(almost 3 hours)...the jargon was way out of my league :o) Plus they had given me medicine to relax me I was able to see my heart on the screen..but it was too difficult for me to know what the heck every thing they were doing or saying all I want to know now is that its done and I don't have to go to the hospital for another stay .. :o(...(remember I was a RN many years ago)...this procedure would have shocked us all into a coma..:o)...medicine sure has changed..
Faster than a month old computer :o) another one of my great jokes :o)
My Dr was a great guy..even gave me pictures of where things were of my heart...and where the shunts were placed..
This is my first day back home and it sure feels and smells good.. Hospital food sucks! "There is no place, like home :o)...First thing I had was a large glass of "Strawberry Seltzer" my daughter found some "sugar free syrup for seltzer" expensive as hell, but worth a shot :o)...That's it for's been a long one.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So much to tell...with so little time to do so!

I'm beginning to wonder if what I have to tell would be interesting to some..
There are a few people I never hear from unless they have something to sell...
For those few that do have interest...
We are very proud in the way our children and grand children stepped up to the plate and handled our affairs because we were too out of it to make any kind of decisions...They were able to take weeks by rotating and getting it all together...If we didn't do anything right in life we sure brought forth some special kind of people...The only bad thing I have to say ...Never let four different women in your kitchen, or a Son who thinks he is a gourmet will never find anything again :o)
I did get a brand new microwave ..(so that's a good thing) (nothing wrong with the old one..they thought I had it long enough :o) Somebody grabbed it from the throw away before morning..and a new coffee pot, the gourmet son thought ours too yucky! okay by me :o)...
Had to change the furniture around ...for the new reclining chairs they felt we needed to be more comfy...they are nice..I'm going to sell my antique furniture..
A dealer wants a picture ..I'll get to it soon...I've enjoyed it long enough.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where have I been?

Cecil and I both have been to hell and back and we are still basket cases
To give a quick update to what's been happening with us...
I entered the hospital for three days with a "suspected heart attack"....I was discharged...
Cecil was scheduled for a hip replacement on July 14th...(tuesday)..Monday morning I had to be re-admitted...This time they found my cause of problem...Tubo (wrong spelling)In essence it as a "Heart Disease" founded in Japan about 4 or 5 years ago..(fairly new) The heart usually mends itself..I had other blockages that needed Shunts but the heart was too weak for it at the time.
In the meantime Cecil's bone were as hard as "Diamonds" which caused him to be under for a longer period of time...which caused some complications to his system..He was on the fence..(Life or Death)..Well he is recovering nicely now...appetite is still kind of poor ...
I wont be posting as often it just wears me out...Hopefully when I get the shunts that will make me feel better...The Hospital Staff was nice enough to bring us together for a visit we were on opposite ends of ICU Pray for the healing of us both..Ginny