Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here are some sights for your eyes and food for your thoughts

I thought this video was one of beauty and something worthy to share and something also to think we are full of all of today's technology and machinery and yet....People with nothing but a chisel (probably handmade at that) have outdone us centuries ago using what they had "Petra" = "Rock"...Really! how smart have we really become :o(
Sometimes we still lick our fingers...ugh!

PETRA (Jordan)

Magnificint Petra

Petra in Jordan

Here is a very interesting video .Enjoy

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's definitely Spring and time to get things going

Hubby was on the job early this morning ..couldn't even wait for a nice country breakfast....(thank goodness for cornflakes and raisons :o) He was up early sorting and getting his Tools ready for the job ...We think this is the most exciting time of the year ....when things blossom out and plants trickle up to remind you that they are's surprising how much you can forget in a year what's in that spot and what's in the other....then they pop up to remind you of the joy they gave last year...
Even the trees have stayed in bloom longer this year than might mean something significantly , but I don't know what< didn't hear that old wives tale!

Cecil lining up my flower bed

I planted a new little bed last year and I'm hoping the few plants survived..first thing I've done since my back I can't do much with the hoe any more.Cecil is willing to do it..we are real farmers at heart :o)

another view of the line

this is the other side of the line ....I plan to put my little Pig here when I get it :o)....maybe he will scare the deer away...there were tracks all along this line when hubby put down some cow manure< the deer were thinking maybe some hay was around.

Digging the line

Having pretty flowers is one thing .....keeping them in line and keeping the weeds out is another....Hubby is doing his job well ....under my supervision :o)You can see the two Pear trees in bloom down the line...Number one is full of blooms this year...that will make a lot of pear sister in law can't wait :o) me either....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gingerbreads Bean Stalk

When I bought this home about 7 or 8 years ago it was about two or three (at most) feet has now just about reached the ceiling...last one I had that after it got that tall it bloomed and I had to give it away because of moving.....
This one I intend to give it a new bigger pot and I'll have to turn the house around to give it more room to grow...There must be a spot here someplace...Do you think hubby would want to move ...maybe to a farm :o0...women are such schemers ;o)

One down , One more to go for a pair!

This is truly a lovely pattern ..even to work with... once you get the hang of it.
there is another from this same one ...except the purls are knitted...A friend sent me a picture of it and it's quite nice too..

It feels real nice on my foot

just a front view of the fit and's really a lovely lace...I'll have to make it again in another color or maybe for a gift.....

Perfect Fit

This sock took longer to make than most ....unless I was just a little slower...

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Gift from the Birds! A new Tree on the Lot!

I've been after Hubby for the last year to move this little tree....a gift seed from the birds that grew and grew.....but where it was growing was not ideal....finally after much harping and nagging....I got it moved :o) ( I always win, I'm a good nagger ;O)....I think it's a looks like a pine...lets watch it and see how well she grows....

Dormant Cactus almost waking up!

She looks a little drab this time of year ...but soon she will perk up and have a few blooms on her...this is where I'll get some "Prickly Pears" to use for dying my wool or making some "Prickly Pear Jam" ...isn't it wonderful all the good stuff that was given to us by the Creator :o) There are probably more things to do with it than we yet know!
I'll try to remember to take pictures of her time and again so you can see her beauty...

Tree Soldiers all lined up in a Row

Hubby and I planted these trees in the year 2000, and hoped we would live to see them touch...although they have grown beautifully...looks like we have quite a wait.
We are a little disappointed with their shape...they are not at all like the picture that was shown taped to each of them at purchase...the bottoms were more rounded on the pictures. Ours are not, although disappointed we love them just the same.

I Spied a Cardinal

If you look at the top of the picture , you can just make out a flick of red amidst the blossoms.....I'm going to try and get him center and closer...

There he is.....

Trying to focus on the Cardinal in the tree....think I got a closeup of him good.
If you make a right click and chose "open in new window" you will see him even closer.Doesn't he look pretty sitting among the blossoms....

Hmmm Good

hopefully you can see some of the ingredients in the bread...if there is any left would be delicious for breakfast with a cup of tea or a glass of buttermilk.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

These are the end results of my Labor for today

There's a madness to putting the right pictures on the blog to have them in order..maybe I'll get the hang of it soon...I started putting them in Draft and going from the bottom up...still goofed....
If you never put greens away ....just reverse the process....and you'll get the idea..
I'm done with my work for today....I'll heat some "Knishes" for lunch....and who knows maybe greens for dinner....(I still have a mess in the garden)
I'll sit and knit on my sock a bit....Guess this is how the farmers do it :o)
They don't get the chance to "sit back"......oh well, I'm blessed after all :o) I still want my Cement Pig .....

Weigh and Bag last step

I like to weigh the greens in one Pound increments....that's usually enough for two people unless it's a Sunday meal ....then it' three or more if there is to be company.
As you can see I got Four Pounds and 3/4lb......not bad for a side house garden :o)
I bet these are the best Greens in town :o) Just think! completely Organic, Glad I didn't buy an Easter heads to big to wear it.....

Cool and Drain

I try not to leave them in the water too long...I lift them out and put into the drain colander and run water over them to help the cooling...they cool more as I'm doing my process!

Cooling quickly to stop cooking process

I have had that colander since my children were very young, (and my mother said I couldn't save anything :o)

Greens being blanched

These greens are so fresh it takes less than a minute to blanch them....they wilt right away and I take them out licky split....and put them into cold water to stop the cooking process....

Getting the Blanching Pot ready

While this pot is getting to a boil ....I'll take a needed break with a glass of ice cold Diet Pepsi

Set up to get the greens ready to chop

These aren't too many greens to work with for my first attempt this year...glad I can do it ...even if I'm a little slower than years ago.:o(

Here's the first crop of greens , volunteered from 2007

I picked these myself and I'm proud that I could bend my fat back :o) took me longer than ever and I was huffing and puffing...but I was determined to harvest my blessing...not everyone has greens growing on the side of their house :o)
I don't have a farm but I'm using what I have .. God is blessing this one! The pan is larger than it looks here.....

Growth of one single collard

Can you believe how much they have grown...truly Organic at present

Growth of greens in a Row just two weeks

It's time to get them put away before the bugs know they are here

Today is going to be a busy one for me and Cecil, have to get breakfast out of the way!

No time to set it out to look pretty...grab a plate and eat it up!

Friday, March 21, 2008

You have Go to the Older post to see all that happened today!

I had to delete the first part because it was the last part! Leave it up to me to get it A- Backwards.....A stands for Algebra :o) and I hated that too!
This Blogging is a new experience for me and sometimes it won't do like I want it too. It's more temperamental than I am.

Just a shot of the Single Collard to show it's growth too!

My Babies look so good.....

Another view of the Greens.....My how they have grown

I used every spot I could find to make "Garden Spots" that would be functional and Pretty at the same time..I like the little place I've been given....(still wish I had a farm).....
I can't wait to put them in a nice pot .....They grew so much in the last week .It's crazy, I'm glad the Deer don't like them :o) ....While talking with a few people , they think the Deer smelled the Cow manure we put down and thought there might be some hay around and they could get a bite to eat....

The same row of greens a week later

Easter Gift Box Arrives on time

This box arrived just before my salad was ready....This was a Gift from one of my young ins :o) Had some Sesame Crackers just right for my salad

Picture of Left Side....and ...Right side

Isn't this a nice baskets of goodies :o).....

Ingrediants for the Chicken Salad

I took a whole chicken that I had marinated with wine last night and split it in half.....half for Chicken Salad .....and half for Chicken Stew...(bony pieces for the stew), You can see the pickles, chopped green peppers,chopped onions and about four or five cloves of garlic...celery seeds....and about a teaspoon of sugar ( this is when I realized I hadn't added my usual boiled egg! This old girl is getting old..

Salad Fit for the Queen

The Box came just in time...and I was able to serve up some different vittles from "Harry and David" ....The salad was on the money even without the boiled egg! I had two helpings....

The Chicken Salad is Ready !

I prefer Chicken Salad to Chicken Stew...Hubby will eat either...I like it with crackers...or maybe a little lettuce and tomatoes on the side ...the Chicken salad has enough in it..only thing I forgot to boil the eggs...darn it...It was good without it..hmm....another great one..less cholesterol :o)

Here are those left over potatoes cut up

I was taught to "waste not want not", and thank goodness I married a man who doesn't mind leftovers ....(He's lucky I learned how to cook, I didn't have to cook when I was young mother claimed my attention span was too short and she was tired of burnt food :o( I think she just loved cooking it herself

Starting to make the Chicken Stew

Second Helping :o)

It must taste good :o) Cecil helped himself to his second serving ....(thought I gave him enough, but hes a Mikey :o)

The growth of my "Monkey"

I wanted to show the growth of this sock...I have really been working on it to relax! It's a pretty sock too.....In the event that I get busy..(Spring is in the Air) and when I had a little "Boutique" (fancy word for a small women's wear shop). I would close that shop to go buy flowers and pretend I was on a lunch hour :o).
I have a diet coke bottle inserted so you can see the design more clearly and the Pin is just to keep me focused on the start....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Waiting for my Carders

Its so disappointing to be told that the special item you ordered is on back order, especially after they take your money! :o( I had plans to purchase a really big item once my Birthday rolls around , but I won't ever depend on prompt service from them....I can't work with the yarn I've dyed, it needs to be carded to make a soft roving..I'm really anxious to get the project finished.....
So while I wait and fume! I must be productive...the best thing to do is start a pair of socks that have been waiting......
This start promises to be a pretty Lace sock.....I'm loving the pattern and working on it....

Monkey Sock free from "Knitty"

Here are the Shrimp from the Fresh Market visit

They tasted as good as they looked :o) there was none left of this batch Hubby can't tolerate as much seafood as I can ....(I'm not sorry one bit, he is a faster eater than I am and I'd get left in the wind if he could eat more of them).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The new Re-Located "Fresh Market"

I missed the opening of yesterday...when there was music... today was special too! there was still some excitement in the air..with all that i saw, smelled and coveted :o) I did get some nice large shrimp and the Sushi was delicious. I'll go back again, there were so many nice items to eat..everything was clean...there were samples of drink ( I didn't like the taste so I won't mention the name (I forgot anyway). below are pictures of what I saw....enjoy and visit the Fresh Market on Lawndale drive in Greensboro...Fresh Market the new store in town :o)

Pretty Flowers for sale...

These flowers were in the entrance foyer of the New Fresh Market....very inviting! and oh so pretty....inside there were lovely White Orchids, I was tempted...

Sushi Chef Zau La......

I got my first taste of Sushi when visiting my Son in Arizona last year for Thanksgiving...he and my daughter in law treated me to Sushi...I loved it so much they treated me again for breakfast < I really lived it up! :o)
I asked this chef to prepare me the "Dragon" (that's all I could remember ...he did and I couldn't wait to get it home and tear down was delicious ...and I ate it too fast....that means I'll have to go back again real soon :o)

Even a Sushi Bar! Oh Lord help my greed!

Every thing looks good here...but I don't know what's in it!!

Specially prepared meats...seasoned, stuffed etc.

This makes me hungry as a bear

Fresh trickly lights either

What's for Dinner?

Which one? maybe all of them :o(

Whoa Mama , think of the Calories

I wouldn't know which one to pick , they all look scrumptious

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Plant that survived the winter

Here is a Mustard plant that survived the winter...the deer didn't even touch it, guess they don't like bitter greens >..woopee! that's one I get to keep..:o)

More than one deer

I can't be angry with them....I moved into their lands...I like to see progress but I think we have enough in some area's ...I hate to see so many trees and woods cut down ..instead of's conglomeration (maybe that's my new word for it).

I'm not the only one that smells Spring in the Air!

I don't know if it's the cow manure we spread...or the smell of freshly tossed Earth, but the Deer are on the prowl....Gosh Darn it! and I only have a small plot to plant goodies ..Last year we managed to get a head start on them...The first planting of beans were up and I gathered them up lickity split ....before the next harvest the deer had eaten them up :o(