Friday, September 25, 2009

You Reap what you Sow :o)

I told you to stick around that there would eventually be some excitement :o)...
Cecil is feeling so much better and he often walks around the house and forgets his cane :o)....he decided to see what his Yellow potatoes had done and lo and behold they had grown and some were beginning to grow more seed stems :o)....that gave us both a thrill this is the yield in a box waiting to dry out...that made us so happy that Cecil planted some Greens :o)...Guess we are still farmers at heart, or stubborn mules :o)!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exercise,and Resting

Here is a person who doesn't like that exercise bit...and two of my three children thrive on it! It's a lot of work for lazy muscles, I have to admit one does feel better because of it ...did I just say that :o(
Walking around the track seems like a waste of time, but then when I'm finished ...walking back to the car isn't as strenuous ....(did I sat that too :o).,,Oh well, guess I'm like the cat ...crying and enjoying it at the same time..:o) The bike's aren't bad, reminds me of my younger days...I don't use the handles (they twist my back and I don't need that).
I planned a lot of craft activities , but haven't started doing anything yet...seems the day goes by so quickly...yesterday we managed to get some sunshine while running a few errands that had to be done..
Today is another day to rest, doesn't take much these days for us to tire out and save energy just to get up, thank God the pain is subsiding for us both...'s dreary outside..and threatens to rain..another good day to sit in the new "Chair beds" and just take it easy....Keep checking , I'm bound to have some excitement :o)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

She looks like !!!!! everybody :o)

Isn't it funny ...when a new baby arrives ...everyone can see the resemblance of someone in their family and nothing of the other family :o)...I swear the baby looks just like me before I put my teeth in :o)
I can say, if there are any flaws's from the other family :o)
I only take credit for all the good stuff....since I'm so magnificent :o)
(watch what your thinking! , I can sometimes read minds :o(
Nothing in the plans for today...just plan to take it easy and sit in those "Chair beds" and nod..both of us feel pain and discomfort in this kind of rainy weather...I really want to start on a knit project...since it's not too much or strenous for me...just have to get started...I have a number of them I need to start...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time is flying...

I started Cardiac Rehab on Monday of this week and I could tell the difference by the time I walked back to my car ....I had muscles that I didn't know I had ...I felt sore as I worked them with the exercises ...I forgot how far the walk space was but it felt like a mile :o( and the bike hurt like hell and was too fast for me...
Today Tuesday , I did a little least I knew what to expect :o)...
Everyone kept saying how well I was doing for the second day...(I think they were just trying to stimulate and cheer me on) which was a nice thing to do...
Monday , I watched some get on the mat to do one exercise session and I thought time I'll try that one...:o( well, today I did and couldn't get my fat butt up :o(..LOL...I had to have about three people helping me up...just couldn't manipulate my legs ...what a trip ...they promised I'd be able to do it when a certain exercise was taught...that's why I shower and not bathe in the tub now...that's the bad part of today...the good thing about today...a lady walked up to me and asked if I knew "Lena Horne", because I look just like her :o).....I used to reply "She has been imitating me all my life", but today I said... I hope she is as fat as I am now, but it was flattering to hear that just maybe I wasn't looking too bad :o)... So I'm blowing smoke up my own butt :o)....
I had another good thing happen today...My oldest grandson Louis, and his wife Renee presented us with a great grand baby girl "Avery Renee Brown"...7.5 lbs 21 inches...I'll post pictures when I receive them..
Cecil and I wondered why we were still here after the bouts of ill health...what a reward for living....The picture came in as I was posting..say hello to Avery and give those cheeks a kiss from GG (great grandma Ginny) :o)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time is marching on..and Ginny is stepping

I haven't been blogging ...just wasn't up to saying "I'm still tired"...
Went for the Check up today! and the Dr was very pleased with my progress :o)...I didn't think I was making any...since I wasn't up to "full steam" ...he informed me that wouldn't be until a couple of months:o( what!!! I thought it would be sooner...guess I can stop thinking "poor me" and get with the program !!
He is insisting on sending me to a "Cardiac Exercise Class" .,three times a week,( I forgot the proper name he called it...but the word "exercise" is a bummer to me...I was going to join a pool program...and I still back surgery for me for a couple of years (who said I'd be here that long) was out in my book anyway..didn't need a Dr to tell me that..I think I need some fresh greens of my own making and some grits and ham to start my day :o)
I lost another five pounds....that's good, but you should see Cecil ...he has lost a lot and if he were a girl in a tight skirt...he would be a 10 or 12..and I'd like to smack him (He has a nice tight butt :o)!! His appetite is improving ...I have to make sure he stays trim...that makes me stay on the ball...We both needed to lose some of the fat :o)...Well , until next time...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"How I feel today"

When I look around at the garden and the dead looking fruit trees, it is so disheartening ...I feel like time had been wasted ..there is nothing to show for all the's truly a bummer..The jars were waiting..nothing to put into them:o(
Then I try to look for a reason, or perhaps a lesson..seems to me "God is trying to tell me something"..Since we have been here in NC ...each year we say we aren't going to work so hard in the yard ...we are going to get in the car and go "sightseeing" or visit some of the places we see on PBS...and each year we tell the same old lie..we just work in the yard all day long...that only we seem to enjoy...Then the neighbor puts up a fence that shuts out the view of the beautiful trees in the woods...just so they don't have to tend their dog! Jeez!! in a year or two they will probably move like the other neighbors did and the fence will still be there...closing me in...There ought to be a law! I'm ready to leave here..seems the joy I had here has been snatched away...Stolen!..Another day and I'm Witching (Mispelled)....If I had a dog I'd kick it!!...