Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Acorn Squash"

It seems that the longer you live there is always something else new to learn...once I get to heaven then I'll know what manna taste like :o)
In the meantime..I'll have to settle for learning what "Acorn Squash" taste like while I'm here on Earth...I'm sure there are many foods I haven't tasted...but this one was a surprise..It too taste almost like a sweet potato but it's much sweeter than the Butternut Squash,unless the butter and brown sugar had something to do with it! (but that's what the recipe called for)...I like them both..I'm thinking I like them all...Yesterday Cecil made some crook neck with onions and we were licking the spoon :o) it was so delicious..I think we are on a squash kick this summer...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just take a look at the crust for some improvement :o0

Just had to show the latest cobbler..If you notice the edge looks better than any other that I've made..I think with practice I'm getting better with it ..and the crust..I've got a new recipe from one of the books my Mother's day or birthday gift of a food processor.I for get which the kids have been the best with all that good stuff..(that includes the grands too). I think it's the best yet crust to make...

Here is some Pork tenderloin all seasoned up and looking so pretty I just had to snap a picture and put it on the blog  before it was cooked and eaten up ...    
Here is a picture with it cooked 
all sliced up and ready to be eaten...I don't think I'll have a problem with it.......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh Happy Day! "Cranberry Beans"

Sing to the tune of "Oh Happy Day"
Oh Happy Day! Oh Happy Day, When Jesus sent some Cranberry beans my way! :o)
Here is a bushel of Cranberry beans ...aren't they beautiful !
Cecil and I found a new farmers market (new to us) it was small, but they carried this big bushel :o)...We never thought we would find Cranberry beans so early in the season...here in NC they call them October beans...never mind what they are called...it's what they taste like...they are a little heavy , but not as heavy as Pinto beans..and here in NC..they love Pinto beans..like I love Cranberry beans...after a couple hours of shelling and another hour or so..I ended up with a nice group of beans in the jar.
If you do a close up you will see the difference in bean color..the bean sometimes has a streak of red on the shell and the bean..when I freeze them the color remains white (to a degree) but when they are canned the color is changed to a brown hew..no matter the color they are simply delicious..cooked with a nice smoked ham hock "sock it to me"..I usually pressure cook the ham hocks first then add the beans (and more stock)...add a pot of rice..that's good country eatin :o)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Its Canning time again~

Today it was 96 degrees in NC..but I didn't feel strained at all ...thank God for the A/C... I was calm sleeveless and cool while putting away some squash and zucchini..the faint aroma of it made me happy :o) if it taste half as good as it smelled,we are in for some treats..Cecil loves squash, it's one of his comfort foods..I've got to find a good space for my canned goods, I've about exhausted my spaces here. (who knew I'd miss the basement "Food Room" that I had become accustomed too!..I'll find some space here or my name ain't Ginny!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things are looking up!

Here's a shot of the garden where I've planted the Butternut squash...at first I thought they wouldn't make it ..but I gave them some tender loving care and if you can see a close up...you will see all the blooms it has grown..they may look "squashed" but it's the net I have covering them to keep the deer from eating them up..
This shot is one of the potatoes they have such a pretty bloom 
and I think it's time to dig them up, Cecil wants to wait a little longer to make sure...that's okay too! This "Almost an Acre Farm" is really earning it's keep!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More flowers and seed returns

I just had to show you the flowers around the Bird Bath! This is the first year they have all bloomed at once!  There are some orange ones in the middle of them, but they didn't bloom yet! ..I'm disappointed , but thankful that they made it back this year since last year they were just planted...
I wanted to show you a picture of  "Before and After" of the garden ..
especially of the butternut squash that I had saved the seeds from one that I bought at a farmers market! I have a program on this new guy 
(the computer) but I don't know how to get it right yet!...I won't give up! I'll just have to do it my way until I get it right ...:o) maybe next post. It's so exciting to be able to save seeds and then plant them and then have them survive...and then produce...(hopefully).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some of my Hydrangea's in full Bloom

All my flowers have done exceptionally well this year in coming back...I'm pretty proud of these Hydrangea since I raised them myself from  some cuttings I had in the back that I got on Sale for one dollar!:o) They have grown over the window box and covered one of the little Poodles on the left side..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blueberry Pie and Butter beans with Corn Dish

For all his patience with my projects, i thought I would reward Cecil with a sweet desert..so I made a Blueberry pie (if you want to call it that in such a big pan :o) I don't have to tell you it was delicious! all I have to say it was gone in two in a half days. I blame the fact that I hadn't had one in such a long time...and another fact, no matter how hard I try my b/s keeps going up.
To seal the treat I made a large pot of Butter beans and corn..one of his childhood favorites...and one of my weapons to get him to do what I want :o)...There is always a way to get things done...you just have to examine your bag of tricks and see which one will be effective for the time :o)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Here is a cute story about Gardenia's

My daughter was visiting a small school in the South...and as she walked out the she noticed one of the largest Gardenia plants she had ever seen....Knowing how much I loved Gardenia's she questions the habit of it...Well, first it was a "Shrub" and would certainly strive in the South...(wasn't I now living in the South :o)...Well it didn't take me long to find them..I visited a couple and they too had them and gave me the name to ask for :o) Oh Happy Day! when I found them I bought the  whole lot they had..to make sure I had enough...the ones in the back got sick a few years later and I had to take them out.

My Gardenia's

 once they come it's well worth the wait..and the smell surrounds the whole area.  No need  to say that they are beautiful, that you can see...  I'm so thankful for the gift.                                                         Waiting  for the Gardenia's to bloom  sometimes is worth the waiting..did that make sense? I could do nothing to make the blooms come any sooner..and knowing me ...that's a good thing :o

Sunday, June 13, 2010

At last the Herb Garden is functional :o)

Sometimes it seems to take a long time for things to be done ...especially when your anxious..it took forever for the boards to be chosen and another for ever to be put together...but it didn't take forever as of this date to fill it up ;o(..but not to worry ...I was able to claim the yard on the side of the house as my very own :o) it's going to be my green garden :o) and any thing else I want that Cecil has no desire or wishes to plant...(but guess who will be willing to eat from it).
Seen my new "Garden"from now on  it will be called Ginny's "Side Garden" :o)  You can see I already have things planted in it...First I put in some Georgia collards...last time they lasted about 4 years..they just kept on growing and they tasted delicious...This year is good for the gardens..so good the Deer came and ate up two of my tomato's from plants that were in Cecil's garden...I hope the little hill will detour them away from mine :o(
Cecil is so disgusted because of it...we went to Home Depot and got some Deer netting...we will try that and see if it helps...or we will have to find a farm this year with better luck than we have....That's my neighbors fence..the weather has beaten it pretty bad..the other neighbor put some shellac on hers and it still looks good....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Proclamation :o) for my 80th

Not everyone is so honored to have this item presented to them by the Mayor :o) I must say it again! 
I'm special :o)...and someone once told me
I was born with a Plus sign...and I believed it 
hehehe, I am truly something else...wasn't that a nice thing for one of my In-law kids to have done :o)
Here is the beginning of my "Herb Garden"
The box is together and the cardboard is down and I'm waiting for the topsoil to be delivered...and while I wait ...the herbs are waiting too!
The Dirt is here  (one yard, a little more than I needed so I covered the leftovers for another project..which I will show you soon....
Here is the beginning of my "Herb Garden"
I tell you this "Almost an Acre Farm" sure keeps this one busy :o)...maybe it's good that I don't have any chickens..I don't have time for them this week :o) I'm so happy to have this garden and hope it fairs well...I still want my little Cement pig..:o) That's enough pictures and writing for the day! I don't want to spoil y'all...I'm just trying to make up for the time I lost and get some practice in with this new guy...He goes pretty fast sometimes...

Pot of Greens last one until more grow! :o(

These were the last of the first crop of greens...not to worry, I have another crop on the way...might I say ....someone enjoyed them very much :o) and they know who they are :o)...
Next I'll begin showing you what I've been up to :o)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Y'all from Hot and Humid NC

Today I spent about an hour at the Bar----- in the "Apple  Store" :o)  I lied when I said I didn't drink! Today I drunk in a lot of knowledge :o)...(almost gotcha! :o)  I had the computer really messed up...well not really, I just didn't do it right!  At least I got my full screen back..now I have to learn how to make the letters bigger as I write and in the mail etc. My Apple genus Devon...put everything in order for me...Now I just have to learn to apply everything...
We have a  lot of catching up to do...Let's see! Where was I before the new computer!
bitching about the old one :o(! then in came the new one and I was still bitching :o( aren't we humans ever satisfied?
Tomorrow morning (early) I go to the first "workshop" for my iMac, I'm going to make a list of questions I need to ask, because when you get back home...you forget everything!
Now lets see if I can add  a picture today! Well, ain't I the smart one :o) Two pictures in one day...that's the corn bread to go with the broiled chicken, and the pot of greens are along side the cornbread..I don't want to press my luck :o)..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another fine mess I've gotten myself into :o(

I have been the most busiest person in the world (so I think) it seems one thing calls for another and
I've been so busy I haven't had time for the blog...and soon I will "show and tell" you all about it.
Cecil has been helping me to establish my "Herb  Garden" ( said with the most pride one can muster without sounding conceited :o) I've tried to put everything I could think of in it ,,but that's a feat to be reckoned with...I can't wait to show you pictures of it...I'm having problems getting the pictures from my external drive into my post....
Tonight I had a time getting online...I don't know what i did but every program wanted a password!!
I kept telling it ..."It's me you dummy"  (guess I was the dummy, it didn't answer me)..any how I'm keeping myself so busy in the yard and gardens ...I'm too pooped to pop!
I may be finally able to attend a class this week...I have to take it slow...if your tired it makes learning just a tad too much....I'll be regular soon ( I hope) ..