Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rainy Day in NC

Here it is after One O'clock and I'm just taking it easy...It's a dreary day and I haven't planned to do anything that would use up any energy...I had breakfast late..
Country Ham and eggs with Grits (grits are Ginny power), by the time I had breakfast Cecil needed I made enough for the two of us...(he has cereal if I sleep too late and he is hungry...That works out fine for me...I was good and lazy this morning...and slept laundry I have to do...and only my friend Jilly loves to iron...(more power to her,)..
Today I'm just going to sit my fat self in the chair and knit ...maybe I'll finally finish that one sock I've been working on since last year? !!ugh!! I got busy with the weaving class and let everything else go!...Knitting is relaxing...and that's what I need at present..and I can do that alone...Rainy days are good for feels so comfortable... I think I'll make beef short ribs today ...maybe a soup or short ribs with stewed potatoes with a little gravy and biscuits.....I'll give Cecil the choice...I might make another "Peach Cobbler" Perfect day to sit around and nibble off Homemade goodies...

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Forgot to tell you about Lunch yesterday !!

I wanted to make sure I gave you all the right details etc. about the trip ..I forgot to tell y'all about Lunch ....after Touring "Korners Folley" it was time for Lunch..arrangements had been made for the 17 of us at the "Olympic" Restaurant ...It wasn't a fancy place at all...more like a family restaurant...and by the number of cars parked in the lot...Cecil and I assumed the food had to be good...well, we were right! The food wasn't expensive and they gave you more than I could eat at that sitting.I'm a slow eater..and eating too ( or trying to be polite with conversation) fast gives me indigestion...So I ended up bringing mine home...Fried flounder ( the whole fish)that was fried a beautiful golden brown, you got full just looking at it,some nice long french fries,and Cole slaw...(I gave Cecil my Cole slaw..too much chewing for me)..hush puppies, and a nice glass of Pink Lemonade, which I seemed to suck up right away..( I think all my walking made me thirsty). Anyway the purpose for adding this post...was to give the "Olympic" a little worthwhile advertisement :o)
Adding to the Day's pleasure we voted on a side trip to the "Farmers Market"...mainly to see what was there and for a scoop of ice cream..(the Ice Cream seemed very appealing to me :o) (couldn't eat my lunch but there was room for ice cream :o) ..anyway, I ordered the Peach instead of the Vanilla Walnut like I had planned..:o( wished I hadn't ...One of the ladies ordered it and it looked so much tastier than what I had...( Is that the dog looking at the other dog in the pond :o)
Any way I will have to get some Vanilla walnut soon , I've been thinking about it ever since....:o(

Visit to Kernesville to "Korner"s Folly

Yesterday Cecil and I took a trip with the Senior Citizen Group To Kernesville, NC
to a house by the name of "Korner's Folly" that was built by an architect by the name of J Gilmer Korner,Sr in 1918.
The family names Kerner and Korner descend from the Germanic background of a young Joseph Kernere (also seen sometimes as Kirner, Kurner and Koerner) who was born and raised int he Black Forest of Furtwangen, Germany
It was an interesting, and enjoyable Tour, Many of us had a little difficulty managing going up and down the very narrow and sometimes steep stairs..Most of the rooms were so small and close I felt a little claustrophobic ...and we were happy to reach the "Cupid Theatre" at the top were we were able to "sit down"...most of the tour inside the house was gained from climbing those steps ugh! I used muscles I forgot I had :o)....So did the others...

there were many things in the house that I recognized owning at one time or another in my life...especially an Antique
Couch that I had bought in NC when I visited from NJ...some 40 years ago!! I couldn't believe it when I saw it...even Cecil recognized it :o)...I also saw a little Toiletry set that I bought many years ago and I only have two remaining pieces of,that I still use piece was used to secure a string to a latch
to string those button shoes (I never used that piece)I'm going to see if I can find a picture of that couch in my files...:o) this was the first time we took a trip with the group (which was with two vans 17 in all) Our van was a nice group of ladies, (Cecil was the only man in the Tour besides one driver) but we had fun...and he wasn't bored with them nor they with him...

"The Couch"

The couch in Korner's Folly is the same model as this one...just different colors, the wood design with the rose is the same :o)
This is a Typical picture of "Cecil after Holiday Dinner" he always got a belly full and fell asleep :o) this picture was taken when we were both very young :o)...
It was taken at my Sons college apartment ...We were able to furnish it with all leftover items I had become tired of and replaced...The couch was bought in NC. I never did get the side chairs that went with it...I loved that couch but it became very inconvient to entertain with it ..It was uncomfortable and too small...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Honeymoon places of the Newly Weds

I received postcards from Lauren and Derecks Honeymoon travels..
Like how did they find time to write :o)...This is Bora Bora, one of the Islands in the South Pacific...(I only got close seeing the movie :o)....If you look close, up and on the right side of the left horseshoe you can see a little * and that's their spot ...What a wonderful sight to wake up to (if they ever went to sleep :o), I hope you all know what my smiles are referring too:o) I just can't help it ....The water is an Aqua Green, and unpolluted...what a pleasure for the eyes..

Bora Bora Mountain

Here is a good shot of the Mountain on one of the pictures...It seems there are more mountains in the world than I ever thought there would be and all of them sporting the coats they were "born" with, I'm referring to color tone and Majestic look they hold...reading doesn't really give all the details of how grand each is....


Lauren thought to describe this place and say it's amazingly beautiful is an understatement seemed to rain off and on while they were there...and they loved hearing the rain fall on the hut at night...she remarked "no bucket of water needed here" (a reminder of our little joke) they take full advantage of the pool and the ocean...How blessed to hear...what a wonderful Honeymoon for them to remember...I'm so pleased and blessed to hear that this generation of our family is enjoying the things we only saw in the movies....Thank you God!!

Tahiti et ses lles

They were impressed with the availability of the fruits pineapples, mangos,, star fruit, papaya , avocado,, passion fruit, lychee...and it's all free if you pick it yourself, (boy would my freezer be packed ) Lauren was impressed that they were able to buy 9 Mangoe's for only $5.00.. Not that cheap here!!
Well, the only consolation I have is I'm highly allergic to Mangoes :o(

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monkey's in my Jungle

I was sent an article that prompted me to speak of the "Monkey's in my Jungle"
I look at them often to give me some insight on the actions of people and myself that sometimes helps me to understand the reactions of people,click for a close look
The first Monkey has his eyes covered so he can't see anything..
The second Monkey has his ears covered so he can't hear anything..
The third Monkey has his mouth covered so he doesn't say anything..
The Forth Monkey has his hands in his lap so he doesn't do anything.
But when you really look and think about them individually,they are all full of S***
The first one still hears something,says something,and has his mouth speaking and his hands busy ...(usually with others business)...
So if you look at each one of them...although they are claiming innocents of one thing they are guilty of most of the other...
That gives thought to which one we are .. I was taught if the shoe fits , wear it.


You often hear the saying "Today, is a new day" Is it really a "New Day" or the continuation of "Yesterday"?....
I'd like to say "A New Day"...but...Is it, or is it the "same o same o"?
I still have to do laundry...make the bed...and think ...what's for dinner since everything is frozen in the freezer...
Well, the winners of the Oscars feel like its a New Day for them! Some I'm sure were disappointed...but they can always wait for "Next Year" :o)
Perhaps I should be happy that I have laundry to do and a bed to make up...and that there is food in the freezer...that gives me a choice of "What's for Dinner"
It makes me think How many people would like to be in my shoes this morning, regardless of how worn they might be...
I think illness really gives one time to contemplate what's going on around them and to also be a little more grateful that things with them are as well as they are.
Some of the trials that people are going through today, Cecil and I have already been in that water, Often it was cold and sometimes so deep you swore you would go under!..but you kept swimming to reach the safe shore...and thank God you overcame!
We found helpful ways to survive... I don't like leftovers, but I will eat them,Especially if I use the energy to cook one meal to last for two days. I only buy what we really like to eat...and stock up when there is a sale on an item we will definitely want to eat...
There isn't much else for me to write about today, that would be of interest...So until the next time!...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Man does not live by Bread Alone"

Here is a nice "Sunday Morning Breakfast" that I haven't fed you in awhile...Country Ham and Grits, fried egg, Pears from the August Harvest in their own sauce..Coffee for Cecil and Ice water for me :o)
Contemplating ones world is hard enough when one is feeling well and bouncing around from one thing to another or one task to another....but when illness comes and takes away activity and feelings of also brings with it..time to think about things said and unsaid..What is the true meaning behind statements...or acts that one should be accounted for!
I don't like to delve into political statements etc. made that are empty or without thought..but if there is some truth that one can ingest from it then it should be digested for the good of Health, Happiness and Relationships! These "Hot Topics" of today have peaked me to have something to say concerning them.
The statement I'm referring to is one made by Mr.Holden concerning one speaking about race relations.who stated "Americans are Cowards"...In truth his statement is absolutely positively correct! How many times have you wanted to ask something and was afraid it would appear you were being facetious,
Most times people feel what you mean before you ask it ...So the object is be honest with questions and you will receive honest answers...
The Picture in the New York Post held many negative meanings and in these new "Time for a Change" they ought to be ashamed of themselves..Remember "God is Watching" and he is not only inside the Church.. My Two Cents Worth.

Monday, February 16, 2009

What was I wearing in the back of my Hair at the Wedding.

Boy! I didn't realize what sticklers some of my blog friends were for details! I sent some picture slides of the wedding that I just received...and a couple just had to know what I was wearing in my hair!! That's why I'm posting this picture...
It's a Sliver Antique Head Dress Comb that I bought many years ago...I had an eye for odd pieces...This was one of the items I found and decided to keep for a special occasion...Guess it finally paid off :o)...

A Sunday Dessert

Needless to say I've been fighting a cold all week...change of scenery and climate I believe was the culprit...then again maybe I really miss those mountains...we get excited when we see mountains on the TV and it turns out to be a make believe game that we are in Arizona again :o)...
It's nice eating out but truly there is nothing like a home cooked meal ...Today I felt like cooking (when did I ever not) anyway..I made a nice tenderloin roast(preparing with my spices and the kitchen sink :o) was worth the effort) baked some potatoes along with it and made some broccoli and cauliflower (seems that's becoming a regular dish here lately)... and then decided I'd better start using more of the canned items I worked so hard on during Harvest time...So out came the Peaches for a Peach Cobbler...I have to say it turned out pretty good ..In fact Darn good!! we ate half of it before the day was over..I used a recipe out of an old book and it's similar to the one Kathleen uses from "Eggs in my Pocket"...I'm going to use it again, and see how it works out with other fruits like Pears...and apples...that I worked hard to can ...using Stevia, I can use less sugar...and the taste is great.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lovely Family Resturant

Now down from the Canyon our sights were on dinner...we rode quite awhile before we reached a Town called "William's" I think I remember correctly..inside was very inviting for "home cooked meals"...and the dessert cabinet was sheer "Calories Galore"...I had two broiled Pork Chops..baked potato and Cole slaw...Cecil had Ravioli which he didn't like as well as mine :o)...I shared my chop because it was too much ...That meal was the finishing touch of the to make it home...Next feat...get gas at the nearest spot.. We didn't take the same route back that we came ..found a place with plenty of tourist gifts..the prices were ridicules
and were a complete turn off to me...

Leaving the Grand Canyon

Here is another shot from the car of the Canyon while leaving ...Towards home, I think ...who knows what those scheming kids of mine have up their sleeves..They don't tell Cecil, maybe they think he will tell me!...

Leaving the Grand Canyon

It's finally time to leave the Grand Canyon...trying to get out of the area before night descended upon's been a wonderful trip to this area and mine eyes have seen the "Glory of the Lord" Truly a magnificent view of his handwork! If you see it once, you won't forget it ....

Ravens following car

We had to stop the car to get a good view of these birds, they seemed to be every where in the area as densely populated as it was...perhaps looking to snatch a crumb from people just tossing litter..

What's the difference in a Raven or a Crow, is it just a name we decide to call them?
They both seem to fit the description I've heard of...oh well, these seem to follow the car out of the area like they were waiting for us to give them something...maybe people feed them..or they are just saying goodbye come again!...

This is where I sat and waited :o)

The others wanted to go down deeper in the canyon and get a closer view! I had been as close as I wanted to get and decided for them to go ahead and I'd wait by the car :o)...I took a picture of the bench that was just right for me :o) behind those trees is the narrow walk where the fence was that others didn't seem to mind getting right onto...not me sister...I would stretch my arm out and snap the picture and say to myself "what I snap is what you get" :o)

Friday, February 13, 2009

One of the First Views arriving at the Grand Canyon

WOW!! What a view of what's to's alarmingly delightful to visualize such a sight! and I'm grateful through my fear of heights to have lived to see it...thanks to those scheming kids of mine...tricking me into that long ride like they were just taking us to see a cold place ..yeah! right!!

Arriving inside the Grand Canyon...and How grand it is

Here is a good shot of the's too close to the edge for me to get any closer..I can see from here thank you very much!
I'm trying to take everything in stride...but it's so large, massive, impressive, frightening,overwhelming, and awesome..I often hear people use those words, but here its appropriate fits...and I do mean fits..

Arrival at the Tower of the Grand Canyon

This Tower is built on one of the sites of the Grand can travel to the top of it by means of a stairway...I only ventured up a few steps...Cecil almost went to the top but tired and stopped before reaching it..
I found it more secure to snap pictures out of the windows there than standing close to the edge near a fence that I didn't trust in the least! They sold some tourist items, and specified some non-authentic Indian items..I can buy authentic ones at home in NC at the Pow Wow given in the Summer months..I don't like it when people make money from others using such tactics..why couldnt it be Authentic, and give everyone a share in the wealth!

Canyon view from first step

What a massive array of rocks and crevices! it makes one feel so insignificant..
From what I understand these massive rocks came from an upheaval of eruptions some 4.5 million years ago...Where the Earth crusts collided into each other ..I'm glad I wasn't around then...just the noise of that would have caused me to have a heart attack or lose my bodily waste...In other words I would have defacated right there on the spot...and pissed too! Now, now Ginny , be polite! :>)

Another view of the Canyon from Step 2

I was glad that the "Tower" was enclosed and every 3 or 4 steps there was another window with another spectacular view...and I did it all for viewers of my blog, and to have a reminder of where I traveled. I hope you all enjoy my efforts...I am enjoying looking at them again..and I do a close up so I feel quite brave sitting in my chair :o)

Canyon view inside the "Tower" 1st step

I wasn't brave enough to get close to the fence to take pictures...sorry folks, my nerves couldn't take the height...and one stupid women thought it was funny that I was afraid and proceeded to literally "Shake" the fence to see my face grimmace in horror if it would fall...I don't trust man made items ...that fence could have well been rotten...and gave wasn't two feet from the edge..The week before we went we heard a mother hadn't watched her child and it acturally ran off the cliff in a spot that she could go frightened me and stayed in my mind...I could enjoy the view from solid ground. (Not that it was 100% safe)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breakfast at Gingerbreads House :o)

I don't care where you go for breakfast...or what fancy resturant you have it in..there is nothing like a home cooked breakfast at home!! After having so many meals out while on my trip to the wedding ....Our first breakfast at home was a celebration and feast being thankful for all the blessings we had already received.
I know you see the grits (and mine are washed, not like the resturants) country ham eggs and Apple butter with biscuits and coffee for Cecil (I might have had a root beer, my new choice of drink :o)or Ice water...I'm not on a diet... although I need to be .The heck with it....this is a celebration...I danced with all my grandsons and had a wonderful time...
Besides, I've shown you enough views and I thought you might be hungry about now :o)hehehe... I'm just a tease!! Dig in Ladydi and Laurie...One of these days an invitation is going out to somebody....

Shrimp and Fried Rice with Bean Sprouts

Just thought I'd throw in a dish of this too for a change :o)
It's good at the restaurants but better at home get more shrimp that way :o)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valerie with Cecil

Here is a shot of our Daughter Valerie...she is quite the Artist..a few of her works have been Featured in "Quilters magazine" (Feb 2008, p14)...
"Quilting Arts"Spring 2006 issure 21 p.45.."Textural Rhythms: Quilting the Jazz Tradition," By Dr.Carolyn L. Mazloomi also "Quilting African American Womens History"
There is also an article showing her work in the local Louisville magazine Aug.2006 p.83. I know there are a few quiltors visiting my can visit Valerie's site from a link on my blog..on the side valeriecwhite she knits too! Smart like her Mom hehehe

Cool Mountains far ahead

You can see for miles ahead in the distance...the closer to those mountains it seems to get colder..Are we still in could it be so hot once place and snow in another ...well, that's just what it was...Snow...and the closer we got the colder it was wonder we were told to bring our coats and gloves (gloves, how cold was Arizona in January?) Pay attention Ginny , some thing's up!!

I see some mountains ahead...don't remember that view.!!!

Arrival at the Grand Canyon

This was one of those times when my kids "schemed and plotted" everyone knew where we were going except Me and Cecil...After leaving Sedona, it was taking it seemed to me a much longer time getting back...even though we all were enjoying ourselves..Then I started taking note...and reading signs...then it hit me "The Grand Canyon" was where we were headed!!!....Tricked!! those darn kids!! they knew if they told me I wouldn't want to go because of the heights!! Good thing I wasn't the driver...home would have been the Aim...Well, sit tight and enjoy the views.

Sister in law, Cecil and Ginny arriving at the Grand Canyon! ..I didn't feel that I was going up so high, I would twist a bit in the car seat when sometimes the edge looked a little too close :o( but I kept my mouth shut, kept smiling and tried to hang on to my nerves...That little pill the Dr. prescribed was in good use today :o)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Leaving Sadona on the way to the Grand Canyon

Here is a house alone...I'd be afraid the coyotes would get me at night..there are a lot of houses like these all along the way..
Best to view these with a click for a closer view..It's hard to choose which ones not to show!
All of these were done moving in the eyes have seen some sites.

On the Road to Grand Canyon

I took a lot of pictures while moving in the car...and they are clear and I think pretty good taking while moving... I'd like to take this time to thank once again "Alice" who works in Wal-mart she got down on her knees and pulled out several camera's from the back of the cabinet to find this Camera for me...Once she was satisfied..she showed me how to use it, and get rechargeable batteries for it...I find it's a excellent Camera ...My friend Jilly calls me Photographer...but it's really the camera:o)Kodak "Easyshare C 613" ..Just a satified customer.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

On top of the mountain where we looked down on the "Castle" is "The Chapel" Where there are a few Pews to sit and meditate and in the front Where the windows are(background on the right) you can light candles for prayers...Downstairs is a store for purchase of gifts , which I didn't want to go down and climb up again..(I don't do stairs because of my asthma).
I took some time to get there and was "winded" by the time I did....
Once inside my Sister in law, Cecil and my Daughter had their pictures taken's a lovely little place and I'm sorry I didn't spend a little more time to relax and say a good prayer...but where you are doesn't stop a prayer from being heard or answered.And I prayed heavily while getting up there :o) (each step):o)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Closer view of the "Castle"

Hope I'm not boring you with pictures of the "Castle" as I call it.. I'm just trying to give as much of a view at different angles...I don't remember if this was going up or down...Take a look at the details on the wrought iron fence and the lighting that's on top...What a life, how would you like to for fill your fantasies

Here is that Ramp I was afraid to go up

As you can see it's about five feet wide (felt like 5 inches)..and the view is something for your eye to see (if you open them :o) my children were very patient with me...they figured at my age , they didn't want me to miss these views...and when would I be that close again...This time "for once" they were right! it was still scary as hell for me...I did more praying in those few minutes than a month..Boy! did I promise God a lot!!

The Castle in Sadona

On the way up to the Church on the mountain you saw this "Castle"'s the place that a man with a lot of money built and the zoning was not changed to allow it...I'm sure I have the story messed and mixed up...but one thing for sure , it was built by someone with a lot of money :o)..On the way down I'll be able to show you another shot of is absolutely beautiful and looks like a fairy tale house.
This one is well worth a close up view...and go to both sides for a Panorama view.That's what I call "Awesome"...

Notice the different shades this mountain has...more of the landslide prevention can be seen at the bottom of the picture...
This was on the way to Sadona...some of my pictures are a little mixed up..but the views are what is important to show you...

Top of mountain before the Church

This is where you park before going up the ramp of the mountain to visit the Church on top of can look down on the houses where people live...just imagine waking up to that every morning...the air is clear and crisp..and that day there wasn't a cloud in the sky...the weather in Arizona is terrific...they are in their Springtime now.Do a closeup so you don't miss this one!

This is one of the first views arriving in's awesome and somewhat overwhelming...but beautiful the bottom of the picture you will see a cement structure rim that takes you up to the top of a mountain where there is a Church..I was afraid like a real chicken to travel up, the look down was frightening for me, My children tried their best to coax me up...finally taking me by the hand and with eyes almost closed most of the time...they succeeded in getting me up there.
Whew! what a chicken I took years for me to get into an Airplane and now I've gone completely mad going up such a high mountain!

Another massive Mountain

Here is another impressive site...sure another mountain...but it has it's own character :o)..This is still on the way to Sadona...hold on there are more fantastic scenes to see...and all at your computer...courtesy of Gingerbread's house :o) I'm giving myself a plug!

Mountains of Cowboy Pictures

Somehow this mountain reminded me of the Cowboy pictures I saw as a kid and some of the modern movies also...If you do a close up you will see a long pipe ridge looking object running across .. I forgot what I was told it was made of ( I remember some straw being included, it's to help prevent landslides. This is beautiful country.
The Rocks are a vivid red color(for rock).

Trip to Sadona

My trip to the wedding in Arizona included a few side trips...first one was to "Sadona"..known for it's "Red Rock"....I got quite a few shots that I think you will enjoy, I did.
In order to get a really good view and feel as if your need to click for a larger view...It was weird to see so many stores that seemed to pop up out of nowhere..notice the red rock color of the mountain in the background..

Friday, February 6, 2009

Vanessa at the Pool

Here is Vanessa relaxing by the Hotel Pool..where she was early in the morning!
Everyone says she looks like me!...We call her the "Sargent" She supervises everyone, :o) (the truth is all my kids do, Sometimes I have to remind them I'm the Mother and still in control of my senses.Sometimes they get in cohoots and double team me ...they plot and scheme ...more about that as we go along this trip and blog.

Vanessa models Wrap

This is my Youngest Daughter...who is modeling my shawl..Cleo is wearing one I made.
I have a close up picture of Vanessa by the pool (she and her daughter stay in the gym and pool and have the figures to prove it :o( She reminds me of myself in younger days, will see more of her again.
I have some good looking Children and Grandchildren...:o)

More of the Family

Aunt Jule (Roberts sister), Robert(favorite son in law), Valerie (daughter), Aunt Cleo (Sister in law,& Cecil's sister)
Just giving y'all some background of the will see more pictures...I'm going to show you trips we took to the Grand Canyon and to Sadona and you will see them all again...and again.

Surprise from Louis and Renee

The family got together and we were all treated to dinner by my "Favorite Son in Law"...I think there were about 13 of us...Where we were all informed that Renee was expecting :o)...A few of us have been waiting for that good news. When I started pestering them last year about it, Louis would first say " We have to get Curtains first " :o)...I hear they have a beautiful new home, guess they got the curtains too!
Renee's eyes are green to blue according to her mood, I couldn't remove that red in the picture...

Cecil at our table

Here is Cecil sitting at our table ...I wanted you to see how it was decorated with shinning silver centerpieces and tablecloths..The theme was "Silver and Black"..
I almost had a batteries went dead! Luckily one of the waiters found two for can see the dead ones on the table...God looks after fools and babies :o), I had my charger back at the Hotel...

Let the Festivities continue

Here is my First Grandson dancing with my First Child...(both of them are the olders, but I'm being polite :o)..What joy to see them grown up...
I'll be showing differnt ones at will...
On the left side in the picture you can see her handsome husband (my favorite Son in law) :o)..

Grandma's Water Bucket :o)

The couples Honeymoon will start next week ..they will be going to The South Pacific Islands I think, someone mention from the film) anyway, this was taken the next day at my Son's home where some guests met for the day.
Lauren, (the bride) is holding a little bucket..that says "Grandma's Water Bucket".
When ever I saw them hugged up...I'd always say "I'm going to throw some water on you two" ( you know dogs in heat :o) that became my little joke for them...So they presented me with a bucket for the water...:o)'s a little treasure..