Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is what we Northern & Southerners call "Good Eating :o)"

I have to give credit where credit is due..Cecil does a good job tending our gardens on our "Almost an Acre" farm :o) (especially with my supervision :o) here it is the end of September..and greens from the garden still luscious, and my Row of Gardenia's still giving off enough flowers to make one happy at the table...(you can see them with a close up view).
My belly is content with those greens and cornbread with Jalapeno peppers, onions, and a little garlic ..... and all is right with the world :o) I'll make turkey salad later from the leftover's...but who needs meat today!.....

My Sink Runneth Over with a Blessing

One thing about living , it seems that every day isn't the same (thank God for that), it seemed yesterday Life sucked! my project went into the trash and my head was spinning from the anxiety of it...
Today is a new day....Cecil picked the most lovely greens from the garden this morning and not a worm on them..they are a mix of about four types of greens, the picture you see above is now in the pot !:o) I'm going to make some fried cornbread and eat to my hearts content :o) and with that new strength , I'm going to tackle that project again!If it's a failure it won't be because I didn't try.
"If you tried and have not won, never stop for trying,for all the great and good has done, just by patient trying".. That was one of my ML favorite quotes.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Weaving.......bah! Humbug

I'm about ready to throw a hissy fit! That beautiful picture and idea is now in the trash!!!.@#$% After getting it along almost getting up to 2inches....the thread popped again....@#$&$%*
I couldn't believe it..so I re-tested the yarn...and it snapped , and snapped again
!Crapo!! the yarn I used was some the lady that sold me the Loom gave me...It was probably older than me! and once I got into the middle it just gave way ugh! So off the loom all of it went....and into the trash.....it's not good for anything.....
I don't know if I'm patient, hard-Headed or just downright Stubborn.but I've started up again....I really need to take a break! I'm not supposed to have Pepsi! ( I sneaked one yesterday) So maybe I'll go have a cup of coffee and be satisfied....
Wish I had a cat! I'd kick it! If I kick Cecil , he might kick back! oh well, sometimes life sucks!
Today I reached the 5000 viewer mark I think that's supposed to be something to celebrate, but the Devil got here first and messed my happiness up.

Update on Weaving Activites

It just seems that the harder you try sometimes the easier it is for things to go wrong!....I thought I was on the move with the weaving project...and then one of the selvage's broke, took an hour or so to fix that and then started working again and the other one broke!@##$%.....well, there went another hour getting that done and then two of the warps broke< I can't win for losing...I've learned when things aren't going right put it down! well, I did.
During the night it came upon me to "start all over"...all you have to do is put some new rags in and start from there like it's a new project...So that's what I did last night to "start over again" Starting above the two blue lines...You can see the "New Rags" look much better than the first ones, and they are tighter...and the pattern looks a little better (a lot better). Lets see how I go from here....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Surprise on another Rainy Day

While thanking my daughter for all the lovely gifts she sent in the surprise package! I got a couple of other surprises.....that Denim shirt I thought was for me was for her "Dad" (I had plans for that shirt :o(......anyway to smooth my feathers she informed me the ball of yarn was "Silk" you could have tickled me silly when I heard that! So I guess I made out pretty good too :o) (sometimes they spoil me and I act rotten, I'm their kid now , so I get to give back some of what they gave me....Payback Time :o)

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Nice Surprise on a Rainy Day

While reading a Blog , I saw the mailman coming up the walk with a package in his hands, (gosh! I didn't order anything that I was hiding from Cecil :o( ...Well, what a nice surprise from one of the children ....A box with a pair of P.J's , a nice Denim shirt a box of Strawberry Tea (I haven't had that one before) some beautiful expensive yarn that I probably wouldn't have spent the money for, knitting bamboo needles and a couple of other little goodies,isn't that a nice thing to happen on a rainy dreary day to a Mom :o)
I woke up this morning with a bad stomach virus, had to have some chicken noodle soup for breakfast after four trips to the john...the package has helped to make my day...the rest of the day I plan to play on the loom....
I've opened the Tea it smells Divine and I'm having a cup right now as I type and get on with my day......

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I finally made it through

I have been trying for the last hour to put one lousy picture of the back of the loom, and eveidently I'm not doing something right or the blogger is messed up this morning....I realize it might be me ! I've worked hard and long trying to get the loom warped correctly and I think the picture i wanted to show , tells it best! oh well!, sometimes you can't win for losing :o).....now matter, I'm glad that I've gotten thus far and it really looks good.....
Now maybe now I can do the laundry that's been calling me since Monday :>)
I'll save room just in case the picture decides to show up :o)....Hooray! I was able to capture it again... doesn't it look promising :o)..now Cecil can enjoy living with me again :o)

This is the front view>

If you look closely you can see where I had two threads to pop (ugh!)I was able to mend them and hopefully it will work out in the washing.....I was happy to get this far after all the "sleying" being done twice.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Begonia's waiting for the next Spring

The Begonia's did so well this year I hate to lose them to fall and winter, I'm going to see if care inside will prolong their lives....usually they do well , we shall see, remember ...."Nothing Beats a Failure but a Try"

Another Begonia's brought inside to await Spring

I've had these baskets for about 15 years and I've never noticed they were different sizes! this one is smaller than the other and the basket sitting inside it seems too large for it , I have another basket , but it's full of wool :o)....I'll see about changing it another day....

This one had to be put higher

The width of these girls would have taken up too much floor space...so I elevated this one and at least she is out of the way....and very light if I have to get to my files that she is sitting on...just move her to the table and I'm good to go.
Didn't they both do well during the Summer!, I'm hoping they will live to see another Spring (and me with them ;o)....

First Day of Fall

Yesterday was the first day of fall and the first day I had to wear a sweater going to the eye Dr. and kept the sweater on for comfort....the chill in the air caused me to think about a pot of soup....instead I made one of Cecil's favorites, Stewed chicken with potatoes :o)
Both of us don't feel right if we don't get something done around the house each day, kind of makes us feel we haven't wasted this God given time..
So with that in mind ...we figured today was a good day to bring some plants that did well outside all summer ,inside to continue growing..(or die in the process :o(Geraniums will grow inside if in a Sunny place...They are at least four feet wide around each....my studio was the best place for those big boys ...until Spring comes again..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is the next day which is Today :o)

I was able to get the apron going , and changed the treadles for the pattern...but alas! when I hit the treadles...I didn't have a good shed....and ...so..I had planned to get to that today....but had an eye appointment and as of now it's too blurry for me to read or even do this post....Guess there is always something or someone in the way for life to be enjoyed......
I'll have to post later too..hard to see right now...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Still at it

I tell you all..warping a loom is more than a notion!....My shoulders ache from leaning over putting each strand through the reed and then the heddles.. I didn't have a farmers breakfast this morning...maybe that's why I'm all tensed up.
In the midst of trying to finish up...I had to re-construct one of the "Aprons" (I think that's what it's called :o) the rod wasn't secure and the line within it was messed up.... I think I've got it fixed...I'll be able to tell after lunch..I need a break now!

Satisfied and Rested

First good night's sleep I've had since I don't know when! I went to bed about 10 pm and didn't awaken until 5:00am< Don't even remember if I had a "diabetic run" during the night even once!< That was some good sleeping....I can handle that one again :o).

I haven't had breakfast yet, I did pull the bedding back...anxious to get the blog out of the way so I can work on finishing up warping the loom...It's a long process and I'm glad someone else mentioned that it took two days to warp her loom I didn't want to think that I was slow as molasses. I'm taking my time to make sure I get the stripe numbers in the right place...it's becoming easier as I'm going along. (praying as I go :o)....

Hope I'll have more to show and tell later....On to the feat :o)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sausage Report

Yesterday we sampled the new batch of sausage....I followed my recipe as always, but I say the testing is in the tasting...Well the tasting was perfect...tasted just like the other batches...I won't deviate from that recipe and I'm happy that I can go out into the yard and snip some Rosemary and thyme..Don't I sound "A Little Bit Country" :o) I'm loving it ...to me it's a blessing...
Next year I'm hoping to have a little patch closer to the house with just my herbs, the garden is too far down the hill and would wear me out getting to it...even though it's "Almost and Acre" takes a lot of work to keep it up..Cecil works constantly doing it and he enjoys it.
I better start now for that request....he will have to do the digging and lifting for me....maybe I'll make a Cake or "Pear Cobbler" first :o)

The Teachers Wisdom

I don't know how in the world the Teacher (Sandra Duvall) was able to straighten out the big mess I had created! Not only did I wind the warping board with the pattern, but miscounted the rounds and had double the amount .....that was one of the problems, then I got so mixed up with the Blue and White Stripes in certain order, that I mixed that all up too!.....What a mess! I didn't know how I would be able to get the project going....I was ready to trash it and start over again....but my yarn would have been compromised at that point...and knowing me, I would have "blessed" it out and trashed it....Teacher said "NO" < let me look at it and see what can be done...Well, it was done! (of course the Miss Smarty pants I am ,had to tell the teacher how to do it :o) hehehe I just couldn't resist that one...that's bad , especially on a Sunday (and missing Church too, Lord have Mercy).
I worked after the Teacher left way into the night...and then couldn't sleep all night ...I wanted to get back to the project....I was so excited about it, I can actually see the pattern emerging ..and to think, I know what I'm doing thus far :o)
but I was too tired and excited to sleep, and didn't want the tiredness to fumble the project after it is going well. This is a shot of the progress...I think it's wonderful, Thanks again Sandra....(see the results when you listen to me :o) LOL

Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm on a Roll over here

I don't have time to post....I'm working over here .....stay tuned for the next episode of what's happening at "Gingerbreads House" I just love being a woman of mystery LOL

Today was a good start for my day..

I went to the opening of "Gate City Yarns" and found some lovely Bamboo and silk yarn....there are a lot of nice yarns there.....I had a good touchy feel day :o)....I can see I'll be spending a lot of time there.....the place looks and smells wonderful...all that newness! The room in the back for a classroom is going to be a good place for lessons.....Tina has done a good job redoing the place and has recycled the Walls and floors....they look marvelous...the walls have sort of a texture to them...nice shade of Yellow, but then that's one of my favorite colors.
And Reese was there as usual to greet everyone....< he acted a little snobbish when I first came in, but decided he remembered me and came over later for a pat on the head :o).
My Weaving teacher was there, and after I did a few groans about my warp, she didn't think all was lost....and is coming over to see what can be done! < Am I blessed or what! :o)
Check back later for results .....

Start of Sausage Making

Here's something I know I'll make into something...not like the weaving you see below!......this is 10 lbs of Fresh Pork Butt.....I'll cube it all up with 2 lbs of pork fat......Sprinkle all my seasoning over it...let it sit in the fridge to marinate overnight (or do it in four or five hours if I feel up to it<> I felt up to it and managed to grind all 12 lbs and it's all in the Freezer....< I'm glad that's done....tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me....and I want to go to the Grand Opening of "Gateway Fabrics" Tina is supposed to have some nice new yarns and some new Looms...it's all so exciting...I wish her well, and will support her efforts!

Spices all measured out for sausages

I like to get the spices lined up before I get my meat cut up .....this way I can sprinkle it over my chucks and let it sit in the fridge for a spell if not overnight for the seasoning to penetrate,evenly. Here in NC "Neeses" makes the best sausage....but if I were younger I'd give um a run for their money (according to Cecil ;o), and I believe just what he tells me :o) , yeah! right).
What you see will season 10 lbs meat with 2 pounds of fat.

I thought I was on the right track :o(

Until I started putting the yarn thru the heddles!! they just didn't line up the way they were supposed to...and I think I put the cart before the horse. I made the mistake of taking the sticks out of the cross <>
I've got other things to do.....can't waste more time with this.....

This almost looks right! :o(

This is the back view where I was supposed to separate the cross! I think!! anyway , it's most confusing since I've never done this before...I have watched others do part of it, but it's not the same as doing yourself.
Going along further just confused me more.....(that's easy when you have no idea how to do it right, everyone I've watched is doing it differently.....some start at the back some at the front....and I don't know which way I'm supposed to go now! I think I'm going to trash the project! I'm wasting my time with it......

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's for Dinner..."Spaghetti Medley" leftovers

This is another time I'm grateful for leftovers, and what better than my Spaghetti Medley one of my kids favorites...If I tell you the recipe I'd have to kill you :o).
It seems even with a close up it's a little blurry...but I will tell you it has mixed frozen vegetables and a special ingredient, and this one has Kielbasa, it can be made without any meat this was the one pot deal...
I'm still working on my loom....and I think I have something backwards...otherwise I'd be ahead more forward.:o).I'm not in a hurry...my back hurts already....When I get it started I'm going to crackle like a Hen that laid an egg.... By the way..dessert was the leftover "Pear Cobbler" ....I'm such a penny wise wife.....

My Favorite Breakfast

I'm about sick of looking at that Giant mushroom and I guess you are too.well, how about looking at my favorite breakfast (Biscuits are in the oven)that's why the plates on the stove to keep them warm)for two farmers who will be having a busy day!
I know you see the grits in the small pot, just enough for the two of us, and notice the hard fried ham fat (that's the part I like the best).and one egg each.
Cecil wants to paint the inside to the shed door, it looks kind of bland when it's left open while he works in the yard, and I've got to finish up getting my warp done and on the loom for a new project....I've been pussy footing long enough! (or some might say procrastinating) same thing, different name...
The project is a set of kitchen towels < I really need some dish cloths, I've gotten so used to hand knitted ones that the "store bought" makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job being a "Farmers wife".. I remember the time when we would use any old cotton garment to wash dishes with :o( dare I mention that:o) Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about...But now we have become quite proper :>) (notice the nose in the air :o)
Well , let me get on with my day..I hope to have some results to show....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mushroom sliced Open

It sure looks nice and white on the inside....I found a description of it on one of the Mushroom List..and it says it's non Poisonous< that may be, but I'm not familiar with them enough to be sorry and not safe....there are too many other good things I know to eat...in fact ...think I'll go have a bit of Pear Cobbler :o)
(That sure sounds like the fox with the sour grapes)hehehe.... or If I walk away today, I'll live to eat another day...:o)

Giant Mushroom on the lawn

This is what it looks like underneath....Hope someone can tell me something about it....thanks.
I put a quarter on the side of it so the size could be judged..and it weighed in at 1.25lbs it's a pretty bigun!

This was a surprise to Cecil and I today...now I'm wondering what kind of mushroom is it...my neighbor and I both have been getting some pretty good sized white ones , but neither of us know how to judge if they are safe to eat....anyone here know what this one is?....it's pretty big...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Pear Cobbler Almost Gone :o)

"After all it is the Weekend" :o) that's a good excuse...how about "you never know if someone will visit on the weekend and you want to be able to offer them something"
Or how about ..."we just wanted something to nibble on" I'll tell all that to my Dr when she raises cane that I didn't save her any :o) hehehe
Cecil was a little niffed that I forgot to add the raisins, but not niffed enough to prevent him from getting two "samples" the second taste is always the excuse that he wants to make sure of what he is tasting :o) , he's a better liar than me!
I'm waiting for the last laundry load , and I did weave a bit...so today wasn't wasted.....

A good Nights rest calls for a good Breakfast!

My idea of a good breakfast seems to always include Grits :o) spelled with a capital "G" , there are so many good things that go with it...and "Liver and Onions" with gravy is one of them....and buttered biscuits on the side.
Cecil loves a Gravy ....so we are both pleased....and to tell you the truth,I've made grits with bacon and eggs or liver and onions for dinner!!!< Hey, there's no law against it....it's still meat and potatoes...or protein and starch Hehehe gotcha!
One thing about grits, they don't cause me to have stomach problems...my stomach is real satified with them....Why shouldn't I like them..some of my ancestors (amd maybe yours too) invented the stuff :o) gotcha again! :o) A breakfast like that puts me on a roll....I'm gonna roll over to the Loom today and get something done,and maybe I'll put a wash on while I'm doing that...I tell you, the grits get me moving....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful for Another Day!

Yesterday was the pits! I don't know what happened ...it could have been the vitamin I took Tuesday morning sometimes they cause me not to sleep...and then again maybe it was something I ate :o( could have been the blueberry pie(loaded with sugar).
Whatever it was caused me to have gastritis all night , felt like my stomach was a volcano, bubbling up " Nothing".
It could have been the allergy medication...sometimes the reaction to meds does you opposite of what you want to cure...anyway, yesterday was a bad day all around, all I did was sit in the chair and nod most of the day...

I had my Penicillin for breakfast...(Chicken Noodle Soup). that helped the tummy, I was able to make some Country Ham and grits (I love my grits) for lunch. I saved those ham fried remnants and grease (oil sounds better, but grease it is) in the Iron skillet...added some okra and tomatoes, with Kielbasa, onions, and garlic. And a nice pot of Rice to put it over..< it turned out to be quite tasty , nothing like getting some energy from an iron skillet...that's what the old folks used to cook with every day, not the fancy mancy cookware of today...maybe that's why they were so strong. Today I'm feeling better and have a few things I have to do....one of them is to peel up those Pears that I thought we would eat in a day or so....they are ripening too fast and I don't want to lose them....after all, "Waste not Want Not" and I'd be a little ticked if I needed just one more quart of Pears :o). I forgot to add this to yesterdays blog...but it is the
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4. leave a comment at the new recipients' blogs, so they can pass it on.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Belated Post

This Post was supposed to be before the Award ..but I was excited and had so much trouble getting the Award post in order I forgot I had saved this ....
It is after showing Cecil eating the last of the Pear Cobbler!

Plus I also slept pretty good last night (and as you read further you will see why!) I've had a "light" breakfast (no grits today :o( ....Cecil was in a hurry to take down the bean stalks...they really performed this year around the side of the house...we are grateful for the bounty it gave us....at least 10-15 pounds...not bad for this "Almost an Acre" farm :o) It will feed us this winter..just a handful for every day dinners....Three on Sundays :o) don't forget the soups :o)
He also took down the tomato vines.....they too gave a good bounty, a little small (I wouldn't have given them the name "Big Boy" they were midgets :o), but sweet and tasty ,Glad we got them and not the Deer.first picture is of small tomatoes and last of the Jalapenos....I still have lots harbenero's from last year.

Surprise Award Post

This is the surprise I woke up to this morning and it was given to me by

thanks Deborah, I will pass it on, as soon as I learn how to do it correctly :o)
1.Deborah's Doings
2.Smiling with Daisy
4.Slowly she turned
5. Eggs in my pocket
Well, I finally got it all right..(if it doesn't disappear:o)
I visit these blogs every day..and I always feel at home ..
With Daisy:
I get a smile when I visit her blog and this week I really needed all the laughs and giggles I got...
At Riverrim I can never tell what she is up to ....I enjoy all the walks she takes me on...
And Deborah....she keeps me on my toes...It's a joy to watch her children growing up so fast...and she is ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING, and wears me out just watching her.
Slowly she turns ...Laurie, is a busy bee as well, I like her "Back Forty" it's amazing all she does...it's inspiring to me...
It took me all day to finish this post and still forgot to talk about Kathleen, she is all that and a bag of chips....her blog shows her doing everything that's interesting....< now I hope all this doesn't diappear....

Another Surprise to add when I get it right

I was greeted this morning with a great surprise that helps to make my day...I've been working on it for the last hour or more and still can't seem to get it right..
I could blame it on my age :o( (rather than say I'm a slow one :o(
I get one part right and the next part doesn't show up....oh Well, I was born with good looks, I don't have to be smart :o)....that's what Cecil said :o)
If people think I'm stupid ...they try to dig a pit for me to fall in and what happens they fall in the pit themselves hehehe.did the devil make me say that....oh no , it's in the good book! anyway just hold on until the right post is posted.

Pears and More Pears,mean More Cobblers :o)

We were so delighted with the taste of the Pear Cobbler that lasted only for two days, (we limited our intake :o)...the decision was unanimous that we must have enough to last us for the Winter....(That's the best excuse ever) and another was to "Strike while the Iron was Hot" .I'm on a roll here!:o) To shorten this long story, This is the new batch of Pears , that are now 14 quarts in the freezer as pretty a batch as you ever did see...I was too busy to stop and take photo's of each four batches I did...How I did it....I had a big bowl with a cup of vinegar..I would peel the pear...put in the bowl....then I would slice them , letting the slice fall into the same bowl with the vinegar , keeps them from turning brown....and when the bowl was full enough, I would take the pears out and rinse them, they would be a natural white pear color after the rinse ...bag them ...and stick them into the freezer, All Done, and what a good farmers wife am I :o)

Cecil eats the Last of the "Pear Cobbler"

Nothing beats a failure but a try....I tried making that Cobbler out of Pears, after all, if a Cobbler can be made out of Apples , and Peaches, why not Pears!......Well, that try was successful...in fact ...it was down right delicious... All I did was mix up my Pears with Sugar ,I didn't use Stevia this time, Cecil doesn't like the Licorice taste...and all the other spices I use..Cinnamon,Allspice,Nutmeg, Pure and Vanilla Extract. Make my Dough up, I use Kathleen's recipe....from "Eggs in my Pocket". only I sprinkle a little brown sugar on top and cinnamon,Stick it in a 350 Oven ( I like that temp for my oven)...I think the molasses in the brown sugar gives it a better flavor than just plain sugar....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Day of Rest, For Who ?

Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest! When was it changed? Most women I know have to get the dinner out...unless they eat out!...and being retired you have to watch that budget... and there's "No Place Like Home Cooking" (unless you eat at a greasy spoon :o)....
I think I'm about getting over my angry spell...I'm just about worn out from cooking and Cecil seems tired of washing the dishes,although he's not complaining, I'm one of those messy cooks , using so many utensils..I like to say that's because I'm an "Artist Cook" :o) He likes to eat ...I offer to help him, but he always refuses it....(don't bother me none :o)....

Greens and Stuffing (Dressing to some)

It's hard to believe how much Greens shrink...this pot was full when I started it, and look how much it has shrunk....that's why you have to cook plenty...especially when they are fresh from the garden ...washed and prepared ...stuck into the freezer for a couple of days to fool them that they have been frost bitten :o)....
Fry up some old Country ham to use as seasoning< that's what you call good ole country eating ...(Is that a city girls phraze :o)
I used to stuff my Turkey with the Cornbread dressing, but somewhere along the line I learned that it wasn't as healthy to do as I thought or Ass-u-med :o) (that's a good word)...My dressing is full of sausage, nuts, and all the other goodies I use...today I'm not making rice..I have a couple of cans of Cranberries, that's it.
I think it will be enough, probably be eating Turkey all week....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This Try Wasn't a Failure

Your looking at a first time effort of making a "Pear Cobbler" ...Cecil swore his "Apple Pie" was a "Ten", and we both are quite amazed at how good the Pear Cobbler was. another "Ten"....I added my own little recipe (just tossing things that work together) and added Kathleen's from "Eggs in my Pocket" recipe for the Crust..And you should have seen how quickly I peeled the rest of the Pears and threw them in the freezer for next another treat.....Now Deborah I don't have to worry about making just "Pear Preserves" out of next years bounty :o)....God is Good!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Best Blueberry Pie

I wish my pies would look as good as they taste.....guess I just don't cut the mustard for looks ...I still remember when I couldn't make a cake...and I started trying and got pretty good at it :o) So good that the Church used to hide my cake to divide amongst themselves < that's wrong , but lots of Church folks do it...and they are quick to say they are Christians.... Or it was presented on the "Pastors Table", especially if there were guest in the house..well, now ain't that a big complinment.... :o).
Dreary day here in NC....and the storm is expected...I'll do laundry....mess with the Loom...and just piddle the rest of the time away....not rushing to do anything, and I'm still in my P.J's...doing what I want to....and God is still on his throne.

Thank God for Another day

Yesterday it just seemed everything I touched turned into Crap! Sometimes you have days like that...when whatever you do isn't pleasing to you or anyone else....
Guess that's when I hibernate and pull up my own bootstraps, and say the heck with it.....There's something that is annoying the heck out of me.....but that's one time when you don't cut off your nose to spite your face...and some just don't get it, or want to give it....I'm going to keep praying hard on that...there has got to be a better way....Now that I've vented some..and did some baking...I feel better.
This Pie doesn't look like it's brown enough in the picture...but in person it looks better...Cecil says it's the best pie he ever tasted...( I used real sugar and no stevia). It was good if I say so myself...Today I just went with the flow!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Crapo! Never Ass-u -me

There I was..down on my knees...with my rear end to the sky...just knowing I was on the way to making life a little easier....well, guess what...the screws on the Lamms were way smaller than the ones on the treadles and the treadles is the one I used as my sample before shopping....
Don't that just beat all...never fails...get excited about doing a project and everything just falls apart.....
Back to Wal-marts for an exchange....oh another crapo! they didn't carry anything smaller sized ...Double Crapo! Now to try a small local Hardware store that Wal-Mart didn't run out of business....Hooray! they had what I needed, but not enough to finish my project until next week....Well, that beats a blank! ...so be forewarned about the size you need if you intend to do this project...I took a cable needle with me that fit into the size I needed..and that helped the salesman...So all is well that ends well....tonight a quickie dinner ;o) Maybe tomorrow I'll fix Cecil something special....

My new Project is waiting

I don't have enough to finish the project, but I plan to get started and finish once Walmart stocks up again....I bought all they had and they had them cheaper than another Big Store....( I won't mention the name).

Just to showing close up of what it looks like

There are many sizes but I have chosen 9/32, it holds about 225 lbs, but that's not a concern, I just want to make sure when I put my foot down it doesn't snap away and I'm sure this will be fine.....below you will see what the plans are for them

This is what I'm planning to do

I saw this on one of my groups..it was introduced by Rita from Canada, it looked like a splendid idea and I decided I would use it for my loom....it's suppose to make it much easier to change the treadles with the "Clip locks" properly called.
"Carabinners"< (who ever thought of that name?, just proves your never too old to learn something new...
So off to Walmarts and they had them ...and let me say...it's the first time I ever bought Walmart out :o)....don't worry they will have more in stock witnin 3 days .

Another Pear Bounty

Before our Pear Trees began to give us a Harvest, we always stopped at Joe's Place and bought pears from him! He had an old large tree with giant pears,or Dwarf gives off smaller pears... This was the first year I really didn't need to stop since my cupboard was full of pears....but they looked so nice and kept calling me...I have a plan up my sleeve (Deborah knows) and I'll see what becomes of it :o)
I'm not going to mess with them today....I have loom work on my mind...

The Back is done .....now on with the side

After Cecil finishes this side...and then the front , he will do the trim ...He is hurrying so it can dry today before the "Hannah" comes into NC.
I have my own project waiting for me.......

Another Busy Day for the two of us

We both had jobs that we needed to do today before the weather holds us back....Cecil got started real early this morning ...just like a true farmer, He was anxious to paint the barn (our shed :o)...The chickens are all in the house (in the egg tray) I'm feeling a little silly this morning, I slept most of the night except the frequent visits to the girls room (diabetic habit die hard) but didn't feel rested at all....still feel as if I'm fighting a cold or maybe it's just old age and I don't want to admit it....
Went to a Weaving Guild meeting last night and was disappointed with the number of people that showed up (5)..there was a woman there that had made a couple of lovely scarfs ...she was fortunate enough to have attended "Penland"..she said it was "very intensive" during the two weeks of study...but I felt she showed good results for the time...the Bamboo scarf was absolutely lovely....I wished it were mine....I would have shown a picture but I didn't have my camera with me.. I would make sure she didn't mind it being on my blog had I taken a picture.

Monday, September 1, 2008

It's all here with another view

Seems the ironing board is hiding the chair.....every nook and cranny is allotted for.
I don't need another hobby :o)
One day I'll show you my other hobbies hehehe only a few know what "Talents" lurks in the heart of Ginny :o) only the shadow knows! hehehe....."I've got a Secret" ....
I've added so many pictures you may have to go to "older posts".

A Nice Overview of the area

I think this photo explains , table in back of or front of loom :o)
you have to give me credit...I sure squeezed a lot of stuff to function in one area.
And there is more you can't see :o) under the table holds another room :o)

Computer Sewing

This Embroidery Sewing machine had to be close enough to my computer so that I can do the embroidery I got interested in at the time....I haven't worked with it in a long time....it really needs to be Overhauled, maybe one day I'll get to it, but for now that's not a priority.

The real working Area

Talk about working! this is really the real working area...I sit here and read blogs, answer the phone, pay up the bills,take pictures from the camera to the computer.....I use this printer more than the other..the other I mostly use for scanning and copying....I keep my music CD's and working CD's nearby

Table in front of loom (or )back of loom ?

Lord knows, there are enough items under that table to have another "Studio Area" I keep a lot of small items in those cabinets on top, buttons,clips etc.
One of these days when I can get a bargain on those tall wide shelfs I'll be able to make it neat and perhaps take that table down,you can see my Loom Stool so that should give you an idea of the space....
I have my filing cabinet close at hand to take care of my accounting with another printer to scan or copy items.
This is also where I do my serging and keep the machine handy..

Loom in it's probaly permanant position

Cecil helped me to move the Loom over a bit....(a foot one way and a foot another).We found that where it was, was the best place for it for now...I wanted it closer to the wall, but didn't and couldn't move the table because I had too much under it...(more sewing machines,yarn and whatever, maybe that's where the kitchen sink is :o).

Spinning, knitting and reading area

I keep promising myself a new chair for this area, I'm about sick of the chair I'm using now...and I missed a beautiful chair at the Habitat, when I decided I wanted it , went back and it was gone...(I know better than that) so like the fox with sour grapes "it wasn't meant for me anyway" ( it was but , "He who hesitates is lost").
I've got un-spun wool in those baskets on top of the shelf's, but I've got plenty more, guess you can say that's part of my stash....You couldn't see behind the sewing table :o)....boxes of yarn from way back when! and yarn I've spun ..eventually I'm going to have some cabinets to put stuff away in...I like things in order...guess people say that's "anal" :o(

Sewing ,Blocking, Quilting Area

This table has seen a lot of work and it's used for many purposes....I put down a "moving blanket" (one left over from moving from NJ) and a sheet over it , and I'm able to block shawls on it ...standing up and not crawling on my old creepy knees, and have pain later..
It's also a Cutting table for quilting or patterns, which I haven't done in a bit , since I started spinning and now weaving. I can see once I learn to Weave I'll really have some fun ...I'll be able to weave my fabric and Sew something out of it.
Hate to brag, but when I did sew, there were no flies on me :o)
As you can see the ironing board is at the end...handy spot for it every day! I'm not in love with ironing..but I do a pretty good job of it.

Sewing Table , warping board and other stuff

This area holds cabinet with all the Quilting paraphernalia that I don't have the heart to throw away, afraid I might have to get into it again..and some yarn on spools , pots for dyeing, and a couple boxes of records from Mom when I was a young girl..I have a needle but need someone that knows how to put it together on my phono to play the old records, from people you youngsters never heard of...When that happens it will be a night of fun...then you will see me dance :o)