Thursday, December 24, 2009

#6 is not showing their identity

First I'd like everyone to have a "Merry Christmas" and enjoy your family..
and friends....
I'd like to have a Merry Christmas present...would someone be kind enough to tell me how to get rid of the "mystery follower" that is following my blog and when I try to see who it is , ......I'm led to a site I don't care to view...I'm having enough trouble with my computer ,than have to suffer someones idea of a prank!....They are Posting senseless comment's on my blog, which somehow I can't delete!

Monday, December 21, 2009

and now "Back to the Vacation"

Here is what a Storm brewing in the west looks like! kind of scary when the sky looks so tremendous and if it could suck you up with one whiff!
There wasn't much lightening or thunder noise..but I was glad to get out of it's way! A car was no place to be for me at that time...we made it to safety inside the mall...there were many people shopping for Christmas, you wouldn't think there was a recession , ...

Houses ,Houses , Houses...

I thought this was a lovely site I'd like to see again...

Look at all the houses built so close to the mountains

People love the weather and that's why they have come to this place.....
If you do a close up , it's a better view of them...

Flowers in Arizona still in Bloom Thanksgiving"

The weather had been getting cold in NC...and we felt as if we had missed the whole summer...since we both were ill in the time we gained enough strength for the trip it was still good weather in Arizona...I took a couple of shots of flowers that were still in bloom and it's the beginning of their Winter.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm interrupting the Vacation pictures for a minute

To give a News Flash:

North Carolina has Snow! Just about Six inches last count and it's still coming down...:o)

Maybe it will help some of us who have these bad colds..I hate to say it , but it seemed as if I had that HINI bug...I had all the symtoms of it that they gave out on the news..

Anyway I decided to stay in and do some baking, different activity than in the young days :o) thing at my age to do :o) for now anyway!! LOL

I've been dying to try this Rugelach recipe from the "Barefoot Contessa"

and I must say it turned out pretty good, what your looking at is half of them...Cecil enjoyed them with a glass of milk...I had a sody :o)

A nice Pound Cake to Boot!

Then I decided to make a plain pound cake I hadn't made one of them in a long time..I was too busy making Carrot, Orange Marmalade and all the other interesting cakes...
This one turned out nice and high and tasted worthy of the effort...
I'm not expecting anyone, but just in case ...I'll have a little taste of a treat..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a foreword:

Of course I got the pictures A@# backwards again...but at least I was able to put them on the blog...every picture took two or three times editing...I don't know if it's the computer or me...I'd rather blame it on the computer. :o)...anyway you should enjoy one or two of them...I've got lots more to share...and I'll keep them coming as long as I can ...Do a close up and you will be able to see and get more out of them...

A View from Above the Beautiful City...

Here is a beautiful sight,over looking the city, we are at the top of the hill where the Sign "Hollywood" is and a lot of fabulous houses...I have a phobia about heights so , I just took a picture from the tour bus :o(
Hey! don't laugh at least I'm taking the plane nowThe city was larger than I imagined.

Which house is which?

Here is another house seen on the tour...I think it's one of Michael Jackson's...but I just can't remember..There were so many ..

Cars and Houses that match?

This is a snapshot seen on the's the car of someone famous, but I can't remember who either..the car was to match the color of the house!
I 'd like to have more money, but not to get to that point...

Pretty Blue and White House

There was something special about this house, I just can't remember what! I think it was the roof made special and it looked like it was a fairy tale house...there were a few of them..I snapped a picture hope I can find them

Television sign comes to life :o)

Here is a familiar site :o) one that I've seen on the television :o) and the driver reminded of the 902091 ? whatever the zone was ...
this area was a little park...and looked well kept, but we all have nice area's like this one...we just aren't famous :o)

Some moutains along the way

Here's a nice shot along the way to California..the mountains were fascinating, all that brown you see is not dirt! it's acturally brush, and that's what catches fires...look at the houses's beautiful scenery..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UP Dates of Trip...

I'm sorry that some of you were not able to view the video's I posted...
they ran pretty quickly once they started, my son didn't slow down for me to snap any pictures...(you could see how fast he was going if you were able to view any of the shots :o)...I should have held the button longer...anyway , at least I didn't lose them like I thought...
You all like to see special foods so I'm posting a few meals we had while we were in California and Arizona...

Monday, December 14, 2009


I hope this is a good has taken me more than an hour to process it, the computer is really acting up..!!....hope you all enjoy the effort..just imagine the fun I was having trying to give you a peek at our adventure :o) I had a good time...and I can see that I have to "hold" the button longer for the video to be almost like a movie ...I also found some of the movies in front of stars homes , but I don't and can't remember which ones and if I do , I'll say so.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still onward to Hollywood...and trying desperately to get good video of the massive windmills...they are at least 5 or 6 apartment floors high (don't know what else to compare them too)

replay to get the feeling of how fast we were traveling...My Son should have taken up Race car driving...(my grandson is supposed to be worst, whew! I'd rather walk)

Video @1168

At last you can view some windmills I've been talking about...they are huge! but look small here...

I can't be selective about the video's..because I can't view them before I upload them...I hate to skip one, it might be the very thing I wanted you to see.

Finally you can see the Windmills on the hill...and there are plenty (I do mean plenty more)....

On the way to Hollywood video #1164

I finally figured out this video is on the way to Hollywood...good thing I didn't lose them..just had to reconize which was on video...Sometimes other cars got in the way of my picture taking (most times just as I was about to snap). This video doesn't have any sound (drat the luck) ...I need to learn more about doing the procedure...(read the darn book).
You may see some windmills in this video also...but also look at the mountains...guess I'm still learning the techniques of video making...

Windmill City #1162

The conversation was about who was snoring loudly :o)....I was so tired I fell asleep, and didn't hear anyone snoring...
You can hear some conversation within the car, if you listen..or just enjoy the scenery like I did..the mountains are beautiful and the colors differ with each region.....


Each time you view a may run very quickly..and it may be very loud...what you will see in the video below , you will have to look very is "Windmill City" (name given by my daughter in law) ..
It is truly Windmill City...there are windmills on the left and on the right ..windmills in front of you on hills ...I tried to capture them all on video...sorry if my video is "crappy", but I did the best I knew how :o) how.
Be patient...and enjoy what ever you see...

On the Road to or from Hollywood

Saturday, December 12, 2009

long hike to the beach

I couldn't keep up ...the sand hurt the middle of my foot and I had to put my shoes back was a hike , but I wasn't going to get this close and miss it....

Wading in the water ........

The water was cold but very refreshing..wish I could have jumped in it...but we hadn't come prepared ....and time was getting short...I didn't want to be on the road in the dark...too many mountains and not many places to stop..

Cecil and I finally got there :o)

We finally arrived at the Pacific Ocean...after all these years , never had a trip to California...wish I could have washed the body there...the water was so tempting..and actually looked so clean and new!...

Have to thank the children for such a gift...

Best View Yet :o)

This is the best view yet! :o)
it's called "the essense of Ginny" :o)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Huntington Beach ..

This is the section we were at..I've seen so many places it was hard to keep up with it all..and I didn't want to use a pencil and miss a view :o) You can get part of a glimpse of the Hotel in the background (I think).

Hotel Hilton at the Waterfront

The hotel was great..we were able to view the Ocean and that was a joy...they are building another hotel across from it...(I think I have that right)..We wanted to get into that ...breakfast was a quickie..and the place we went to...I can't remember the name..but it was good home cooking and they served more than we could eat...even with sharing.

Sunrise in California

Add ImageAfter spending a wonderful busy day in Hollywood ...we had lots to talk about half the night...we reminisced about the tour we took there were about 8 people ..I could say a bus, but it was really a pickup that was modernized into passenger seats to accommodate those who wanted to take the personal tour...That was a treat from my "Daughter in law" I always say she is my best "Daughter in Law" and she comes back with "I'm your only Daughter in Law" she is a smart A##$ like me ...guess boys do marry girls like their mama :o) (wait til she reads this :o)...

Under the weather :o(

I've been sniffling and sneezing all week...caught Cecil's cold...and today I just couldn't stand it any longer ...I had to go to the garden to see how the greens were fairing in this weather...(knowing me I took a pan..and picked some :o)....they were soooo good ..they immediately gave me a kick in my step ...the cold air also helped to open up those clogged area's in my head...
Sorry to get to you all so late...but late is better than never...I'll get back to the "vacation" :o).....
We were able to view the Sunrise at the Hotel...I might not have pictures in order...I'm trying to get thru this with the computer acting crazy...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

On the little Patio off the room

This is the forth time I've done this and I'm getting tired of repeating the same effort...I'm not feeling too good anyway...Cecil caught a cold and I caught his...could be the change of climate...I'll try and send this off tonight and maybe better luck tomorrow...

Hilton Waterfront Hotel

Here is a is a picture of the Hotel when we arrived late that night..from California...I'll show you more in the morning pictures we took...but you could see and smell the water...but it was so dark you couldn't see the ocean...but you knew it was there...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Just wanted to give you a better look at "Tokyo Table"
The food was excellent ...sorry but I only had one picture before the table was cleaned to take a picture...there was so much food and every dish was delicious....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Inside Tokyo Table"

I though I'd give you a few more pictures of the Tokyo Table ...just to give
you a better feel of what I saw and just maybe you could get a better feel.
A very large Chandler hangs from the ceiling, and can be seen by all inside the large room and the entrance way...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Onward to Hollywood :o)

Couldn't resist showing this sign...I remember hearing the names of these places from television being there to see the signs was yet another joy...follow me ...there is lots more to see. (Darn Camera , I think I've lost all video's I took :o(

View of the City of Hollywood

The City was beautiful in the so many other Cities..but still a thrill to have lived to see it..

Chinese Theatre (Gromens)

In front of the theatre , there is always a crowd..and sometimes there are figures dressed as movie characters that have their pictures taken with people...I seem to miss them...

"Street of Stars"

We are almost in front of the Resturant where the red carpet is rolled out and on the ground in front of it are many old stars ..I remeber in my childhood..Shirley Temple, George Raft , and so on and on...Eddie Murphy is there..and has small feet :o)

When you get to the last this page you will have to go to older posts to see the rest of this session , "the management" ..:o)

Hattie McDaniel

Hat's off to Hattie McDaniel
who was a great star that paved the way, with many sacrifices...just in case you don't remember...she played a maid in "Gone with the Wind"

Michael Jackson

Good to know that his star was placed before he passed..

Susan Hayward

Remember her? She played as "Gilda", and for the life of me I can't remember her co-star...but I probably will later. I loved her acting ...and tried to be like her ..a fiery siren :o) (I almost was :o)

Cecil B. Demille

Have to tell you this story...when I was a young girl and used to listen to the Radio ..(I think Lux Theater?).Cecil B. Demille 's name fascinated me and I always said I would marry a Cecil...(this is the truth) so when this Cecil came along..I figured it was fate...

Queen Latifah's star

What a thrill to see all the stars names ..especially those whom I reconized :o)....
the little emblem in the middle of the star deplects what they were famous for..This one is a Movie camera....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving spent with my Son and his Family

Guess you thought I fell of the face of the earth...well I went to see another part of it....We visited our Son in Arizona for "Thanksgiving"and was taken on a surprise visit to California :o) it was a beautiful trip and I've got lots to share with you.
I've seen so many lovely sights and it was a real pleasure for us both.
We were treated "royally" did any and everything we could possibly want to see...and ate like two pigs...that didn't help my "butter butt" but we both enjoyed it...
I tried to post things as they happened, but the computer is kicking my butt and I might get things mixed up a bit...but hold on..and pray I can recover some video picture I took...if not slap me!

Chip in his "car seat" buckled in for the trip to California

Here is "Chip" in his car seat for the trip to re-unite with his "Sibling" , "Nano" ( in Calle)...(for those of you who don't know , those are computer terms :o),

I'm almost as smart as a 5th grader :o)....Chip is small, Nano is smaller...

Chip is a smart little "Dog" and looks for grandma to bring a bone..he smelled all around my purse and kept looking at me ...I never did get one this time ..Oh Craps, he will be pissed.

"Granddaughters Complex"

This is the entrance to the is a very beautiful green lush place...I took zillions of video pictures and I can't seem to locate them on the camera...I did something wrong like an A#$$..glad I took some still pictures..

Anyway it is surrounded with beautiful trees, plants and have many Bird of Paradise a close up and see if you can get a better look...

Cecil walking through the entrance of the Complex to Lauren's section

We have arrived and Cecil is walking through the Complex, where he will pass a very large Pool, a private kitchen for the tenant's (guess in this fancy place they are called "guests" :o)..private part for children to is one of the most lush places I've ever seen...needless to say living there is a real nice place to be...I could do it in a heartbeat...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Family at dinner at the "Tokyo Table" in California

I just love sushi and that was one of the first meals we had at the "Tokyo Table"when we arrived in California during the "Whirlwind tour, to California It was a wonderful time...there was so much food on the table (for the life of me I couldn't give you a list of names they were, so much food on the table we had to clear the table for the pictures) but the kids knew what to order and I just filled my little gut..That's my Son next to me on my right, and my daughter in law is next to Cecil's right..and you should reconize the newly weds (it will be a year in Jan 2010, guess he's going to keep her :o)
I'll be posting more picture tomorrow if the computer lets me...