Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today I have been Blessed again :o)

I got a pleasant surprise with the morning mail :o) What's in this envelope? it's from Ladydi :o)...dare I hope it's an Apron with apples :o)...I'm grinning all over myself Which side should I wear :o) it's double sided with two different Apple patterns :o)
It's so pretty on both sides...I must show it off when I have company :o)...for now it will hang in plain site  I'm like the lady with a price tag left on her hat on purpose :o)
It's obvious that she heard me when I said my kitchen was full of Apples...This is the Cookie Jar that makes noise and tells me when Cecil is sneaking a cookie...:o)

This is my mat with an Apple Pie Recipe in front of the Fridge..Apples on chair mats, Apples on Curtains..Guess I love Apples :o).Thank you so much Ladydi....you made my day ...and touched my heart.
P.S. Did you notice the little quilt you sent me is still looking good in it's own special spot...:o)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old Fashioned Remedy Chicken Noodle Soup :o)

Sometimes you have to resort back to old fashioned idea's to get your motor started!
A cup of tea sometimes gets me thru the day...or perks me up in the afternoon!
When I'm feeling all woozy from fighting a cold ...I get myself a pot of chicken noodle soup...and sometimes that gets the motor up and running...well, it did me some good for breakfast today , I got myself in the mood to make some
Challah bread :o) , wait till the kids see this blog , they will be flying in :o)
I also found an easy quick way to make some fried noodles to go with it...they get done about the same time...I just sliced up some Corn Tortilla's and fried them in a small pot of hot canola oil...seasoned them up with some salt,pepper and garlic powder..that gave me a good start...
The Challah bread baking was smelling up the house with the aroma of yeast and fresh bread in the making..WOW! when it was ready so were we ...armed with knifes and sticks of soft butter we tore into it  like we were on fire :o) it was delicious as
you can see we almost devoured the two loaves...I wanted to try some sesame seeds on one...but I think I'll stick with the Poppy seeds..we like them best..
Didn't I tell you there was magic in Chicken Noodle soup :o)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to Gingerbreads house :o) I'm glad your here :o)

Thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up too!  Take yourself a slice of cake with walnuts inside and out..while I fix a cup of tea for us both...would have a Pepsi, but it's a little chilly and I need something to warm the old bones up
catching cold around here is easy to do, the weather changes more than I expected it too here in the South..I've been under the weather a bit...turning the heat down because it's too hot in the house might not have been the smart thing to do..I can't sleep too well in too much heat..
I've been cooking (as usual) and just wanted to show you a couple of Spots that looked so good frying in the iron pan..made me think about the good ole days ;o)...there are some mighty fine pans out there today, but nothing, I do mean nothing cooks better than my old iron pans

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"The Busy Cookie Monster"

Today was a good day to make some cookies!  At first I thought it was going to rain all day so I took my time crawling out of bed...and decided I would stay in and be comfortable...I didn't feel like making a cake..wanted something to grab and  put into my "pie hole" :o)....(I'm even silly today).First cookie on the list was the "Ginger Cookie" with a new twist...I wanted to see how they would taste with Raisins and or Cranberries...< it worked very well with both. this way I don't feel so guilty ..one must have some fruit :o)

Second  was a "Sugar Cookie"..I love the "Horseman cookies by Pepperidge farm, they are pretty expensive store bought..and today was a good day for a recipe supposed to be similar to it...I'm thrilled about how good they taste and Cecil promised to get me some Buttermilk...that will be dessert :o)
Third , would be making cookies out of my cookie machine that I bought years ago and had not learned (or had the patience to learn ) how to use it...well, today was the day with very good results...wondered why I waited so long ...it was easy.:o) Now I have to find some nice little cut outs...I only had Christmas designs .

Monday, March 8, 2010

Where Have I been?

I've been held captive by the kitchen stove by the order of my Son who is also known as the "Bottom less Pit"  (which means there is no end to his stomach :o) He paid a surprise visit , and to keep him appeased he had to be fed! He becomes a monster if he gets hungry ...so I had to keep him quietly fed...:o)  
More than one good thing came out of his visit...but I will only mention one for now!
If you all hadn't noticed...I'm blogging ....The computer had gotten so bad...I couldn't even get online...He felt sorry for his old Mom so he decided to do a little something,
He changed a lot of things around.. (thank goodness I can still find things:o) , So far so good, I have to be patient and "wait" still , but at least I get results doing it..
I cooked a lot of dishes and some I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of...this last picture was today...We didn't feel like eating a big meal and I didn't feel like preparing one...
So I made a tart stuffed with cheese,Kielbasa and fried mushrooms,and the rest on the side of the plate, I then added a sliced boiled egg and tomato each Darned if that wasn't just as delicious ...lots of protein. The picture is kind of blurry , but not to bad.