Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi all, its nice to know that some of you besides my family have been praying for me. I am feeling better and better each day. sometimes i feel terrible all day but then again its nice to be able to publish something...I still dont remember how to put pictures in but one day it will come. its funny but sometimes i remeber things im not supposed to (or rather perfer not to :o) Any way im d0ing fine. love ya. Ginny

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Im glad I decided to look today I would have missed so many pictures and sayings from all my good looking people ( you too granny :o) I hate to say im doing well , because thats when I make so many stupid mistakes. Cecil has been cooking me 3 meals a day and i have to admit they taste pretty good. :o) Ill be happy to cook againm didn;t know i could cook so well. I better go before i get too tired. still don;t know how to put the pictures up .I have forgotton so much.love ya , Ginny

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello Bloggers :o) I SEE you have beem pretty while ihave been trying to get over this darn sickness. it seems like i cant get well like i used to be ...Cecil says its because we are older he;s older than me and im just a little older than granny ;o) ILL WRITE AGAIN TOMORROW. LOVE YA. GINNY