Monday, February 25, 2008

Monthly Guild Meeting

Yesterday morning started as a dreary day one you'd like to curl up in a chair to knit and nod.....soon I found my way to the guild meeting ....there were four new members and I had the pleasure of conversing with two of them....our conversation was mainly about that has a farm, "Little Meadows Farm, Providence, that was soon to acquire one....and me, the one who who just enjoyed thinking talking about one with them!
There is no way I could handle a farm at this stage of my life.....but I'm going to buy me a Pig!
It may be a cement pig to some , but he will be my "Little Pork Chop" :o) that ought to satisfy my desire, every time I walk by it , I'll be glad I don't have to clean his poop! :o(

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