Friday, April 4, 2008

"Pleasant Garden Elementary School Heritage Day"

One of the ladies from my Spinning Guild asked for a Spinning Volunteer...I decided I'd help out...especially since I have "going on three years experience" :o) I'm almost to the point of knowing it all ...(don't get excited,it's a long way down the road)....I will say I know more now than when I first started...If not I'd be a little retarded don't you think!

Anyway the Children at Pleasant Garden Elementary School seemed to enjoy every word, and their eyes seemed to feast on everything I placed on two long tables for them to view, and touch with permission....They were well mannered children, and I must say the Teachers were in full control of their behavior...without a doubt, at all times and the Children moved as told "quickly". Made me feel that all is not lost, some are made to keep their pants up!
It was a "Pleasant day at Pleasant Garden Elementary School Heritage Day"

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