Saturday, May 17, 2008

Greens ready to be saved!

I tell you ...Cecil and I are well blessed.not everyone can walk outside and pick greens for themselves...and not everyone would want too! it's one of the pleasures we have out of life..and we are enjoying this old age!
Doesn't this look devine :o) Now you know this stuff puts hair on your chest if your a man and makes a woman stronger than "Wonderwoman" That's what Greens do for you!hehehe and OH Lord! a slice of homemade cornbread...strickly heaven!
This crop yielded six pounds (after processing). not bad for this "almost an acre farm" ;o)

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Daisy said...

What a bounty from your garden! It is indeed a joy to be able to grow and have your own food just outside your door. And the cornbread sounds like heaven! The simple pleasures are the best ones, I think. :D