Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peeking out of the window

I guess you all have wondered where I was and what I was doing.....Well, I've been in the house just mopping around with a tummy ache for the last day or two...I think the digestive system kind of gives out on you old plumbing :o( Me thinks some raw onions did me in....
I'm peeking out of the window to get a look at the Hydrangea growing..I hate to have to stay in because of not feeling well...I can't stay put they are calling !Guess I'm just too anxious to go out and welcome them back...even in my Jammies :o) ....That's one thing about being old , you can get away with doing stupid stuff :o) Most would say "Aw, she's an old lady and probably doesn't remember if she has her Jammies or clothes on.. I didn't notice before, but you can see a planter pot reflexion in the bottom middle window pane that's really inside sitting on the floor.Oh well! it's pretty too!

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