Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gettting it together

This might look like a measly little bit to most of you who know nothing about weaving...but to me it's been a "Take you Time" effort and after being out with Cecil shopping most of the day....I'm happy I was able to do this much..That's it for today....I'm tired and have gone too far to turn around now and make a mistake.Tomorrow is another day...hopefully I'll be able to continue....once I read more of the "Blessed Book" :o). I take it to bed with me...read a bit, nod a bit and then do some weaving in my sleep :o)...that's how I found Out I was trying to sley backwards , Don't you feel like a fool once you realize the stupid mistake you can make :o) at least nobody knows it but me ...But once you learn to correct the mistake, you don't make it again and that how you learn....Can't wait to know how to do it without reading the book (ten times :o)

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