Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here's a nice Fat White Onion sweet as can be

Yesteday I made some Zuccini and it was so delicious ...we ate it up just tasting:o)
Cecil was overjoyed that it wasn't "hard" as he thought it might be...he has just been a "Squash Man" all his life until yesterday's tasting :o) hehehe I now cook better than his Mama did :o)! However she could make a mean (that means good) "Sweet Potato Pie" and gave the recipe to me and I passed to my children and one passed to her Son (who does a pretty good job of making it). I made extra money making sweet potato pies once for a company my daughter worked for but I couldn't keep up with the orders for the next year...(burned out my little two oven stove).
thought about going into business with it , but going into business is more than a notion...Been therem=, done that , Twice. Family and Friends and Credit are bad business partners....

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