Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Potato Harvest

I am so disappointed with the "Video" I took of Cecil taking up the potatoes from the ground.....we were so happy and proud! taking up the Harvest ...I even took pictures of the handful of green beans that Cecil didn't see that had grown from the skimpy beans.....I added those to the one pot with the potatoes from our "Almost an Acre Farm" ( I didn't peel the skins off, just washed them real good and cooked them whole....Took a video of it in a bowl and it even showed the steam rising! Don't know what I did wrong ....but I'm unable to show it Ratz! Guess that's cause I'm bragging. That handful wouldn't feed the 10 kids we said we would have :o) and not even the three we did have :o( Oh Well, better days are coming..We learned that once the vines wither and turn yellow and fall it's time to take up the potatoes...and as you can see ...they are the most beautiful potatoes in the world :o)..and they taste good too!!

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Daisy said...

Those potatoes look GOOD, Ginny! :D