Friday, June 13, 2008

Today I'm going to "Warp that Loom"

First thing I'm going to do is find a suitable spot to put the warping board, Has to be someplace for me to sit my little fat self down to work on it :o) My back won't allow me to stand very long.remember this old girl has screws holding her up..
Don't want to put it on the wall....I might change my mind to put something else there...can't hang it on the door (not this time anyway)....don't want to put it on the table ....I'd have to do to much leaning...So try tying it onto the loom :o) .Ginny can always make a way to add something in a room :o) I've had years of practice.....and tie it to the loom Cecil did...with my supervision :o) ( I love being the Supervisor hehehe and he lets me...The warping board is tied wiggling....that's good.

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