Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's sheer Hell not having a Pepsi!

My Dr has taken me off any artificial sweeteners..and also my "Diet Pepsi"....I'm supposed to have only water with a little lemon< Is she kidding me!
I've done it now for three days ....the water is good , but let me tell you..As soon as I'm feeling a little better...I'm popping that Pepsi Cork Honey with a glass full of ice...whoa mama I can't wait...Dr doesn't live her and Cecil would be afraid to betray me ...if he wants breakfast :o)
I've read somewhere that Honey is a natural and isn't harmful to diabetics, can anyone confirm that for me? I'm dying over here without having something besides water and I'm allergic to Milk, craps!and Tea without some in it to make it sweet craps again!


Daisy said...

It must be rough not being able to have something that you are used to having all the time. Maybe you will get used to doing without the Pepsi in a bit. I can sure understand having the craving for it though. I have a Diet Pepsi every day too.

The Gingerbread House said...

Daisy It's almost a week (it feels like it) that I've been without a Pepsi ..and to be honest Water never tasted so good :o).talk about using my imagination, boy! I'm getting good at it....Water ice cold gives me a leg up with it :o)....Ginny

Deborah said...

Honey is NOT good for diabetics. The only thing I've heard about that is supposed to be okay is stevia, but I haven't tried it.

Getting away from sugar is rough. But if you can do it for a week, it gets lots easier every day after.

I'm sorry about the diabetes thing. I will pray for you. The tiredness is unbelievable!

Daisy said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and that the water is tasting good to you now. Just keep those ice cube trays full so you can keep it good and cold! :) Water probably is best thing for all of us to drink anyway, I would think.