Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surprise! Surprise! look at this growth :o)

Take a good look at these beans :o) if you take a close up look ,those white spots you see are future beans< I tell you this "Almost an Acre" is strutting it's stuff!:o)
I think the egg shells and shredded paper are doing a good thing here...At last I have found a solution for all that advertising that I get in the mail....and here of late everybody and his brother is sending some kind of message to get into my pocketbook. Gas prices are causing fewer trips to the store...I'm doing all I can to keep the budget can't go for a leisurely country ride anymore..and you better make a list before shopping....and if you forget without. Keep some flour handy and make your own bread. it doesn't have to be fancy..If I could I'd buy a bike to ride local, Cecil could do it...but at our age it's too dangerous. We are too close to main Highways to even think about that....there isn't a back road to a store. I've had a couple of neighbors offer to do any shopping or pickup that we need at night..I think that's wonderful that they have offered , Sometimes you don't think people know your alive! and most often don't give a crap! It's a pleasant surprise when you find a couple that do....

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