Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two Tomatoes that escaped Ginny's Frying Pan :o)

Here are two lucky tomatoes on the window sill...I let them ripen, so I can eat them in a salad ( they didn't get away after all :o) the monster Ginny got em!
You can see my neighbors fence....they haven't planted a shrub, plant or anything .the land is just sitting there! Every time I look at it...I think to myself, all I need is a Chicken coop to get started! hehehe ain't that "Coveting" thy neighbors goods < ooooh shame on you Ginny.Hey! I'm praying for me! They even took up some flowers in the front yard that were in a circle that I've never seen before not really a circle it was a perfect shaped star out of brick and it was beautiful.I must remember everyone isn't in to flowers or any kind of planting. Too much work for some...that don't enjoy the "Good Earth". "To each his Own".

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