Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Fig Tree "Brown Turkey"

Forgot to mention that Cecil and I were both surprised to find two things at the Farmers Market yesterday....remember I told you we lost a shrub in the front...well, we were surprised to find a replacement at the first place we stopped..The guy was a little "nasty" tempered, guess he thought we were just lookers ...his attitude sucked for someone trying to sell....but when I looked into his eyes (they were blood shot and red as beets) I realized the man was just tired and by now grumpy for lack of sleep and eats..he even stated he was up since 4:30am... Guess we were grumpy too from all the labor we had done...I stopped Cecil quick from getting his dander up (whew). It all worked out fine.. I didn't like the way Cecil planted it and I fussed about it....but I can't oversee everything :o( Hopefully, he's right, but remember I'm never wrong....and I won't mince words if it turns out that he's wrong :o) Sun was in my eyes so I took two pics in case I hadn't focused right.

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