Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Busy Day for the two of us

We both had jobs that we needed to do today before the weather holds us back....Cecil got started real early this morning ...just like a true farmer, He was anxious to paint the barn (our shed :o)...The chickens are all in the house (in the egg tray) I'm feeling a little silly this morning, I slept most of the night except the frequent visits to the girls room (diabetic habit die hard) but didn't feel rested at all....still feel as if I'm fighting a cold or maybe it's just old age and I don't want to admit it....
Went to a Weaving Guild meeting last night and was disappointed with the number of people that showed up (5)..there was a woman there that had made a couple of lovely scarfs ...she was fortunate enough to have attended "Penland"..she said it was "very intensive" during the two weeks of study...but I felt she showed good results for the time...the Bamboo scarf was absolutely lovely....I wished it were mine....I would have shown a picture but I didn't have my camera with me.. I would make sure she didn't mind it being on my blog had I taken a picture.

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