Monday, September 1, 2008

Pictures of my Blessed (and almost clean) Studio

When you enter my "Studio" , "Playroom", "Workshop", "Hide away" :o) first thing you see is "Miss Ginny" that was I made in 1972 or so..if you pick up her skirt you will see she is hiding a vacuum cleaner,an sitting on top of the cabinets are other dolls that I have made during that time...they are "He and She" and they are supposed to hang on a door, and sit on the floor to keep the draft out...and on the side you will see a vase that is over 100 years old and in it is a couple of branches of "Cotton" < I never saw Cotton until I married Cecil ...after all I was a "Northerner" and the only cotton I knew about were blouses or sheets :o) , I almost forgot "Cotton Candy" at my Beloved "Coney Island". You can also see the door to the laundry room that I could have a sink installed for dyeing < wouldnt that be neato! , but alas! my budget doesn't allow that...

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