Monday, September 1, 2008

Spinning, knitting and reading area

I keep promising myself a new chair for this area, I'm about sick of the chair I'm using now...and I missed a beautiful chair at the Habitat, when I decided I wanted it , went back and it was gone...(I know better than that) so like the fox with sour grapes "it wasn't meant for me anyway" ( it was but , "He who hesitates is lost").
I've got un-spun wool in those baskets on top of the shelf's, but I've got plenty more, guess you can say that's part of my stash....You couldn't see behind the sewing table :o)....boxes of yarn from way back when! and yarn I've spun ..eventually I'm going to have some cabinets to put stuff away in...I like things in order...guess people say that's "anal" :o(

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