Thursday, October 9, 2008

Did you ever notice?

Did you ever notice when things go well and you receive big blessings , that "Trouble" seems to follow! First the phone batteries start going dead, then every body and their brothers call...this happened on Cecil's Birthday...all the kids and grands tried calling and the only thing working was the "messages"...we had been having some trouble with the "low Battery" finally decided to go for new phones.before the old phones we did have the batteries were so expensive we bought the new 3-phone set up...well, the new phones also were a problem....I was used to some "Extras" like speaker,and a few other the old phone was 5.8 GHz and the new was 2.4 (this old lady didn't realize that.....I bought the new phone because the batteries went with it (I thought the batteries would be more than the 3 phone set up (it wasn't)...but in the end it was no bargain for what I had become used to.....So back to Wal-Marts for the exchange for batteries for the old phones, now I have to wait until they charge up....isn't it funny how you miss the phone when it isn't working ....Still worked for those pest telemarketers.....:o(
Another bad thing that happened to me....I was well on my way with warping the loom with the same pattern....and I needed to warp more....I did ...!!! but I didn't realize that I had since corrected my self counting the warp....and darn it the warp was half the size.....I cut the others down to the last measured size, and I won't have enough to work for a day on it....ugh!@##% I have to say, making these mistakes have cost me more and taught me more than the weaving classes...Funny how you learn with mistakes ...all this time and I don't have a decent project to show....Just a lot of discarded threads that are of no good use.


Daisy said...

"All this time and you have nothing to show for it", but you do have the things you have learned from the mistakes you made, so it wasn't a waste of time if you are still learning from it. :) Keep trying, Ginny, you'll get it.

As for the phones, they get more complicated every day, don't they? I hope you get it worked out. I know I don't like being without a phone either.

Hope the troubles go away and your day gets better today, Ginny.

Deborah said...

I tend to learn things very quickly and I've always believed it was because I make more mistakes than anyone I know. :)

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Bless your heart, I have been in the same shoes before! Hang in there! I agree, I do not like the phone, yet, if it does not work, I want it fixed!!!! LOL. have a great weekend, blessings, Kathleen

The Gingerbread House said...

How nice to have such kind and thoughtful INTERNET friends, thanks much for the encouragement.