Saturday, October 11, 2008

Re-Learning the hard way :o(

I was so frustrated with the way in which the 3-phone set was acting especially after buying batteries for them.....somehow the ones on the "main line" (for lack of better terminology) stopped working....they worked when I first installed the new batteries then all of a sudden stopped! @#$% no need in beating my head up against the The Cable co.....I only hesitate about doing that because your asked to push one button then another then someone gives you instructions that have nothing to do with the frustration you hang up!....after a day of that you decide to bite the bullet and try again....this time....SURPRISE: a HUMAN VOICE answers (nealy gave me a heart attack and I sounded like a babbling idiot so I could keep them on the line without losing them to another recording....Well, they promised to come between 7:30 am and 9 am....I woke up and got up at 7 so I would at least be a little rational...and explain what the problem was....I figured they would call and say "I'll be a little late" ( and show up after 12....well another Surprise, they arrived at 8:15 took them about 10 minutes to discover the problem. ( I had one wire not connected to the main stream <(I had it right and thought it was wrong,because that socket wasn't used before (come to find out either could be used) so I unpluged it) Duh! I should have realized the problem started after I did that...I was in such a titter , I just lost it.....oh Well, everything is now in working order and all is well again at Gingerbreads house .....Time to bake something to calm me down.....I'd like a Banana Nut Bread for a change with some cream cheese on it with a cup of coffee...wonder if Cecil will go to the store for some banana's < He who loves to eat is willing :o)


Daisy said...

So glad you got the phone problems worked out. It is so frustrating to call someplace like that and get a machine that gives you a bunch of choices---none of which is what you want. A live human voice on the other end is indeed rare these days!

The Gingerbread House said...

I think technology is great , but I think some companies are running it in the ground trying to save money....Money is still the root of most evils...(making it).Ginny