Saturday, January 17, 2009

Okra & Tomatoes

You all are so encouraging when I show a food dish! and since I fed you breakfast yesterday, I figured I may as well feed you for dinner too :o) Ladydi, are you there?..Okra and tomatoes are delicious over a dish of rice...I usually cook mine with a little onion and garlic..( I think I add onions and garlic to just about everything I cook) even Cecil has gotten to the place he will pick out the clove of garlic in soup for his plate:o)
The pan is almost empty because I was in haste to serve it hot and remembered to take the picture after eating :o( Sorry about that, but it will happen again!
Two out of three of my children love it and One could care less about it :o)


ladydi said...

I'm here, Ginny! I'd best not show my family your blog or I may hear, "Why don't you cook like Ginny does?"

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, I had to smile when I thought of you,If you could hear Cecil give a "ummm"when he is enjoying something I've prepared, you would cook a lot too! Cecil loves to eat (mine too if I don't eat fast enough:o)I wasn't allowed to eat fast, chew each mouthful 32X's before swallowing...I don't know which book my mother was reading :o).