Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Arrival at the Grand Canyon

This was one of those times when my kids "schemed and plotted" everyone knew where we were going except Me and Cecil...After leaving Sedona, it was taking it seemed to me a much longer time getting back...even though we all were enjoying ourselves..Then I started taking note...and reading signs...then it hit me "The Grand Canyon" was where we were headed!!!....Tricked!! those darn kids!! they knew if they told me I wouldn't want to go because of the heights!! Good thing I wasn't the driver...home would have been the Aim...Well, sit tight and enjoy the views.

Sister in law, Cecil and Ginny arriving at the Grand Canyon! ..I didn't feel that I was going up so high, I would twist a bit in the car seat when sometimes the edge looked a little too close :o( but I kept my mouth shut, kept smiling and tried to hang on to my nerves...That little pill the Dr. prescribed was in good use today :o)


Deborah said...

It is pretty funny they had to trick you to go to the Grand Canyon, although I have never been further than the sign. I past it once on the way to somewhere else. Well, and I have flown over it.

The Gingerbread House said...

Flying over it would have given me the willie's too! I would imagine that the plane would run out of gas
we would have to land and no one would know where we were..what a wreck I am!! Ginny