Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Honeymoon places of the Newly Weds

I received postcards from Lauren and Derecks Honeymoon travels..
Like how did they find time to write :o)...This is Bora Bora, one of the Islands in the South Pacific...(I only got close seeing the movie :o)....If you look close, up and on the right side of the left horseshoe you can see a little * and that's their spot ...What a wonderful sight to wake up to (if they ever went to sleep :o), I hope you all know what my smiles are referring too:o) I just can't help it ....The water is an Aqua Green, and unpolluted...what a pleasure for the eyes..


Daisy said...

It all looks so beautiful, Ginny. I'm glad to hear the honeymooners are having such a lovely time.

ladydi said...

So lovely! I'm glad they had time to send a postcard. :>}

Deborah said...

What a beautiful place! Wouldn't you like to see that one day.

The Gingerbread House said...

Yes, it does all look so grand, and I'd love to be able to see it in person...the lottery would help :o) but you have to be in it to win it :o)....If it's meant to be it will....Ladydi, it doesn't take long to do other things :o)..
They probaby did those first :o)
Ginny (the dirty old lady)