Monday, March 2, 2009

A peek out the window of Snow

Everything looks so nice and clean....all the snow painting everything white. I'm hoping it's going to kill some bugs that give things a fit with the warmer weather.
Expecially those big flying bugs that look like wasps,(I don't know what they are) but are not and don't bite, but they are ornery creatures and show they aren't afraid of you...they come mostly in july...on real hot days...and get right in your face as if they want a closer look at a human...I can "feel" them...they are not afraid, I am of being bitten.!!


Daisy said...

I hope you get your wish about the bugs being frozen out. The bugs always seem to come back here every summer no matter how cold our winters get though. I'd rather deal with bugs than snow though. HA! :D

The Gingerbread House said...

Daisy, these bugs are some awful looking creatures, we can't enjoy sitting outside while they are here...They seem like little monsters from hell...Ginny