Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cecil tackles removing Gardenia Shrub

This year the Gardenia shrubs in the back began to look a little sickly to me...upon closer look I decided they had some kind of disease. There were some leaves trying to sprout out...but the inside of the shrub looked black and motley (best description I can give) gut said to get it out of there before the fungus or whatever it had wrong would spread...Of Course Cecil put up a fight and said it was might have been alive but the fruit it bore ...(if it would bare fruit) (blooms) the quality wouldn't be worth the effort of trying to save it...sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling...It looked like a disease that would spread all around the yard...and bad enough fighting deer that are chewing limbs from my new Apple tree :#@$% crapo!
This morning he got up to finish the job...the day is dreary , and a little cool, but just perfect to remove the mess it leaves...I feel better...and he won't admit it now , but I think he can see what I saw...MEN are from Mars :o)


Daisy said...

Glad to see you are on the job as supervisor, Ginny. :D

The Gingerbread House said...

Daisy, better to supervise before than gripe about the job later.