Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a Blessing

I've heard that good things come to those who wait! Now I'm adding "Seek and Ye shall Find" ...I'm such a smarty pants :o)
Can you believe my good luck, (how about a blessing bounty) Speaking with my friend Jilly , she remembered having the fish mold..I didn't until my daughter reminded me that she remembered me having one...must have been long ago...and gone far away..

Now History is repeating itself, I have another...this time I'll do more with it than have it collect dust :o)
Can you believe that I got all this at the "Goodwill" for less than $6. while I paid almost $13. for one to appease myself :o(
I'm so glad Cecil was in a good mood to drive me to Goodwill especially after the 4or 5 stores he took me to yesterday) after he picked up his fertilizer for the yard..he waited in the car while I shopped...imagine my surprise to find them all within three feet of each other...what a blessing!


jillied said...

oh my gosh, Ginny!!!!

Guess you better start looking for some more recipes for things to put in all your gorgeous molds. I can just see a whole table full of pretty, inviting and delicious molded treats.

Did you look for canning jars while you were at Goodwill????

I'm doing a hit or miss job of house work, this morning, and think I'll make a "Crazy Cake" this afternoon.


The Gingerbread House said...

Jilly, I should be so lucky to find canning jars at Goodwill...It pains me to think of all I gave away moving to NC...and now buying them all back at twice the price..
Save me a piece of cake...Ginny

Daisy said...

Wow, Ginny! Looks like you hit the jackpot with all those molds. Now the biggest problem will just be deciding which one to use for your salmon mousse! I hope you have fun with your expected company. :-)

Deborah said...

Wow! You did good! How fun!

ladydi said...

Seeing all those molds brings back memories for me, too! I remember making a jiggley orange jello fish when I was just a little girl. I hope you have a place to store them. :>}

The Gingerbread House said...

Ladydi, those molds and my pot stayed on the table for a week!! I plan on hanging the molds but need pins.
I was able to store my pot in the kitchen under my dehydrator table, better than going down to the shed.I sure miss the old house...